Big Bud Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized


Big Bud is one of Sensi Seeds’ most popular strains. The autoflowering variant of Big Bud impresses with the same great qualities like her feminized sister but makes growing this phenomenal indica now even easier. This high-yielding performance indica grows truly gigantic buds and delights with a superb aroma and some serious potency.

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Sensi Seeds - Big Bud Automatic: Top Yielding Auto With Great Taste & High

Sensi’s Big Bud is an immensely popular strain that really doesn’t just carry a flashy name. For many years, this strain has been a benchmark for superb yields which made her a favourite of cultivars all around the world. The autoflowering variant of Big Bud sure doesn’t need to hide either. In fact, she’s Sensi’s top yielding autoflower!

When the original Big Bud clone reached Europe sometime in the mid 1980s, she created waves thanks to her extraordinary high yields and massively sized buds true to her name. To make the new strain perfectly stable however, still some work was required. Breeders crossed Big Bud with other great strains, like the original Skunk #1 and a Northern Lights and both varieties sure found a huge following as soon as they had been created. The breakthrough came with her original Afghan parent. This backcross finally gave Big Bud the desired stability that made her the indoor growing stable that she is today.

Sensi Seeds’ Big Bud Automatic continues where Sensi left off in the 90s after they released their own very successful feminized BB variant. They managed to not only keep the enhanced potency, flavour and bud size of the award-winning strain but now in a more compact structure and with a faster flowering time. The plant will begin flowering in a short 6-8 weeks after germination with her entire life-cycle a short 9-11 weeks from seed.

With Big Bud Auto available as an easy automatic, this opens up many possibilities for growers and makes her a good strain also for those with little growing experience. Aside from growing her being very easy and straight-forward, just one advantage of autoflowering strains is that the flowering time can always be reliably predicted. This allows to plant in such a way as that flowering coincides with the warmest months with the most sun. This is not possible with feminized strains since those rely on the natural light cycles and can’t be flowered outdoors at certain times.

Big Bud Automatic reaches a convenient height of about 90-130cm which makes her a good plant that you can grow pretty much everywhere. There is not much to growing her, but since she will in no time carry a massive load of giant sized aromatic buds you definitely want to look into support otherwise the branches may well be breaking due to their weight!

Her massive and very resinous flowers keep the spicy flavour from their Skunk and Afghan ancestry. Like the aroma from the best first-grade hash, she shines with intense, sweet and pungent notes that are accentuated with flowery tones and also some fruity and musky aromas.

Big Bud Automatic doesn’t just taste awesome though. Her indica dominance (80%) makes for a potent smoke that is very powerful and physical but in her case can also take advantage of her Skunk #1 side where her sativa elements also add a nice cerebral and uplifting note. In other words: She makes for a fantastic smoke that is wonderfully balanced which makes the strain also a great one for therapeutic uses.

Big Bud Automatic isn’t just a top yielder that impresses in numbers. She won’t leave anything desired when it comes to her taste and her effect. If you love highly-rewarding autoflowers, Big Bud Auto should be on top of your list!

Big Bud Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Sensi Seeds
Genetics 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
Height (Indoor) 130cm
Height (Outdoor) 150cm
Yield (Indoor) Up to 450 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) Up to 200 gr/plant
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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    comme prévu
    grosses têtes au menu comme prévu cette année a été plus légère que 2021 mais la plante a été stressée pas mal. le gout est top; l'ephet léger. mais cela reste une de mes variétés préphérées

    C. C.

    Longer growth period
    As expected, the yield was quite impressive, but there is a mistake on the total growing period shown : This autoflowering strain has a vegetative stage of 6-9 weeks and then a flowering stage of 7-8 weeks, thus bringing us to a total growth period of 13-17 weeks (and not 10-11 weeks as shown here). So relatively long for an autoflowering strain. Proof of this is on the website of Sensi Seeds who are the breeders of this strain (and therefore reliable about it): The rest being of course at the top, Regards.

    Y. N.

    Three seed, three babies
    All three of them germinated perfectly, big buds are to be expected! Fingers crossed ...

    H. L.

    hat überzeugt

    J. B.
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Big Bud Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized
Big Bud Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized
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