Top 5 Sativa Cannabis Strains for 2020
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Top 5 Sativa Cannabis Strains For 2020

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2020 is here, presenting us with some amazing sativa varieties—some new and some truly classic. Embrace the uplifting and energetic vibes of these magnificent sativas.

Creative, energetic, uplifting, and euphoric is usually how our beloved sativa strains are described. Well-known for their tall stature, long internodal areas, skinny leaf-fingers, and long and fluffy buds, sativa-dominant varieties are immensely appreciated by cannabis consumers who want to put the pedal to the metal.

Here we explore the most amazing sativa varieties to celebrate 2020. As breeders in today's world are constantly innovating and improving on the sativa genetics in order to provide delightful experiences for growers and consumers alike, it's time to showcase their cultivars.


Sativa cannabis strains are known for their large size, big yields, and cerebral focused highs. Usually found growing wild where the summers are long, sativas have evolved to take advantage of the extended hours of sunlight – taking longer to produce a harvest than their indica cousins, but also producing much bigger crops. As they have more time to bask in the sun, they continue to grow and stretch out as they flower, resulting in airy, elongated bud, and long, elegant branches.

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What Is Cannabis Sativa?

Sativas are well suited to both indoor and outdoor growth; however, as they can grow quite large, indoor grow rooms will need space and proper planning. The effects produced by sativas tends to be characterised as a “high” rather than a “stoned” outcome. This can range from feeling generally happy to feelings of euphoria, energising motivation, or drastic improvement to mood. Sativa strains can have a relaxing body effect as well, but not generally to the same extent as an indica.



Super Silver Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

Super Silver Haze has achieved legendary status back in the ’90s, when it won the 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup, for three consecutive years. At Zamnesia, we created Super Silver Haze to provide cannabis enthusiasts with amazing sativa experiences. This strain was developed by breeding a Haze strain together with a Skunk and Northern Lights hybrid. Somehow, this combination produced an exceptional hybrid that would be treasured as one of the most prominent sativas on the market. After consumption, this variety induces uplifting and energetic sensations, with hints of psychedelic euphoria.

The flowering phase of this exceptional sativa lasts for approximately 9–10 weeks. When those crystal-covered buds are fully ripe, they develop very potent THC levels. The indoor yields amount to 450–550g/m², while outdoor growers will receive around 550g per plant. It’s definitely a tall sativa plant, expressing her power with a powerful stature. Super Silver Haze is mostly recommended for outdoor environments, or indoor environments when grown by seasoned growers. When the buds take shape on those long and powerful branches, they look absolutely magnificent.

View Super Silver Haze


G13 Haze (Barney’s Farm)

G13 Haze is definitely a worthy sativa of this year's collection. As the winner of High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007, this formidable strain is celebrated by plenty of cannabis aficionados. G13 Haze is a sativa-dominant variety that exhibits unique effects and growth patterns. It was developed by hybridizing G13 together with a Hawaiian sativa. Actually, the G13 strain is a famous indica-dominant variety, which was bred into this hybrid in small quantities, adding hints of relaxation to the powerful Hawaiian sativa. This combination developed an amazing strain with a very uplifting, yet soothing essence. It develops up to 21% of THC, and approximately 0.7% of CBD.

It’s actually a relatively short sativa, in comparison with other sativa-dominant photoperiod strains. G13 Haze reaches around 50–100cm in stature, making it ideal for indoor operations. Outdoors the plants will grow to 100–110cm. The flowering phase of this special hybrid is 70–80 days, which is relatively long, however growers will be rewarded with 500–600g/m² of truly remarkable sativa buds.

View G13 Haze


Kees’ Old School Haze (Super Sativa Seed Club)

Here we present a blast from the past Kees’ Old School Haze. This variety was developed by the Super Sativa Seed Club, a seedbank that operated in the ’80s in Amsterdam and mainly focused on sativa-dominant strains. They were considered one of the pioneers in developing and improving the sativa genetics present at the time. Kees’ Old School Haze has a wondrous character, inducing refreshing effects. It’s a 100% sativa strain that mimics the characteristics of landrace varieties.

She's perfect for cannabis connoisseurs, who don’t mind the long flowering phase of 12–13 weeks. It develops medium yields and grows tall in size. This plant is definitely recommended for the more refined grower, who appreciates an old-school sativa strain. The breeders of this cultivar recommend to growers to maintain stable temperatures of 25–26°C for the optimal results. This strain is only recommended for growers who are willing to take upon themselves the challenge of growing a high-maintenance sativa.

View Kees’ Old School Haze


AMG - Amnesia Mac Ganja (Royal Queen Seeds)

Royal Queen Seeds’ breeders experimented with sativa hybrids and brought something new to the table. Amnesia Mac Ganja, also known as AMG, is an 80% sativa and 20% indica strain that has won several prestigious prizes at the Cannabis Cup for being an amazing sativa variety. It has been developed by hybridizing the original Amnesia with Mexican Haze, which resulted in a truly extraordinary hybrid. The THC levels reach up to 22%, making this plant super potent. Spicy, earthy, and tea flavours can be expected from this one.

Indoor growers will see their plants reach 80–120cm in stature and they will produce approximately 450–500g/m² in yields. Outdoor growers can expect slightly taller plants that reach 140–200cm in stature and develop 550–600g per plant. It has a relatively slow flowering phase of 10–11 weeks, but upon harvesting those fully ripe AMG buds, the growers will be convinced that they made the right decision.

View Amnesia Mac Ganja


Neville's Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

Neville’s Haze induces euphoric and uplifting effects that are unparalleled in terms of their uniqueness. This variety has been developed by Greenhouse Seeds, who specialize in making some of the most treasured hybrids on the market. Neville’s Haze is an almost pure Haze variety, which expresses those classic sativa vibes. It reaches 22.6% in THC, making it a powerhouse sativa that induces stimulating and creative sensations.

The flowering phase of this strain lasts for 14 weeks, thus requires plenty of patience and expertise to maintain those buds. After the buds are fully mature and harvested, indoor growers can expect to harvest around 700g/m², while outdoors the plants develop up to 1200g per plant. Outdoor growers should only attempt growing Neville’s Haze in hot climates, because the plants need to be harvested in mid-November. You can definitely expect a tall and strong sativa structure from this magnificent plant.

View Neville’s Haze


Sativa strains can be a cannabis smoker’s best friend. Not only do they help users check-off every box on their to-do list, they also help energise and get the creative juices going. People with anxiety should smoke sativa strains in small doses, but many agree that sativas take away stress and pain like no other. Try these top 5 sativa strains and find out how they can help lift your life.

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