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The result of a meeting between breeders from Seedstockers and growers from Humboldt, CA in 2017, the Humboldt x Seedstockers project exists to provide a new range of exceptional feminized, autoflowering, and regular cannabis seeds. While their catalogue is not huge, it is impressive, and even includes one cup winner! Based in Barcelona (one of Europe's cannabis hubs), you can be sure the team knows a thing or two about quality cannabis—so you can expect only the best from their seeds, too.

Some of their strains bear THC concentrations exceeding 30% THC when grown in ideal conditions. Potency like this is hard to find, and puts these cannabis seeds up there with some of the strongest in the world. But strength isn't all Humboldt x Seedstockers is about. Expect massive yields, a range of delectable flavours, and some more moderate strains in there too. Sometimes it's nice just to have a quiet smoke, and these guys know it!

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Thunder Banana (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

Combining genetics from three American powerhouses, Thunder Banana makes a great addition to any grow room or garden. She is relatively easy to grow and delivers big harvests of delicious, tropical-smelling buds with 26% THC. Available in both feminized and regular form, growers have multiple options when growing this sativa hybrid.

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Apollo Black Cherry (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

Apollo Black Cherry is a perfectly balanced hybrid. She grows just as well indoors as outdoors, and her beautiful, fiery buds boast a big cherry aroma and relaxing, balanced effects that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Available as feminized or regular seeds.

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Blue Moby (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

As the result of a team-up between Humboldt and Seedstockers, Blue Moby is available in both regular and feminized variations, giving growers the freedom to cultivate this yummy strain. With great effects to be had, both versions sit around 22% THC, which promises a powerful experience. These plants are highly productive and full of scrumptious terps.

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Mack and Crack (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

A true THC titan, Mack and Crack offers insane potency suited to veteran stoners. Not only content on providing great effects, users can expect awesome citrus flavours and easygoing plants. Available in both photoperiod feminized and regular variants, Mack and Crack is the ideal choice for any grower with a penchant for racy sativas.

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Panty Punch (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

Love a thick indica that'll put you in a deep, narcotic trance? Panty Punch by Humboldt Seeds and Seedstockers boasts 90% indica genetics, 30% THC, and a knockout stone that lasts for hours.

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Blue Moby Auto (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

Blue Moby Auto by Humboldt and Seedstockers is hardy hybrid that'll reward you with A-grade bud in just 12 weeks. With her bold berry aroma, deeply relaxing physical stone, and balanced grow traits, what's not to love about Blue Moby Auto?

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Mack and Crack Auto (Humboldt x Seedstockers)

As an autoflowering strain, Mack and Crack Auto provides an effortless means of producing hugely potent buds. With THC levels sitting around the 30% mark, all those that try her will feel her uplifting effects. Coupled with a great flavour profile and all wrapped up in an easygoing growing process that makes Mack and Crack Auto a no-brainer for newcomers and the experienced alike.

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Thunder Banana Auto (Humboldt x Seedstockers) feminized

The result of a fruitful collaboration between Humboldt Seeds and Seedstockers, Thunder Banana Auto is a great-tasting autoflower perfectly suited for any grow-op. She requires very little in the way of maintenance, making her ideal for newcomers and the experienced alike. Your reward is some frosty, flavourful, and potent buds ideal for any occasion.

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Apollo Black Cherry Auto (Humboldt x Seedstockers) feminized

Need an auto strain that'll reward you with top-shelf bud in record time? Apollo Black Cherry Auto from Humboldt x Seedstockers goes from seed to harvest in just 12 weeks, at the end of which she'll reward you with dank, dense, dispensary-grade flower.

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