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The Humboldt Seeds Organization is located in Humboldt County, Northern California. The team strives to help the cannabis community by offering the best, most exciting new Californian strains that can be grown by anyone.

Humboldt's apropos "green" philosophy involves utilising only organic nutrients and sustainable economic practices to produce high-quality organic cannabis for dispensaries. They even recycle all their waste and help other local businesses to go green as well. The growers and breeders at Humboldt Seeds are constantly on a quest to create new varieties with medicinal value; they collect and test new varieties all the time to develop the perfect means for soothing various ailments.

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Master Kush (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Master Kush originates from a Dutch strain named High-Rise, which is based on Hindu Kush genetics and Skunk. This strain received a lot of attention across the US where it plays in the same league as OG Kush. Now, many people think of Master Kush as a Californian classic. Humboldt Seeds refined Master Kush with Emerald OG (Fire OG x Emerald Diesel). Gourmet quality in 9 weeks of flowering!

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Mango Sapphire (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Humboldt Seeds crossed two first-class US varieties to create Mango Sapphire. They used an elite clone obtained by hybridizing the Florida cut of OG Kush with Afghan and crossed results with Bubba’s Gift (Pre’98 Bubba Kush x God’s Gift). Mango Sapphire displays magnificent colours and offers a pungent blend of tropical flavours. The flowering period is remarkably short with only 48-53 days.


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Bubba Kush Auto (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Taking a stroll with soft tunes and good vibes, the Bubba Kush Auto plant chills out for the party. Bubba Kush is admired for its consistent potency and duration while also providing relief from stress and body aches.


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Ewe-2 (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Humboldt Seeds set out to create a true Indica lover’s dream with their Ewe-2. This fast-flowering Indica hybrid delights with a superb taste that connoisseurs will love along with an powerful and long-lasting effect that is incredibly relaxing. Ewe-2’s good yields and short flowering time make her a top choice for all those who want maximum yields of first-grade Indica bud in a very short...


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Bubba Cheese Auto (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Humboldt Seeds brings us a superb mix of genetics with their Bubba Cheese Auto. They paired a Blue Cheese from the UK with a Bubba Kush from the West Coast and added Ruderalis for an autoflower that delights with a spectacular aroma worthy of her excellent parents and an effect that is powerful yet nicely balanced. She grows everywhere and is also suitable for less experienced growers.

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Blue Dream CBD (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

The Blue Dream is an iconic Sativa-dominant hybrid from California with an outright legendary status. The cross between a Blueberry and a Haze took the entire West Coast by storm because of her relaxing effect with a touch of euphoria and her great berry aroma. Blue Dream CBD by Humboldt Seeds is a great medicinal variant of this legend with the same great taste but a more-moderate effect.

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Green Crack CBD (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

The expert breeders at the Humboldt Seed Organization present to us their CBD-rich variety of a classic California Sweet Skunk, better known as Green Crack. This hybrid brings some substantial CBD potential to the table and impresses with good resin production. Its great flavour blends various fruity aromas with earthy and spicy tones and a balanced high.

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Sour Diesel Auto (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Sour Diesel Auto by Humboldt Seeds is connoisseur grade head stash previously not believed possible to crop from autoflowering marijuana. Until now! This auto strain is the express route to a delicious cerebral buzz that’s not too intense or racy. Sour Diesel Auto will take you to head stash paradise in just 70-75 days post germination.


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Lemon Kush Headband (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Lemon Kush Headband provides an elevating cerebral rush and mellow body load that lasts and lasts. Easy to grow and very easy to smoke the super aromas and flavour will get you hooked.


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707 Headband (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

707 Headband is a powerful sativa strain that produces huge yields (up to 3kg outdoors). Boasting fast flowering times, a manageable size (roughly 120cm tall and 100cm wide), and whopping THC levels of between 19-23%, this is the perfect strain for any homegrowers lookingfor a new unique, powerful, and elegant sativa to add to their garden.

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Black D.O.G. (Humboldt Seeds) Feminized

Black D.O.G. has been developed to perpetuate the mystical Kush genetics into the future, with a Californian twist. This variety was developed by Humboldt Seed Organization, who have dedicated themselves to developing this indica-dominant cultivar. It’s a very aromatic strain that is meant for relaxing those tense muscles.

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The New (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

The New is far from your average cannabis strain. She's for growers who can handle enormous THC levels and have the space to accommodate plants that can reach 4m in height.


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