OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized


OG Double Bubble is ganja with gusto! OG Kush and Bubble Gum compete in a delicious duel of sweet and sour flavours. This connoisseur cannabis hybrid brings out the best heavy indica attributes of her dank parents. Dreamy, relaxing vibes are released within tokes. These sticky green nugs taste as good as they look.

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Number of seeds: 3 £15.58 In stock
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OG Double Bubble: Dank Kush With A Double Dose Of Flavour


Two of the most influential strains come together in OG Double Bubble. Theses genetics sparked the American engine of cannabis innovation. During the 1990s, two strains spread like wildfire throughout grow-ops the world over. By the turn of the century, both were critically acclaimed and adored by ordinary decent stoners. Finally, two marijuana hall-of-famers, OG Kush and Bubble Gum, have been successfully hybridised by Zamnesia Seeds.

OG Double Bubble exudes classic indica charms from seed to harvest. Broad-fingered, dark green leaves dominate her appearance, and serve as visual reminders of her Kush heritage. Short, branchy plants with tight internodal spacing can fill a SOG fast. That's without the grower having to worry about mature plants exceeding 1m in height. Her alluring aroma of earth and fuel with hints of citrus will be familiar to OG Kush connoisseurs.

Alternatively, with a slightly longer vegetative growth cycle and larger-sized containers, bigger bushes can grow up to 1.2m tall indoors. OG Double Bubble is definitely one of the more versatile Kush hybrids. Plants also respond well to training and pruning techniques. LST, topping, supercropping, and the ScrOG method are all on the table for advanced growers. 8 weeks of 12-12 indoors is sufficient for sugary colas to swell up to a heavy 500–550g/m² harvest in optimal conditions.

Beginner growers need not be intimidated by OG Double Bubble. This strain is a low-maintenance, resilient hybrid. Outdoors, plants are proven performers in warmer climates and have a high tolerance to drought conditions. With plenty of sunlight and large pots, monster plants close to 2m tall can produce as much as 500g per weed tree.

18% THC is not show-stopping potency by today’s standards. But great chill-out stash is not supposed to induce an overwhelming couchlock. OG Double Bubble gets the soothing physical high just right. Sit back, relax, and relish in a righteous burst of sour citrus and sweet candy flavours with every toke.

OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Zamnesia Seeds
Parents Bubble Gum x OG Kush
Genetics 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks from seed to harvest
THC 18%
CBD 0-1%
Height (Indoor) 120cm
Height (Outdoor) 190cm
Yield (Indoor) 500-550 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 550-600 gr/plant
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (17)
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    Tout bon pour le moment
    Comme d'habitude, zamnésia et très performant sur les livraisons, jamais de problèmes la dessus ^^ Concernant les graines, elle semble être de bonne qualité : Sur deux graines mises a germer, les deux ont germés. Mais l'une des deux n'a pas passé la période des semis, surement du a une erreur de ma part. Après deux semaines, la plante se développe plutot bien, à voir par la suite

    M. P.

    Super. Mais un petit soucis avec les graines. Elles n'ont pas toutes germé. Sur 3 2 seulement. Un peux dessus . Sinon à la puce super .

    C. D.

    Danke Zamnesia
    Auch hier 10/10 gekeimt. Super stabiler wuchs. Kann ich nur empfehlen !!

    T. D.

    su 5 semi 1 non è cresciuto. Bene in generale

    D. D.

    Og double bubble

    B. M.

    gehemmtes Wachstum
    iange keimdauer u.nach 1cm höhe wachstumstillstand ,bei einem haben sich blätter im gesprungenen samenkorn gebildet sind aber nicht gewachsen glaube an kein weiteres wachstum. schade. ob es mein Fehler war? die samen der anderen Sorte haben sich allerdings gut entwickelt.Hel

    H. P.

    Belle plante
    J'ai mis une graine à germer il y a 3 mois 3demi et la je m'apprête à récolter (après 52 jours de flo) un plant de 50 cm divisé en 4 gros buds collant, brillant, avant le haut qui à viré au violet et avec une odeur à s'en lécher les babinnes.. Environ 40g a vu d'oeil.. Pour sa taille c'est plutôt bien

    N. M.

    excellent gout fruite avec un bon niveau THC

    G. H.

    Og bubble

    G. B.

    Alle gekeimt wachsen wunderbar gute Sorte werde sie wiederbestellen.

    H. S.

    Must have if you love Bubble Gum and OG Kush
    Og Kush is one of my all time favourite and Bubble Gum reminds me my first tokes. Well, Zamnesia did a great job by crossing those two all-time-favourite to create a flavoursome variety. I had a 100% success rate with a pack of 5 seeds, however I discarded two because I only grow three plants in my 60x60 grow box. Those are quite bushy and compact, so use some LST and defoliation to increase airflow and light penetration. I grow organic and the cycle went pretty smooth. I managed to get around 120 grams in about 2 month, which is pretty awesome for organics and such a small tent and 200w LED. Use a carbon filter during flowering, those are quite smelly! I enjoy this strain while producing music as it channels my creativity. The aroma is incredible, reminds me the OG Kush but with a touch of fruitiness and sweetness. Well done Zamnesia!

    R. H.

    Nice n easy
    all Seeds Took and now are thriving 3 weeks in and looking good ....

    L. B.

    Pop Up Very Easy!! INow Is The 3 Month And Is The Flower Period. I Grow This Plant Indors And I Can See The Deferent!! This One Das Not Neet To Much Nutritions Thing That I Like!! I Use Easy Boost Nutrient!!! And Now Every 10 Days I Use A Fertalise 7-7-7 This One They Use For Groin Tobacco. I Prefer The MarijuanaThat I Smock To Be Whith Out Fertaliises!!! (just water) But I Litle Help MakeThe Plant Grow Up Faster And Stronger!! V.K.

    V. K.

    Easy to grow, enjoyable to watch her grow, a beter feeling when u harvest and BAM if u smoke her. If u want to try something lovely this one is IT

    D. V.

    Zamnesia Seeds. Halt.. Sind sehr stabil. Sehr gut

    F. L.

    Tolle Sorte.
    Super schnelle und stabile Wachstum, mal Sehen wie die Blüte verläuft. Danke Zamnesia!

    M. M.
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OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
OG Double Bubble (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized