Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales (Beer)


The 3-scale hydrometer by Vinoferm is the ideal hydrometer for all wine and beer-makers. It features 3 coloured scales, so you can measure density, sugar content, and potential alcohol level. With this hydrometer, you can get all the information (except for acidity) you need for wine and beer-making. It is simple and effective to use.

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Vinoferm - Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales For Wine & Beer

The Vinoferm 3-scale hydrometer allows you to measure (almost) everything that you need for wine and beer-making. The hydrometer features 3 different-coloured scales for measuring specific gravity (density), sugar content, and potential alcohol degree all in one simple and easy-to-use device.

Range of the scales:

Specific Gravity: 0.990 to 1.170
Sugar Content (in g/litre): 0 to 360
Potential Alcohol Content (in % by volume): 0 to 20

The Vinoferm 3-scale hygrometer has a length of 26cm. Requires a 200ml measuring cylinder.


Glass hydrometers make use of the Archimedes principle: Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

One gram is the mass of 1 cubic centimetre (1cc or 1ml) of pure water. There are several units used for measuring sugar content that have a direct relation with a weight unit. Other units, however, are linked to the density or specific gravity.

The specific gravity (SG) is the weight per unit of volume (g/cm³). The specific gravity of pure water is 1g/cm³ or 1 (1.000).



Let the hydrometer float freely in a measuring glass filled with the liquid that has to be measured, and ensure the liquid has a temperature of 20°C. (If the temperature is too low, the reading can be too high; if the temperature is too high, the value is too low).

Read the number at the point where the hydrometer touches the surface of the liquid, at the bottom of the meniscus. If your liquid has another temperature, use the conversion table that you can find in the product manual.

Start for dry wine: with a SG of 1.084 to 1.100
Start for medium wine (medium=semi-sweet): with a SG of 1.100 to 1.130
Start for dessert wine (dessert=sweet): with a SG of 1.130 to 1.160


For dry wine: with a SG of 0.980 to 1.000
For medium wine: with a SG of 1.000 to 1.006
For dessert wine: with a SG of 1.006 to 1.020

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Reviews (3)

    Funktioniert super
    Leider war der erste zerbrochen , aber dank dem super Support wurde die Angelegenheit zur vollsten Zufriedenheit von mir geklärt und ich bekam einen neuen der wunderbar funktioniert und den den ich bisher hatte im messen um längen übertrifft .


    Etwas kompliziert aber funktioniert super
    Es ist am Anfang schon etwas komplizierter bis man es dan richtig verstanden hat und man muß schon öfter mal in der Anleitung nachschauen aber wen man es dan verstanden hat funktioniert es echt super ohne probleme


    Reçu cassé
    Sa ma l'air d'être un bon produit mais fragile, il est arrivé cassé dans son emballage

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Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales (Beer)
Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales (Beer)
Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales (Beer)
Hydrometer Vinoferm: 3 Scales (Beer)