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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (944)

    great visuals really there strong side
    perfer great - 3 flushes - easy grow wiht a heater or mat around - i prefer mckennaii but not that much visuals


    Bien reçu
    Bonjour , j'ai bien reçu mon kit de culture !! Merci a l'équipe qui a bien voulu me renvoyer un kit après un échec du premier envoi . Je reviendrais laisser un autre avis lorsque j'aurai récolté mon premier flush. Cordialement


    Rendement moyen et faibles effets
    1er flush de 225g frais, suivi d'un 2ème de 75g, puis d'un 3ème de 25g et, finalement d'un 4ème de 5g. 330g en tout, ça fait presque moitié moins que le rendement que j'obtenais il y a 7 ans avec les mêmes kits (500 à 600g en moyenne). Quant aux effets, uniquement mentaux, il m'a fallu consommer au moins 25g frais pour ressentir l'euphorie typique de la montée de psilocybine.


    Tolle Pilze :)


    Not very strong
    To me they're not very strong, I prefer McKennaiis.


    Happy with that
    Does what it says on the tin. So easy and fruitfull. Just what i needed


    Ordered this grow kit just before Christmas. My first order with Zamnesia, I was sceptical and therefore prepared to lose the money i paid for it. It arrived 2 weeks later (due the Christmas postal rush and not Zamnesia) I followed the basic instructions provided on the website, still sceptical but then BOSH! about 2 weeks after starting they’re growing! Big and plenty! Can’t believe how fast they grow! Obviously I can’t comment on the finished product, effects, potency etc yet, but please buy with confidence and rest assured. It would be a little helpful for newbies like me to have perhaps an instructional video on growing, harvesting and drying, but there’s so much info out there anyway this is a very minor issue. Can’t wait to harvest the beauties!! P.S I strongly recommend getting a heat mat when ordering as i’m sure it’s made all the difference!


    What a great team
    Zamnesia, Zamnesia, Zamnesia!!! Can not shout your name in praise enough. Best customer service they sent me a new shipment, my postal service was on strike and I never got my parcel. I asked Zamnesia if they wouldn’t mind seeing if they could track it on their end. Within the hour they had re shipped a new kit and now I’m harvesting beautiful shrooms! Guys and gals at Zamnesia I thank you!


    Highly Recommend
    I could not recommend zamnezia more. I had great customer service and the product has had results after 2 weeks. My order got stock at the border through no fault of zamnezia, so I swung them an email and they replied within about 30 minutes to say they’re sending a new order, that did arrive


    Gt review,,
    So far so good,,,, very easy process,,,, plain sailing really.


    Klasse mycel
    Die Box lässt sich super handhaben und es muss erst nach dem ersten flush gewässert werden. Fresh Mushrooms 4-ever


    Fresh Mushrooms kit
    Satisfying first harvest with 'fat fruits'. Second flush seems to be"stalled"


    Holy molly
    Shit this batch I got was so strong I could talk to the teacher for ones! It was satisfying and thank you.


    Haben schon nach 3 tagen das Licht der Welt erblickt und jetzt nach dem neunten Tag eine gewaltige ernte!! Würde ich sofort wieder kaufen, echt!


    Great customer service
    Bought this kit and a McKennaii kit at the same time. With both subject to the same conditions, following the instructions exactly, the McKennaii produced some fantastic flushes. However, the GTs managed an extremely big pinset, but that was as far as the went. I tried cold shocking/rehydrating the GT cake at the same time as the McKennaii's after their third flush, and again the GTs produced a huge pinset and stalled out. I contacted Zamnesia's customer service, provided photos, a timeline, temperatures and other details of what I'd done, demonstrating that the McKennaii had produced at this point 3 excellent flushes, but the GTs had produced nothing. The customer service staff agreed with me that the GT cake was defective (as can happen, genetics being what they are, sometimes you just get a dud), and they agreed to send out a replacement GT grow kit. The replacement kit arrived on 22/12 and has performed MUCH better. A normal, not overly-dense pinset, leading to me harvesting its first flush of 150g wet on 10/01, resulting in 12.5g after thorough dehydrating. The replacement cake has now had its first cold shock/rehydrate and is back in fruiting conditions - if the McKennaii are anything to go by, I can expect a similarly sized second and third flush, and then a smaller fourth and fifth. Overall, super easy to do and great value for money - just make sure you follow the instructions properly, and are patient. Don't be afraid to reach out to customer service if you have an issues or concerns, as staff are super helpful. Thanks very much Zamnesia!


    Harvested 3 flushes so far a total of 25 gram dried,good quality mushroom kits. Great customer service throughout.Nice high,no negative side effects.


    Pas de mot pour expliquer à vivre tout simplement. C'est la plus belle expérience de ma vie ! Merci zamnesia j'en suis à ma 4eme flunch j'attends de voir ce que ça donnera :-)


    Only 3 lonely shroomz :(
    Pretty bad batch unfortunately when I took such good care of it (not much to do except watching and waiting I'll admit) :'(


    First grow
    Thanks so much it arrived so fast! So happy with my first flush


    a good experience
    I intended to buy McKennaii but since my first kit (the B+) has been a no-grow, customer service switched me to golden teachers. These arrived quickly with the substrate looking perfect (nice, white, clean, happy, not matted, fuzzy). I set them in colonization for about 2 weeks (at around 18-22c) and then when there were little brown baby caps on the substrate (not knots or primordia even though they say pins) I set them to fruiting. I did not open the bag and only adjusted it to keep the condensation from dripping on the caps. Within about 4 days they were ready to harvest. First flush 160g. Check your surface carefully upon receipt. If it looks matted (leathery) then get a new kit. This one worked for me, but it arrived quickly and wasn't over colonized.


    Disaster, i was waiting for my kit for over 2 month's, when I received it, it came without any instructions how to start growing, after 3 weeks, nothing has growed from kit, so let's say I just lost, time, money and hope. Not recommending this doggy site.


    I ordered 2 of these and they were delivered to my door in less than a week here in Lancashire. I’m already picking the fruits and will definitely be ordering more. Easy and simple to follow instruction with minimal input and a good crop from both. Very satisfied thank you.


    Daumen hoch
    Alles bestens. Schneller Versand und guter Ertrag beim ersten Flush. Trocken ca 19g. So wie es aussieht, wird der zweite Flush leider nicht aufgehen. Das kann aber auch an einem Anwendungsfehler liegen -> erster Versuch.


    Grow Kit.
    Nice Kit, have ordered before, ZAM really should make some video of the prep, reading the instructions makes place for mistankes, since the kits Are very sensitive. 4 stars, ill make it 5 when the instructional videos Are up ,


    Solid performance
    I got about 200g, which is not a huge amount but ok. Easy to grow.


    Good product
    Harvested about 8 grams dry. Didn't expect too much and bought during sale(33€). Would recommend for that price


    Reçu très rapidement. Rien de spécial à faire juste bien attention à l'hygiène et 2 semaine après j'ai récupérer un petit 100g frai deuxième flush en route on verra bien le résultat


    Freshmushroom best product and kit
    First supa grow kit failed, zamnesia replace it by a freshmushroom kit that I ordered. Everything went good with a heat mat firing december!. About 150 grms fresh for the first flush.. 2nd flush on its way! Perfect


    1 mushroom
    Sadly just 1 mushroom actually started to grow. Probably my own fault but still a bummer :(


    Awesome kit
    Amazing kit, the growth was very impressive and the shrooms were big and healthy. Sadly, I ruined them during drying so didn't get to try them. They did look amazing though.


    1ère:180 g 2ème 120 g et la troisième est en route


    These things are amazing to watch grow providing you do everything you’re told to do. I have recommended Zamnesia to a lot of people, team are very helpful and will keep my business!


    Very easy to grow kit
    More than happy with my purchase, even went and ordered the supa grow kit also and the wee heat matt is great for the fresh grow kit , I live in Scotland so really cold here the heat matt is great , I put the mushroom kit on my kitchen worktop with the heat matt underneath didn't get a lot from my first flush but onto my 2nd flush and I can see pins already, more than pleased with my order. Delivery is track and trace with Royal mail too , never had a problem.


    Big and juicy
    Fast delivery. Very satisfying amount of mushrooms that grew in the kits.


    Wächst selbst bei schlechten Bedingungen
    Ich habe mir 3 zuchsets gekauft und diese bei einer temperatur zwischen 18-20 grad und einer Rlf. Zwischen 60-80% wachsen lassen. Ehrlich gesagt habe ich nicht viel erwartet da es schon recht kalt war, aber nach 2 wochen fing das erste kit an zu wachsen es war nicht besonders viel aber es funktionierte und sie waren ziemlich potent, die anderen 2 kits brauchten dann noch ein paar tage bis diese schließlich auch anfingen kleine Köpfchen zu bilden. Bei diesen Temperaturen die ich hatte könnt ihr euch auf ca. 10g trockene pilze pro kit einstellen. Ich bin mir aber sicher dass es locker doppel bis dreifach soviel werden hätte können wenn es bisschen wärmer und feuchter gewesen wäre.


    Habe sie nun schon zum dritten mal bestellt, und kann fresh mushrooms generell echt nur empfehlen! Gerade für einsteiger, wie ich auch einer bin. Mein erstes Set hab ich verhauen, da ich nach der ersten Ernte sehr viele von den mini pins, die nicht mehr kamen einfach am Myzel hängen lassen habe, als ich den zweiten flush vorbereitet habe. Und so ist nach dem ersten flush nicht mehr viel passiert, ausser ein paar komisch verkümmerte Pilze auf ziemlich dunkel gewordem Myzel. Beim nächsten mal kamen schon mehr gramm dabei rum, und dieses aktuelle mal bin ich seeehr zuversichtlich. Ich habe inzwischen eine heizmatte dazugekauft, auch direkt hier, und bin nun mit der Hygiene was rückstände entfernen angeht etc besser dabei, und muss feststellen, dass das echt schon das a und o ist. Man muss ausser ernten und warten weiter auch nicht viel machen. Kein extra wasser sprühen, wo man sich evtl verkalkulieren kann mit der menge, und wenn man sich an die anweisung hält sehr ergibig.


    Consegna top prodotto top zamnesia top
    Ordino dal sito in nemmeno 4/5 giorni ho il kit a casa!!!! Installato nello stesso giorno del suo arrivo nemmeno 2 settimane dopo avevo già i primi funghi!!!! Seccati ho mangiato 3,5g sono stato 3/4 ore a vedere il mio albero di Natale con le luci che cambiavano colore!!!!




    Amazingly Good Thank you
    I am blown away at how easy this method of growing mushrooms is after spending months doing this from scratch with spores. Never again! These kits will be a permanent fixture in my house from now on. Huge thanks for doing all of the hard work & just leaving the fun of watching them grow to me.


    I got my first grow kit a couple of months ago. (Golden Teacher) I did exactly what I was told to do and got a fantastic first flush. I was going for a second, but I left it too long, and the veils broke, so ended up with one single MASSIVE mushroom instead, but I appreciated it for what it was, it was magnificent XD . I got my second grow kit last week. But for some reason I lost my mind, and read from a different manual to submerge in water, leave in fridge for 9 - 12 hours. I knew that was different from the first time. I should have questioned it, but in my mind, I thought I must have done it wrong the first time. Now it's ruined! No merry xmas for me :( . I Have ADHD, so I use them to micro dose, instead of using alcohol. I can't afford another kit now until January. But you live and learn. Take your time people, and double check what kit you have before you steam in and feck things up like I did lol. The kits are great, if you take the time to do it right x Merry Xmas Zamnesia and to all the loyal customers out there , see you next month x


    Easy-to-grow kit
    I've bought two Golden Teacher grow kits from Zamnesia now, and have found them very easy to use with very little maintenance required. Would highly recommend!


    Excellent service to the UK. No delay with Customs and no duty to pay. Many thanks Neil


    Great product fast and secure delivery great around company very pleased


    The growing kit is brilliant. Without any experience how to grow mushrooms I managed to harvest twice already and I'm waiting for my 3rd harvest. The delivery to the UK is a bit rocky it took almost 4 weeks to get the product but luckily my kit survived it. The website is well designed and basically you can find answers for anything you want. Only one thing left behind....the trip


    Golden teacher
    Great quality product as always. Easy to grow with really good result. Im using them mainly for micro-dosing. Next time I want to order a Mckennaii.


    Easy to use
    Very easy to setup and grow. Could not be any simpler. Hygiene is of course always paramount! I used latex gloves, a mask and a very clean glass surface (my ceramic stove top) when handling it and I recommend using a misting bottle with rubbing alcohol, for easy application on surfaces, arms, hands and gloves. No contamination whatsoever. This strain is definitely a good beginners one, rather mild with practicality no visuals but a nice body high and introspection.


    Vraiment sympa
    Ca a bien poussé et les kits fresh ne demande vraiment pas beaucoup de travail. Juste faire gaffe de ne pas les placer sur une source de chaleur ou les champi pousse sur les côté j ai eu le probleme pour la première recolte.


    Passiert nix!
    Ich habe das zuchset jetzt 1 Woche zu stehen und es ist noch nicht viel passiert. Habe mich auch korrekt an die Anleitung gehalten. Bin ich zu ungeduldig.


    Easy to get going and very good quality results
    I have bought cheaper grow kits previously from other sellers but won’t do that again. Zamnesia’s fresh kits are worth the money in terms of quality and health of the crop, ease and speed of growing and effects. My kit started growing in a couple of days and grew very fast indeed. You have to keep checking on them because they really do grow like mushrooms and get to the spore dropping phase fast. I highly recommend these grow kits for ease of use, quality, size and health of crop. I already have cropped 250gms wet weight and am trying for a third flush - not sure if it will work as a couple of my mushies dropped spores overnight. I have to mention that Zamnesia provide a wealth of clear and correct advice on every aspect of growing, drying and storing. I grow and dry for micro dosing so have a fair stock in the freezer now but I will be back.


    Great kit
    Great grow kit! 250g on first flush, second flush a little less I think because too late harvest of the first! Lesson learnt for the next time!

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