Grow Kit Heat Guard


Optimising the environment for your developing shrooms can be an involved process. From humidifiers to heat mats, dialling in each metric can be tricky. One thing that's bound to make it a whole lot easier is the Grow Kit Heat Guard. This premium silicone surface sits neatly atop your heat mat and allows your mushrooms to grow at a steady temperature, giving them the best chance of flourishing.

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Zamnesia - Grow Kit Heat Guard: Silicone Sturdiness for Your Psilocybin

Keeping your mushroom grow kit at the optimal temperature and humidity is of the utmost importance. Grow kits that are too warm, too cold, too dry, or too moist will spoil your success before you even have a chance to sample your flush. Where once it was left to chance, there are now many things you can do to make sure your shrooms experience the best care during their growing cycle. Introducing the Mushroom Heat Guard, a handy silicone mat that will help you keep a steady temperature to support optimal shroom growth.

Made from high-grade, heat-resistant silicone, the Mushroom Heat Guard can be placed on your Mushroom Heat Mat. Then, it's just a case of resting your mushroom container on top. Whereas putting the container directly onto the mat could cause exposure to unwanted levels of heat, this simple solution will keep your shrooms at the best temperature and ensure sufficient airflow. Best of all, it's perfect for all kinds of grow kits.

Measuring 150 × 173mm and 6mm in thickness, the Mushroom Heat Guard provides a sizable space for your mushrooms. Simply rest your container on top of the sturdy guard, and it'll have no risk of slipping, thanks to the high-quality silicone surface. Because of its hexagonal shape, you can easily slot another heat guard right next to it if your want to grow bigger or multiple smaller kits.

Available in the Zamnesia Shroomshop colour and featuring a grilled surface with a shroom-shaped cutout in the middle, the Mushroom Heat Guard is a stylish and practical solution to keeping your pins happy. These guards can be used repeatedly and are easily cleaned with a simple wipe over the surface with a damp cloth should they get a little messy.

Grow Kit Heat Guard data sheet
Dimensions 150mm x 173mm x 6mm

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Reviews (24)

    très utile avec le petit tapis chauffant !
    très utile avec le petit tapis chauffant ! Faîtes vous un plaisir et aménagez un coin sympa pour vos cultures de champis.


    Cumple si función
    Ayuda a tener una capa de aire entre la plancha y la bolsa de cultivo para mejor calefacción.




    Très utile
    Permet de maintenir votre kit à la température optimale. Chouette design et surtout antidérapant, pour le prix faut pas hésiter.


    Un petit tapis en silicone, voilà
    Rien à redire : c'est un petit tapis en silicone : isole le kit de son support.


    Sorgt für gleichmäßige Hitze
    War bei mir aber leider trotzdem zu heiß mit der Heizmatte.


    J'utilise un tapis chauffant et cela permet que la box ne soit pas en contact direct, et c'est antidérapant !




    Insulation mat
    Nice looking little gadget… im happy with quality of this item


    the look counts
    First of all, you have a much better feeling, because it looks so nice and professional! Second reason is for sure the distance - but still keep an eye on wich heatsource you are using. If you have a powerfull one (>10 Watt) i use tow of them or additional material. The heat guard is perfekt to clean with the dishwasher afterwards to restart clean and safe!

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Grow Kit Heat Guard
Grow Kit Heat Guard