PowerDrops 3 Million SHU (Scovilla)


If you want extreme, dangerous heat, you've found it! Coming in at 3 million Scoville heat units, these PowerDrops offer unparalleled heat. And, being flavourless, they can be added to all manner of spicy cuisines! Enjoy!

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Volume: 3 ml £7.54
  • Volume: 3 ml £7.54
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Scovilla - PowerDrops 3 Million SHU: Hellish Heat!

These 3 million SHU PowerDrops from Scovilla are dangerously spicy and will blow all but the most seasoned lovers of spice away. Using a high-quality capsaicin extract, these drops are ridiculously hot and, if not used responsibly, could render a meal inedible. If used correctly, though, they will make it a sensory bonanza. Being almost flavourless, they can be used across the whole range of spicy cuisines.

The uses for this product are vast. Add drops to curries and chillies, or maybe even to a Bloody Mary if you're trying to escape the most extraordinary of hangovers. Just go steady! Overdoing these drops won't just make a meal a little too hot, but will have your mouth and stomach alight with the combined power of 3 million Scovilles! That being said, if you're among those who struggle to find anything spicy enough to satisfy their palate, you may have finally found the solution.

Using the dropper that comes with PowerDrops, you have accurate control over how much you add to any given dish. This gives you the power to make it very, very spicy, but still within a range that suits you.

Nutritional values per 100ml
Calories 880kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
of which sugars
Protein 0g
Salt 0g
Ingredients: chili extract
PowerDrops 3 Million SHU (Scovilla) data sheet
Package contents 3ml
Spiciness (SHU) 3.000.000

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Reviews (12)
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    Ottimo prodotto
    Puoi aggiungerlo in qualsiasi piatto senza modificarne il gusto. Il prezzo è un pò alto. Preferirei una bottiglia di almeno 10 ml.

    O. S.

    Le feu mais pas au cul !
    Je fait mes propres sauces et huiles avec cette arrache tronche de hautes qualités. Déconseiller a ceux qui n'aime pas la lave en fusion ;)

    L. G.

    Sehr sehr scharf
    Achtung. Die Soße ist sehr scharf. Damit ist nicht zu spaßen.

    D. B.

    Super good
    10 out of 10

    S. K.

    enorme ça arrache terrible

    R. G.

    TOP but Attention
    very very very spicy......

    R. S.

    Very hot spicy stuff !..pity it doesn’t enhance the flavor

    E. D.

    Powerdrops 3 Million
    Pour que ça pique ça pique 'ca arrache bien et tue les bactéries dans la bouche garantie.sinon un bon epice

    V. K.

    Extremely hot!
    Great hot sauce for true spice lovers but man is it hot!

    T. S.

    This is perfect for taking my food to another level spicy. It works perfectly.

    D. K.
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PowerDrops 3 Million SHU (Scovilla)
PowerDrops 3 Million SHU (Scovilla)
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