Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset 'Golden Teacher'


Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher trat erstmals in den späten 1980er Jahren auf. Der Ursprung ist unbekannt, aber worauf sich der Name bezieht ist klar - die Kappen haben eine goldene Farbe und die Wirkung kann neue Perspektiven lehren. Du kannst mehrere Schübe erwarten - und alles was Du brauchst ist etwas Geduld.

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Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset 'Golden Teacher': Lehrt neue Perspektiven

Die Zauberpilzsorte Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher hatte in den späten 1980er Jahren seinen ersten Auftritt auf dem Markt. Sowohl seine Herkunft, als auch wer ihn entdeckte ist unbekannt, aber was zu seiner Namensgebung führte ist offensichtlich. Die Kappen haben eine goldene Farbe und er hat die Fähigkeit Dich neue Perspektiven zu lehren.

Halluzinogene Pilze Zuchtsets "Fresh Mushrooms" enthalten nichts außer 1200ml zu kolonisierten Roggen. Das Set ist bereit für die Aufzucht, wenn es an Deiner Haustür ankommt - alles, was Du benötigst, um Deine eigenen Pilze aufzuziehen, ist ein wenig Geduld.

Anleitung Fresh Mushrooms


  • 1200ml Kultivierungsbox
  • Zuchtbeutel
  • 2 Büroklammern

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Fresh Mushrooms Zuchtset 'Golden Teacher' Datenblatt
Volumen 1200ML
Marke Fresh Mushrooms
Strain Golden Teacher

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Bewertungen (1248)
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    First time growing with this kit so was learning as I went. Managed to get a few flushes from the cakes however the harvests got smaller with each flush. The effect of the shrooms seemed to get weaker with each harvest but can’t say if f this was to do with anything I was doing. Will definitely buy again loved the feeling on them.

    L. W.

    Just the best
    Simply amazing. Huge respect to Golden Teachers. They transform you. This growing kit was easy to use and handle and perfectly made

    G. D.

    Easy growing + best teacher ever
    It was much easier then expected to raise the teacher. It was my first time experience. Ok, I did a few mistakes but still succeeded with a good harvest And yes, the name teacher is not chosen randomly. I think he will accompany for a bit longer to let me have insight into his wisdom

    J. S.

    3rd time with this, with very varying results
    Sadly, the last time i tried golden teacher, the harvest failed in 1 of 2 packs, resulting in 0 yield on half the products. The remaining allowed for one harvest - with hygrometer and heat control. Previous purchases worked fine :)

    E. G.

    Grow without experience
    My friend had zero experience and I went to a growing class. While she ordered this kit from you, I tried at the same time to use sterilized rice and syringe inoculation. She has already been harvesting since 2 months and mine is not even working at all...

    J. K.

    work well with some experience
    10 days delivery time plus only 7 days to first harvest... (200 g first - wondering how much is maximum in total ?) Quite impressive .Very good quality - no questions. My experience says best temperature is 27 °C with that one to get best results and 40 °C dehydration temp untill wood dry stage. Dry shrooms much stronger than fresh soaked in lemon juice for an hour before. Work well on whatever outcomes want to get. Good !

    J. S.

    First time growing
    Really easy to grow followed instructions, had a great first & second flush, just starting the third. Also brought a spray bottle & the temperature/ humidity sensor - but don’t need either with this kit.

    B. K.

    Fast delivery, fast ‘research’ :) Very happy with the results, looking into liquid culture syringes next!

    J. A.

    Kit déféctueux
    Habitué à la culture, ce kit n'a rien donné hormis 3-4 champi malades. Le service client à fait la sourde oreille...Très décu...

    N. G.

    Ausreichend Pilze (Frisch 95g, 55g, X?, X?)
    Erste Erfahrung mit einem Zuchtset, habe mich bewusst für diese "Dummy" Version entschieden, wo man nicht viel machen muss: Packung auf, Deckel ab, Plasticsack drauf - 15 Tage warten - Plasticsack aufstellen - ernte am Tag 16 (etwas zu spät, Hüte plötzlich aufgegangen - das ging unerwarter schnell, Wetter war auch sehr sonnig und warm). Erste ernte 100g mit ein paar Seitenwuchsen. Zweite ernte mit deutlich mehr Seitenwuchsen. Wahrscheinlich hätte man mit mehr Erfahrung mehr ernten können. In Trockenmenge sind es jetzt so 11g geworden (= ausreichend für 2x Potenz testen mit 1g (hab alles getrocknet, zermörsert und gemischt), dann bleiben noch ~4x2g Trip Erfahrung. M. M. gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis

    T. S.

    instructions pas claires
    Pas compris quelles instructions à suivre ! arroser, ne pas arroser ? Quelle est la différence entre le fresh kit et le supa gro kit ? Bref, pas de récolte, tout a moisi ! déçu ...

    N. C.

    Super Happy with my order!
    I ordered the McKenaii kit and had some concerns since I'm in the U.K. It took approximately 10 days for the kit to arrive. I've just harvested my second flush, and the results have been impressive. The first flush yielded numerous mushrooms, and the second one, although slightly less, still produced a significant amount. I've experimented with both low and normal dosages and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Zamnesia for their assistance when I made a mistake, and for the complimentary gift!

    R. S.

    Happy days
    First box was defective… messaged support and after sending photos, they sent another box shipped for free. This box has had great success so far. First flush was strong with humongous mushrooms, second flush is just beginning now. Thank you

    R. Q.

    Greatest purchase ever, every time I harvest a new flush appears, can’t keep up! Easy 2 grow with minimal effort, all good! Highly recommend 🤪

    J. R.

    Good as always.
    Good as always, thanks for your services and for your help desk. I really like when I feel something can go wrong that service dest suports me with advice. Golden teacher is just great experience every time. Thanks.

    J. O.

    Really easy and fast
    First when I ordered I was a little skeptical after seeing all the bad reviews but I’m just amazed at how nicely these grew I managed to get 200g from my first flush and will 100% be buying again

    N. S.

    Unglaublich toll das ganze! Von Paketankunft bis Ernte 11 Tage, 10 wären auch gegangen da ich noch nicht ganz auf dem schirm hatte wie unfassbar schnell die Dinger am Ende eskalieren und aufgehen. Erster Flush tolle 180 gramm nassgewicht. Ich bin begeistert und Zamnesia mein neuer Lieblingsshop!

    D. T.

    Great customer support and mushroom kit
    After my first kit started to grow wonderfully in the beginning, the mushrooms all off sudden stopped growing. I then contacted the customer support. The staff supported me immediately by giving me several ideas of what I could do to have them grow again. When after a few days, unfortunately the kit got mold, they offered me a new kit incl. shipping for free or a voucher for the same amount. I took the kit. The new kit worked wonderfully without any problems. As I'm a first time grower, I however made the mistake of waiting too long before harvesting the first flush. The spores were already out. It was a matter of a few hours of waiting too long. Consequently, I have learned to harvest them in the future rather a bit too early than too late. Thx again Zamnesia for your first quality support. Well done.

    P. S.

    Great Kit - Simple and effective
    First flush was about 200g wet, dried around 13g. Second flush on the go now, less pins than the first time but still a healthy amount. I’d definitely recommend this product, extremely fast results, very low maintenance. Saves a fortune if you were to try and source from a dealer. Shipping to the UK was faster than expected and had no issues with customs.

    M. J.

    Schnell und einfach
    Schnell und einfach

    K. H.

    Kit golden teacher
    I ordered it a week ago but unfortunately I had to throw it in the trash because it came dirty... it came all condensed and with a white mold.....

    K. M.

    First time growing golden teachers. Will definitely be purchasing more kits. First flush grew within 10 days and produced big healthy teachers. Currently on 2nd flush not as many as the first but bigger and stronger. New hobby unlocked great buy

    R. S.

    Esperienza fantastica e facili da crescere

    S. C.

    defective product
    I already have some experience using these kits, but this time something happened that I wasn't expecting: As soon as the first pins started to appear, they grew slightly and froze. They no longer developed and were gaining mold.

    H. R.

    First time buying them and will buy again
    First flush was amazing. For the Second flush I didn’t soak the cake and didn’t remove the small ones from the first flush which were huge mistakes. So it was quite poor. Third one should still grow but doesn’t look good. Also the temperature has lowered considerably, which may affect the growing

    M. B.

    Fácil de cultivar, no defraudan
    Lo mejor de estas setas es que son fáciles de cultivar y no defraudan, las de FRESH MUSHROOMS para mi de la mejor marca.

    F. F.

    Golden Teacher
    For me the best brand. Never fails, very easy instructions and very good harvest as well. I highly recommend.

    T. M.

    Easy peasy
    I bought one kit before at another place and nothing came out. This kit was so easy. Take off the lid and put it in the bag. I was amazed how easy this was and how fast I had little mushroom babies. Love seeing them grow. I had two flushed of mushrooms and now checking if the third flush will still give me little mushroom babies. I haven’t tried the mushroom yet as I’m making blue honey from them and have to be patients which I good too. I have taken truffels but it will be the fir at time that I will take mushrooms and am a little nervous, lol.

    C. B.

    Good batch
    I managed to grow a good batch of happiness even despite my little experience with growing kits. The guys at Zamnesia did a nice work replacing a contaminated kit the first time.

    A. P.

    The first flush was already in about two weeks, very quick growing shrooms. Firts yield was about 200g wet. And what's important in my case, contamination resilient and low maintenance.

    D. C.

    Golden Teacher
    pünktlich angekommen - die erste Ernte hat 13 gr. Trockenware gebracht, ich war sehr zufrieden, leider habe ich zu spät geerntet, einige Köpfe sind über Nacht aufgegangen - so habe ich in der zweiten Ernte nur noch 4 gr. Trockenware bekommen, eine dritte Ernte gab es dann nicht mehr, mit der Wirkung bin ich sehr zufrieden, klare Weiterempfehlung.

    M. C.

    Golden teacher
    Hello zamnesia team After I ordered 2x 2 pieces from your golden teacher breeding boxes, I have to honestly say that they suck. I've followed the instructions exactly and have to realize again that it won't work that way. With the first 2 breeding sets, I can understand that I may have made a mistake, but this time I stuck to it 100% and nothing came out great, even one of the two boxes didn't grow. my suggestion to take it out of the range. I will definitely not order them again. 100 euros thrown in the sand. can you meet me?

    R. B.

    Amazing genetics, started pinning in less than 10 days, soked the cake after the first flush and 3 days later bam new pins im on my 3 rd flush now and had over 200g from first two flushes, highly recommend it and will definitely buy from zamnesia again

    R. R.

    Nikolas fm Athens
    The fresh mushrooms golden teacher product is excellent..very easy to use grow kit and the magic shrooms super niiiiiiiiiice..

    N. M.

    Only got one very small harvest out of it, tried to get a few more flushes however it doesn’t seem to be working and the shrooms didn’t even kick in(I did 3 dried grams of the 6 grams I harvested)

    H. L.

    Golden Teacher Fresh Mushrooms
    Fast shipping and delivery. Updates on the delivery status. Grow kit itself was great and extremely easy to use - just follow few simple steps and watch it grow. The only possible improvement I can think of: instructions sheet specific to the type of grow kit in the box would be a nice thing. Otherwise 5/5 I already ordered another kit - McKennaii this time

    M. S.

    Golden Teacher
    Great kit, so easy to handle if you follow the instructions. Sweet and nice psychodelic high, i can recommand this set for all beginners.

    I. Y.

    I’ll find another supplier
    I’ve been a satisfied customer here for a long time. However, the recent kits I have received have arrived defected. Zam has done a great job in replacing these kits but the replacement kits didn’t perform to the same expectation that their past kits have lead me to expect. This has become a reoccurring problem. I think I will find another supplier

    W. A.

    As always, this kit was easy to use and gave the desired results!

    K. A.

    Top geregeld, duidelijke instructies makkelijk en mooie paddestoeltjes!

    R. V.

    Helaas is deze set tegen gevallen. Het mycelium had zich bij ontvangst al flink over de oppervlakte verspreid. De pins ontwikkelde zich vooral aan de zijkanten. Terwijl het bakje zoals in de beschrijving met zak in het doosje stond. 1e flush 70 gram 2e 25gram. Daarna niets meer geworden. Volgende keer misschien 1 set bestellen die je de 1e al zelf nat moet maken. Misschien had de langere levering invloed. Volgende keer beter.

    M. A.

    Would recommend
    Easy to follow instructions and a good harvest. Great product all round and would definitely recommend for a first time grower

    A. M.

    Golden Teacher
    Very satisfied with the crop enough for 5 heroic trips, hallucinations crystal clear and the most gentle comedown I would strongly recommend this product

    B. P.

    el mejor
    El mejor pan de setas , he cultivado muchos pero este fue el mejor de todos llevo mas de trescientos gramos en fresco de dos tandas

    R. F.

    School kit
    Appears simple to use BUT!, No instructions included as invoice stated. Had to online to print them off. Have just showed pins after 7days.

    P. T.

    Incredible kit!
    Bought a Golden teacher grow kit, did some research and found that I was supposedly going to get between 150-300g of fresh shrooms(30g dry), but after drying the first flush, I was pleasantly surprised with a nice 20g. After the second flush, I received around 15g, and it is still going and I’m still seeing active growth, albeit slower than the other two, still a very pleasant view. I was also not the greatest at keeping everything sterile, had a difficult time providing the right conditions but I still succeeded better than expected, first flush also took about 2 days for me to get fully mature shrooms. When I made fruiting conditions, the growth speed was insane, and I mean extremely inconveniently fast as they dropped spores while I was at work. I still saw more flushes anyway after the spores dropped, I will definitely buy more from you guys, also very well and discreetly packaged. PS: I read online that blue LED grow lights could give a higher yield, so that is what I used, cannot say if it is the reason I got this much but I will be keeping these lights.

    P. A.

    Golden Teacher und Mc Kennai
    Gute Qualität und die Pilze geben ihre erwünschte Wirkung!

    J. H.

    heel goed
    nog nooit eerder gekweekt instructies gevolgd met goed resultaat resultaat van mijn flushes: 1 - 300g > gedroogd 24,5g 2 - 65g > 5g 3 - 65g (cake uit doos gehaald want veel zijgroei) - vers gebruikt met lichte maaltijd met partner 4 - 39g - vers gebruikt met lichte maaltijd met partner 5 - 23g (1 paddestoel) 6 - 15g (1 paddestoel)

    L. D.

    I always get 2 flushes, sometimes a 3rd. The stuff is nice.

    G. B.

    Golden Teacher Fresh Mushrooms
    Simply the best grow kit. I had so many flushes , and every time more shrooms came out. They are so beautiful 🤩

    D. B.

    Not great in amount.
    The first pins showed up within 2 days, but there seemed to be a issue with the first pin that grew big. first flush was 6,53 grams (dried) Second flush is ongoing, ready to harvest today, because one is about to open... its a lot of a smaller flush, and I have only 5 mushrooms, and one has a mushroom on top of its cap (so not sure if I can use that) I kept to the instructions of the manual.. and worked very clean, there also seem to be a lot of side pins/shrooms where I cannot reach, unless I break the cake (not gonna happen) I am not sure if I want to order this brand again, the effects of the Golden Teachers are good tho, no complains there, but I feel something is off with the growkit to be completely honest. I expected more shroomies to show up. but I still have to see how the third flush will go. If it's possible to edit this review I will update about the third flush and a possible 4th flush, but the amount of dried mushrooms is very very low so far, so the price of the growkit is very steep... Zamnesia is very helpful tho, so far I give it 3 stars, I will edit that when the grow kit is done. could be more or less.

    F. V.

    Easy but tricky!
    Very easy instructions to follow and managed 144grams fresh on the first crop. Unfortunately the majority of the mushrooms were down the sides or underneath the cake making it difficult to work out how mature the mushrooms were and when to harvest as the caps were all squished. Just submerged the cake in cold water ready to see if I can get a second crop. Wish me luck!

    S. T.

    Quick and easy
    Bought this for my first ever grow and had my first flush in a little over 2 weeks. Very happy with the product and my results.

    K. S.

    Very Impressed!
    This was my first time at attempting this and this grow kit did not disappoint. 13 Grams on the first flush and I thought it went very wrong after the caps opened because I was away and didn't manage to pick in time. Nevertheless the second flush looks just as amazing! I am super impressed with these. From pins to fully fledged mushrooms within 2.5 weeks. Kept at room temperature of about 20 - 22 degrees and they've done well. I can't yet review on how strong they are but so far so good.

    J. B.

    As expected
    4-5 flushes, big yields, nice trips

    W. B.

    Thanks zamnesia great product, excellent service

    J. S.

    As easy as it says
    Just followed the instructions and the harvest was amazing! Very good quality box!

    J. L.

    Jo. Riesig. Sehr ergibieg
    Pilze wachsen schnell und werden riesig. Vom wirkstoff nicht so kräftig deswegen gut für mikrodosing

    L. V.

    the product has not been tried yet
    easy to grow. after one week the first ones rise and the growth still continued. the new crop has not yet been tried. I am very satisfied. because the product has not been tried yet, that's why only four stars.

    J. J.

    Effect is rly good, only problem that i can see is that there is no way to predict how much you can collect from kit. It can be very random an deviate comparing to other people experience.

    T. B.

    Easy to grow, arrived in good time!
    Pinned within about 2 weeks and Got 110 grams fresh on first flush after 3 weeks. Very easy to grow although I do think I’ve messed up my second flush by not harvesting in time (I harvested after the veils had dropped) will buy again though!

    J. C.

    J'ai eu ma première récolte, avec une bonne quantité, me reste plus qu'à essayé. Le service client est au top, c'était un remplacement avec un autre produit avec lequel j'avais fait une erreur, tromper d'instruction. Je remercie Zamnesia pour leur geste, et je conseille fortement.

    T. A.

    Easy to grow!
    Perfect for beginning growers

    J. M.

    Great product
    The product and service were great and fantastic as always. Highly recommended.

    J. H.

    got this kit as a replacement for a
    worked well, pretty solid yield and a second flush... got this kit as a replacement for a defective one, great customer care!

    E. W.

    Servicio de cliente 100%
    Mi kit no creció como debería. Pero zamnesia lo ha solucionado muy rápido. 100% recomendable. Daría 5 estrellas pero todavía no he podido crecer las setas de golden teacher

    G. F.

    Gt kit
    Excellent yield on first attempt, very easy kit for beginners. My second kit was unfortunately defective but zamensia customer support is excellent and they sent me a new kit straight away. Would recommend, thanks zamnesia!

    M. G.

    The growbox was defekt
    So the amazing people att zamnesia send me a news one. The service here and the products are worth every cent - HD

    M. H.

    bien pour débuter
    récolte: 2 recoltes convenables, assez facile à faire pousser. effets: c'est selon les personnes. jen ai donné à une amie qui en prenait pour la première fois qui a eu beaucoup d'effet avec peu de champignons, quand à moi, je n'ai eu quasi aucun effet, ou très léger effets. je pense que c'est selon les gabarits et personnes. dans ce cas, très bien pour commencer.

    D. T.

    Golden Teacher
    réception rapide, qualité attendue. Je recommande cet achat

    S. M.

    Easy and potent

    G. S.

    Kit cultivo
    Hola, he de decir que estaba sorprendida lo rápida que salieron los primeros brotes, ahora he seguido los pasos para la segunda cosecha y no brotan. Creo que ahora hace mucha calor y esperare mas adelante, intentare conservarlo lo mejor posible. En cuanto a las setas he de decir que tambien ha sido una buena cosecha y estoy satisfecha, gracias.

    G. L.

    First time growers review
    These were really easy as a first time grower. After soaking for 12 hours I set the kit up and went away for 4 days. When I came back it was pinning like crazy! I had to move the kit over 3 miles away via bike ride. I didn’t pack the kit up properly which damaged the cake slightly. Imagine my shock when it started fruiting again and produced 4 monsters sized shroomies for my second flush!! I didn’t expect too much after how roughly I treated the cake but I’m on my third flush now and it’s producing a lot more than the second

    P. E.

    Hat funktioniert
    Zufriedenstellendes Ergebnis. 3 flushs,und sogar nach Hochkant hinstellen,einige beim 4 ten

    P. B.

    Für Beginner
    Ein Sehr gut durchwachsener Kuchen bei dem nach wenigen Tagen die ersten Köpfe sprießen. Eine Fehler verzeihende Sorte, genau das richtige für die die es mal versuchen wollen 🤘

    T. G.

    Superb customer service
    Sadly, my first order got lost in the post A replacement was sent out super-fast so can’t fault them on that. Hopefully I’ll get a bumper crop .will update

    C. D.

    Golden Teacher
    2 volle Schübe gezogen.Bin zufrieden.

    C. Z.

    I am very familiar with growing golden teachers but i believe something happened with the kit before it got to me because its not performing properly, the musrooms are opening their veil very early in the process resulting me in a very mediocre yield unline any other kit i grew before. The yield is basically nothing, kinda disappointed with this one this time

    A. Z.

    Great product!! delivery times
    Outstanding yield considering the shipping was delayed (Has an effect on growth due to temp control in transit) overall great purchase

    B. S.

    amazing mush
    I deeply recommand to try to grow your own mush with zamnesia! I juste harvested and I had a great quantity. Thank you Zamnesia

    D. L.

    Loved this product so much! Highly recommended

    N. G.

    Huge Mushrooms
    Amazing! Got the parcel super quick, after 4 days max , probably due to the weather, the 2 huge mushrooms started showing up, then a lot of other ones grew exactly fast, literally the 2nd day they were already loosing the skirt! I don’t know if my kit will be able to do another flesh or not cause I wasn’t there when the mushrooms opened up, so the whole cake became black! How with the quantity I got I’m extremely satisfied! I definitely give 5 stars ++++

    A. I.

    I am trying for a 5th flush, but already got more out of it than expected!

    H. M.

    A Productive Kit - A Rewarding Variety
    After preparing the kit, the first flush produced its harvest in staggeringly little time. The pins appeared within a few days and then all of a sudden they ballooned. I harvested 220g, which equates to around 25g of dried. So it almost goes without saying, this provided many top-quality trips. Tip: Leave good spacing between doses, as tolerance builds up significantly. The second flush yielded around half the volume. The third, a little less again. But overall the kit produced a lot of great quality shrooms that deliver a wonderful experience. Breathtaking visually, followed by an immense clarity of thought towards the back end that was as enlightening as it was creatively productive. 100% recommend this kit!

    C. A.

    Super, aber...
    Das Produkt hat mir sehr gut gefallen, es war perfekt durchwachsen und es wurde innerhalb von 5 Flushes nicht infiziert. Es kam insgesamt ein sehr guter Ertrag bei raus und die ersten Pins war schon nach 3 Tagen zu sehen. Ich habe alles genau nach Anleitung gemacht, habe das Set auch wieder in den Karton gestellt, aber es kamen trotzdem sehr sehr viele Side-Pins. Das nächste Mal werde ich einen anderen Standort nutzen und schauen, ob das Side-Pinning weniger wird. Ein Problem haben die Sets leider aber, denn wenn der Kuchen trocknet zieht er sich zusammen und bildet dann an den Seiten Platz und eine höhere Feuchte, die ein perfektes Mikroklima für die Pilze darstellen. Aus diesem Grund wachsen die Pilze dann lieber an den Seiten statt auf der Oberfläche.

    I. G.

    I was sceptical at first, but this worked really well. Four total flushes so far, and very chill trip, so will be buying this in future again!

    K. D.

    Mortel pousse trés bien, grosses récoltes (4!!!) taille impressionnante je recommande grave le trip est assez doux

    C. C.

    Kannste holen
    Habe mir das Kit bestellt, nachdem ich einige Bewertungen gelesen habe. Es war sicher kein Fehlkauf, denn ich habe nach drei Flushs fast 30g rausbekommen. 18g beim ersten 7 beim zweiten und 4-5g beim letzten. Bei 3-4g war die Wirkung weder krass noch schlecht. Für einen entspannten Trip ist das super. Hole mir vllt noch ein Kit und schreibe euch wie es beim nächsten Mal ist. Over All bin ich zufrieden, auch wenn mir eine Anleitung fehlt, da es im Internet verschiedene Angehensweisen gibt.

    W. S.

    Fantastic bought 2 kits, had a bounty. Thank you guys!!!

    L. T.

    Please read full comment
    I ordered this Mushroom growkit as a first timer - and was excited as it arrived. I prepared everything according to the instructions. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks it was growing a thick white cover and there appeared to be green spots. It can have different reasons. Maybe, there has been bacteria in the kit or I was not careful enough. BUT: Thanks to Zamnesia Customer Support I got the chance to send it back & order another one (for free). I chose the SupaGro B+ kit. And I can tell you..100 % recommend. First of all: The Kit was super easy to set up. After about 10 days the first pins came. They grew fast and I harvested about 10g dried. My tips for newbies are 1.) Pay close attention to hygiene, wash hands and forearms everytime. Use bottled water or filtered water to mist. Keep Isopropyl (70%) handy for gloves and surfaces and wear a mask. 2.) Have patience! It really is fascinating how long it can take to see pins and then suddenly it happens in the matter of a couple days. I already tried them yesterday and it was super beautiful. Visuals were amazing- open and closed eye visuals, geometric patterns etc. I had a great connection to nature & plants..I sat outside on the terrace for hours stunned by how beautiful nature is :D thank you Zamnesia.

    A. C.

    Grandiosas Golden Teacher
    Grandioso si usas los pasos del manual y tienes una buena higiene. Lo primero que debo comentar es que me gusta más los efectos Filosóficos y Mágicos que te dan las Golden Teacher, porque las Mkenaii para mi simplemente es un colocón potente. Si tu objetivo es entrar en el mundo mágico usa Golden Teacher, recomendado. Ahora sobre este kit, me generó varias cosechas, debes seguir los pasos al pie de la letra, incluso recomiendo que una vez tengas el paquete, ve a una habitación pequeña, como un baño, cierra todo, que no haya corrientes de aire, ponte guantes, mascarilla y pulveriza con alcohol todo, incluso donde vayas a colocar las cosas. Yo lo que hago es deslizar y abrir el tapper del pan una vez esta un poco dentro de la bolsa, quito la tapa y lo meto hasta el fondo y lo doblo como dice el manual. Lo meto en la caja y espero a que salgan los primeros alfileres primordios, una vez salgan debes poner la bolsa en vertical, pero haz lo mismo, guantes, mascarilla, habitacion sin corriente de aire, es muy importante, cualquier cosa que entre dentro de la bolsa, espora, bacteria, lo que sea qu eeste en suspensión puede contaminarla, aunque sea dificil porque ya esta el sustrato totalmente colonizado pero no es imposible. Yo rocio de vez en cuando la bolsa por fuera y la entrada con alcohol, intento que este en una zona alta de la habitación y la dejo semi abierta, no totalmente abierta, con que tenga un poco de apertura es suficiente, te puede generar muchisimas setas. Como siempre, limpieza y cuidado de que no entren esporas intrusas dentro del pan, tambien podria recomendar una fructificadora en una caja shotgun para no preocuparte mucho de la contaminación.

    A. F.

    Great product, amazing service and the information available on their website is extremely useful.

    C. A.

    Gutes Set
    Sind schön gewachsen

    M. S.

    This kit worked great.I got 3 good flushes from it and had a lot of fun with the results

    S. F.

    everything as planned!
    quick to bloom, easy to reuse, potency was surprising. 5/5! love from the north!

    A. M.

    Golden Teacher
    Happy. Two flushes. First 15 grms after drying. Second flush 6 strong big mushrooms, I really love golden teacher for micro dosing and for macro trip. Just bought another 1200 kg kit. Third set, first mckenaee, second and third golden teacher. All worked perfect. All of them two flushes each. V

    V. C.

    2 Schub ist unterwegs
    Der erste Schub war innerhalb von 1 Woche bereit zur ernte! Danach das Set mit Wasser im Kühlschrank wieder fit gemacht und der 2 Schub lässt schon die Köpfchen sehen. Konnte die Pilze leider noch nicht probieren. Macht trotzdem spaß beim Wachsen zu zuschauen.

    M. A.

    Super 1ere expérience
    Incroyable la vitesse où ca pousse, attention quand c est lancé ca va vite et en une nuit la corolle sous la tete des champis peut s ouvrir et contaminer le pain! Du coup ma 2e recolte a été limitée, 6g sec au lieu de 17g la 1ere. Avec 3g j ai deja fait un bon voyage de 4h intenses, puis ca redescend en douceur,tres agreable.

    R. R.

    Pas mal
    1ere récolte en 10 jours . un peu trop tard car chapeau bien développé et voile déchiré, mais J'ai eu la chance d'avoir eu une deuxième récolte sur une moitié du pain 7 jours après. Bons trips, pas si visuels mais ça chatouille bien. On se sent émerveillés par la vie.

    E. N.

    Magic !
    Alles perfekt gelaufen. Vom Versand bis zur Zucht. Danke

    M. S.

    Au top
    Après avoir été déçu avec 4 box qui n'avais pas fonctionné d'une autre marque j'ai acheté ceux ci et la bonne surprise, le pain est bien colonisé. A voir si il me fera plusieurs récolte

    C. B.

    Good product
    I was happy with the result. I'm not giving five stars just because after the first flush the quantity of shrooms decreased a lot, but the product is still valid especially if you consider that it takes very little care to grow and does it very fast.

    M. C.

    Not a fan
    As easy as this kit is made out to be (no preparations, just bag it and wait), instructions were a little lackluster. I ended up opening the bag frequently as the shrooms were in need of air and this is how it started growing for good. Yield was not as good as expected but still decent. Growing conditions were the exact same as other kits I've used (no direct sunlight, heating mat, ...) which were no doubt successful.Next time, I'd rather buy a more classic kit I have to work with. It seems more efficient to me and more pleasurable to grow.

    S. D.

    Great kit
    Easy kit, great results. 12gms dried from first flush and second flush is looking to be about the same. Can’t wait to try different varieties

    M. O.

    bon trip bonne pousse
    La culture est très bien, comme avec tout les fresh kit, le trip est super, classique avec un effet euphorisant mais aussi un peu mental tout en légèreté

    S. M.

    Toujours bien

    M. B.

    Golden Teacher délicieux trips !
    Ce fût la première fois que je me lançais pour faire pousser mes champignons, alors je me suis dirigée vers les Golden Teacher qui semblaient être les plus simples à apprivoiser. En effet, j'ai suivi les instructions et tout à fonctionné comme prévu, je viens de finir ma 3e récolte et essaye une 4e, nous verrons bien. Les effets sont supers! Particulièrement visuels pour ma part, très peace, j'en reprendrais pour sûr

    A. K.

    het is een prima growkit, ik ben nu met de 3e flush bezig , als ik ze gegeten heb kan ik er meer over vertellen ,ik kan niet wachten

    R. K.

    Great results at first try
    This was my first ever attempt to grow shrooms at home. I’m beyond happy with the results. It couldn’t have been easier and I had a great yield. It certainly gave me confidence to try to grow more in the future. Thanks!

    S. R.

    Have bought this product twice. Second box took a little longer than expected to be delivered but has worked brilliantly. 21g dry from first flush with second flush pinning very quickly.

    O. W.