Sterilised Substrate Kit


This sterilised substrate box is the perfect habitat to grow magic mushrooms at home. First, you need to inoculate it with the spores of your choice. Then, you must keep it warm as the mycelium colonises. Finally, you can open it up and let the mushrooms grow, and before you know it, they’ll be ready to harvest!

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Volume: 1200 ml £18.50
  • Volume: 1200 ml £18.50
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Volume: 1200 ml £18.50 In stock
Volume: 2100 ml £25.24 In stock
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Sterilised Substrate Kit: Perfect for Growing Magic Mushrooms at Home

This sterilised substrate contains a mixture of whole oat, vermiculite, perlite, and gypsum, and has a moisture content of 60–65%. This makes it the perfect environment for Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. To use it, you’ll need either a spore syringe or, even better, a liquid culture containing the mycelium of your choice. Both will work, but a liquid culture is faster and has a greater chance of success!

This kit contains:

  • One box containing a sterilised substrate
  • One humidity tent/fruiting chamber
  • A paperclip (for the humidity tent)
  • Alcohol swap
  • Injection port

Using our kits to grow magic mushrooms is simple. Here's how it's done:

1. Inoculate your substrate using a liquid culture, spore syringe, or vial.

1.a. If you're using a spore vial and a 1200ml kit, inject the substrate with at least ½ of the contents of the vial. If you're using a 2100ml kit, use a full vial for fast and effective inoculation.

1.b. If you're using one of the many spore syringes available from our Shroomshop, use 5ml to inoculate a 1200ml substrate kit and 10ml to inoculate a 2100ml kit.

1.c. If you're using a ready-made liquid culture by Acid Shroomz, use between 2–5ml of culture for every litre of substrate.

1.d. If you're making your own liquid culture using a Mondo Liquid Culture Vial, inject 2ml of spores into the vial and wait at least 2 weeks for the spores to grow into a liquid culture (i.e. active mycelium). Then, inject the entire vial into your substrate (regardless of whether you're using a 1200ml or 2100ml kit).

2. Cover the substrate with a lid and keep it in a warm, dark spot. Mycelium does not need light to grow. For the best results, keep the ambient temperature around your kit consistently at 23°C. You can achieve this by placing a heat mat under your substrate kit or by storing it in a small cupboard or tent with a heater. Remember to use a thermometer to monitor the temperature in your grow space.

3. Leave the box undisturbed while the mycelium colonises. This can take several weeks, depending on whether you used a spore solution or liquid culture, as well as the stability of the temperature in your grow area. You'll know your growing medium has been fully colonised once it's completely covered in a white, wool-like substance.

4. Once the box is fully colonised, it's time to fruit your kit. To do so, open the box and fill it with cold water. Put the lid back on, and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours.

5. Drain the water, and place your box in a humid grow tent. Regularly mist the walls with water, and keep the ambient temperature at 23–28°C for best results. Provide your mushrooms with some natural light to help orient them and ensure they grow in the right direction.

6. Open your tent twice daily to allow for some air exchange and mist the walls to keep the humidity high. Allow your mushrooms to grow, and harvest them once they are mature (before the veil on the underside of their cap tears to release spores).

7. Following a harvest, repeat steps 5 and 6 until your substrate stops producing mushrooms. Note that the second and third flushes are usually the biggest.

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    Substrat sec
    Le contenu de la boîte de 2100 ML a sécher, donc impossible de faire pousser

    M. M.

    La taille idéale 2100ml
    Je suis content ! Je fais un test et jusque-là tout ce passe bien.

    J. S.

    Kit was delivered mouldy
    For some reason delivery of the 2 growing kits took some time (3 weeks) and they came mouldy already. I have no experience with growing shrooms whatsoever so I tried to inoculate it anyway - will see if it works...

    Z. P.

    1 su 4 si è contaminato dopo una settimana circa dall'inoculazione, io resto tutto ok

    M. D.

    All dried up, no paperclip, no alcohol swap
    I had to add moisture and pasteurice it all over again. This is just a pack of very expensive vermiculite Not recommended!

    K. L.

    Enfin merci j'ai la matière essentielle pour pouvoir commencer à cultiver les graines achetées précédemment
    J'ai déjà eu un exemplaire pour planter certaines graines et pouvoir l'acheter et l'utiliser avec Les graines en ma possession me satisfait Au plus haut point. Je vais juste voir si je peux y mettre plusieurs variétés et voir la contenance idéale en fonction des graines mises.

    P. M.

    Best of the best
    This is best kit 8)

    P. P.

    En attente de résultat, mais produit qui semble sérieux !

    B. V.

    1 contamination
    J'ai acheté deux box comme celle là, reçu une avec de la moisissure donc impossible de travailler avec, réaction très rapide de la part du service de Zamnesia qui m'en a renvoyé une, j'attends de voir si ça prends maintenant, patience est mère de toute verrue.

    K. F.

    Fast and reliable shipping ,box was not damaged ,bearing fruits as it should 🤙

    E. G.
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Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
Sterilised Substrate Kit
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