Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii'


Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii - This potent strain has obviously been named after the famous American philosopher, writer, researcher, teacher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. And the name is well chosen because the consumption of fruit-bodies of this strain induces a very philosophical trip with medium to strong visuals. Great for microscopic research as well.

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Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii - Named after the famous Terence McKenna

Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii - The content of this vial is great for research of the fungal reproduction process, but you might as well become a breeder and grow your own McKennaii mushrooms. The name of this strain is a tribute to the famous American philosopher, writer, researcher, teacher and psychonaut Terence McKenna and the trailing "ii" refers to the so called "Hawaiian" cubensis variety and its potency and yes, McKennaii is a very potent strain. Use for microscopical research or cultivation and very philosophical trip with medium to strong visuals. Store in a cool and dark place.

Scope of delivery:

  • A vial containing 10 ml of spore suspension
  • Empty and sterile syringe
  • 2 alcohol swabs

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    Cool spore
    Germination complète sur agar et grain

    E. C.

    Satisfaction and joy
    This is a great way to start your mycology journey. Clean and easy way to produce some pretty mycelium ans fruiting bodies. I love what I got out of this!

    M. B.

    Worth the wait.
    This took a few false starts to get right. After my second proper inoculation and into a better life cycle container arrangement we are in the mycelium happy zone. I have a coconut substrate made for reptiles that is booming with life. My micro dose future looks good. Because the goal is not to push large flushes of fruits I am enjoying a steady fruiting process. Very nice effects. I may have and endless supply on my hands now. Do spring for a substrate that is sterilised for reptiles, it worked 100% better. I also used glass containers with a plastic bag that I spray mist into to keep it happy.

    O. O.

    Bon produit
    Utilisé avec succès pour une culture liquide

    S. F.

    Funzt einwandfrei
    Man kann damit erst eine Nährlösung beimpfen oder gleich eine sterile “Körnerbrut” oder Vermicilit-Reismehlmischung. Ersteres bedingt einen Arbeitsschritt und eine Kontaminationsmöglichkeit mehr, dafür ist die Kontaminationsgefahr danach mit der Körnerbrut - oder was auch immer geimpft wird - geringer, weil man mehr “Wumms” zum beimpfen hat. Tolle Sache!

    M. H.

    Good culture
    The culture was good quality and worked!

    M. S.

    Bon mycélium
    Salut à toute l'équipe, Vraiment satisfait de cette fiole, j'en ai fais une culture liquide avec à peine plus d'un ml belle comme tout, en très bonne santé, et surtout j'ai fais coloniser 2 beaux sacs de seigle d'environ 1,5kg chacun et ils sont magnifiques et sentent très bon le sous-bois comme on aime!! Franchement j'ai été surpris de voir le mycélium prendre de cette manière, un mycélium agressif comme je dis souvent . il y a plus qu'à préparer mon substrat de coco et vermiculite pour me faire un beau pare-terre dans le terrarium, qui je pense et surtout je l'espère, me donnera un bon rendement! je reviendrais d'ici là ...

    M. V.

    Outstanding customer service and great functionality
    So I ordered this product and accidentally got sent “golden teacher” spores, after consulting the Zamnesia customer service they offered to send me a new vial of these spores and basically giving me the Golden Teacher Spores for free wich I think is absolutely outstanding customer service. I would have expected to get the spores at a discounted price or maybe a 20% voucher code but no they gave me 100% of the items plus shipping for free and I think that is the way all businesses should treat all their customers. On another note when I looked at the spores I admit It looked like plain water with no spores inside so I had my doubts, however after using them on my “microscopic research” I managed to do 4 bags of “microscopic research” and all for of them “worked” after about 12 days wich gives me a 100% succes rate wich is very high considering I thought I got sent just plain water, however I was wrong it’s just hard to see the spores compared to other spores vials I’ve worked with but trust me when I say they work amazing. Definitely my favorite supplier by far. Might even go as far as saying one of the best suppliers in Europe. Keep it up

    E. K.

    incroyable !!!
    Super qualité, Plus de deux ans dans le frigo et après une première ponction (donc entamé il y a plus de deux ans) En culture sur agar agar, une germination des spores vigoureuse et un très beau mycélium après quelques isolations Merci Zami :)

    G. B.

    All worked flawlessly, not a single contam.

    M. V.

    Quick delivery
    All was delivered quickly and smoothly. Got to check the results and report soon

    A. A.

    All good
    No contamination, good harvest

    C. B.

    Gewohnt perfekt!
    Hut ab, bzw. - die Hüte dürften bald sprießen! Hat gereicht um fünf Gläser zu beimpfen, und das Mycel wächst wunderbar! Werde es nächste Woche unter Substrat mischen. Ich liebe Zamnesia!

    I. J.

    Im realy happy about my order and I did get it dilivered realy fast and everything semes to be vible and thriving

    C. G.

    Primero pensé que la densidad de esporas sería demasiado baja para inocular mis botes con trigo, porque en el vial apenas se veían esporas, pero a los 7 días todos los botes estaban dando señales del nacimiento del micelio, así que mi temor era totalmente injustificado. Muy contento con el resultado!!

    S. L.

    Schneller Versand und super Sporen!
    Die Sporen scheinen super zu funktionieren.

    M. E.

    Great choice
    Mycelium quickly grows.

    F. S.

    Tutto ok
    La fiala è arrivata in poco tempo, 3 o 4 giorni. Un imballaggio anonimo. Istruzioni chiare, le ho seguite alla lettera. Ha funzionato molto bene. Super consigliato.

    C. P.

    Au top
    Le mycelium commence à se développer. Seul souci l'embout de la seringue est trop petit

    L. T.

    Pas encore utilisé
    Pas encore utilisé mais le kit est très complet et me semble facile à utiliser.

    A. B.

    Specie potente
    Funghi dalla crescita piuttosto rapida, piuttosto potenti, buon raccolto

    S. L.

    Envoi rapide
    Envoi rapide, mais un flacon à demi, après avoir contacté le service, on a envoyé un autre flacon rapidement, lui au 3/4. Satisfait, mais Zamnasia devrait contacter Mondo pour qu'il vérifie leurs flacon. La qualité est au rendez-vous quand même.

    M. S.

    Très bien
    Super le mycelium se développe très bien, spore de très bonne qualité ! Merci Zam !

    G. M.

    Super professionale!
    Ho ricevuto il pacco nei tempi stabiliti. Ho inoculato 4barattoli per la tecnica del pf tek ed ora sono quasi pronti per la fruttificazione. Ho ancora 3 cc per poter inoculare 2 barattoli di segale... sono molto fiducioso.... Ottimo prodotto Consigliatissimo!!!

    R. P.

    Fast cultivation! Nice support!
    It works and it works fast! Great to see that. I hope you guys have the same luck like me. Hold everything steril. After 24h sucking in water and sterilisation the corn must be look like 'dried' not wet. Thats important and hold temp around 23 Celsius. The support can help you. Good luck!

    T. A.

    Spore viable mais pas assez chargé en Spore
    Germe rapidement mais ne contient pas assez de Spore pour une solution de 10 ml

    E. A.

    Super satisfied

    E. M.

    40 balle en l'aire
    Je les ai comendé depuis plus de 2 semaine et j'ai rien il m'ont baisser la geule 40 euros pour mes couilles !!!!

    K. D.

    smooth grow
    These took 2 months from spore to the happy ending and I had the time of my life.

    G. E.

    Very nice
    Very nice genetics and a sterile easy to use spore suspension.

    M. M.

    Very good product
    Fast and effective.

    L. B.

    Fast colonisation
    The best service and fast one from team zamnesia. The product MC.k spore vial I used in liquid culture. It was fast with the Colonisation. So super happy and pleased:)

    F. N.

    The good stuff.
    Fast and discreet shipping. Arrived in perfect condition. Inoculated a dozen rice substrates with a hundred percent success rate. Couldn't be happier.

    H. G.

    Mr. Yoda
    Fast shipping, very good quality.

    T. R.

    Fast grow super

    L. L.

    Parezco todo un profesional.
    Viene todo lo necesario para su funcion. Bien cuidado y profesional.

    A. C.

    Micelio rápido
    Utilice con medio de cultivo líquido y directamente en sustrato. 100% efectiva, lo único que cambia es el tiempo de producción del micelio. Si queres efectividad y eficacia utilizar junto al medio liquido

    D. D.

    Excellent growth
    Nice fluffly growth in Rye. Worked quite well.

    R. P.

    Everything Works
    I have no complaints about this product, everything works perfectly as it should.

    O. R.


    A. R.

    Very Nice
    I have no complains at all. Fast shipping and everything worked out as supposed

    M. S.

    Great service good product
    Thanks to zamnesia for support after delivery issues due to deficient French post service. Colonisation started a few days after inoculation.

    E. D.

    Ottimo ...Colonizzato molto veloce
    Ottimo prodotto. Colonizzazione veloce e precisa. Ottimo servizio di Zamnesia

    I. G.

    Team zamnesia top
    Spedizione veloce e precisa..pacco imballato molto bene.. merce zamnesia top...

    N. B.

    Realy Nice Spors. Colonized super fast. Have not fruited them yet

    A. E.

    Super product..
    Very satisfied.It is really small and handy:)...and it colonizes fast..really fast:)

    T. B.

    positiv überrascht :)
    starkes Myzel. kam nach drei tagen versandt, mit leichten Myzelwachstum in der Ampulle, an! kräftig geschüttelt, lassen sich aus 10ml mit Zusatz von destillierten wasser gleich 20ml rausholen :) Einsatz erfolgte "insgesamt" in ca. 3500ml Volumen. bei mir, nach 10 tagen deutliches Wachstum sichtbar, bei einem Liter volumen ca. 25% starke besiedelung. SporeMate Vial : SEHR ZU EMPFEHLEN! Nahezu alles dabei für eine einwandfreie Inokulation, zusätzlich mit diesem Hungerbegierigen Pilz, tadelos. vielen dank.

    R. M.
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Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii'
Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii'