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Robust, resilient, and sleek are just three ways to describe Zamnesia's selection of metal ashtrays. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, these products come in a wide range of styles and designs, catering to all needs and preferences. Whether you're a solitary toker or prefer a social smoke, we've got just the thing. Choose a standout metal ashtray that will inspire conversation during your group sessions, or choose something a little more streamlined for those quiet evenings at home.

Our selection of metal ashtrays is premium-quality and has something to suit all manner of smokers. So don't delay in picking up a product that will effortlessly house used joint or cigarette butts and provide ample space for fallen ash. What are you waiting for?

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Metal Ashtray X (Zamnesia)

Celebrate 10 years of Zamnesia with the Metal Ashtray X. This round tray features our unmistakable Zammi design and is ideal for any smoking environment. Low-profile, yet sturdy and resilient, make the Metal Ashtray X your go-to tray, and leave it on display for all to see. Or, if you're a die-hard Zamnesia fan, you can keep it as a collector's item! The choice is up to you.

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Metal Ashtray (Best Buds)

This range of metal ashtrays features an array of bold designs—but they will give away the fact that you're a stoner. Add one or two to your collection today, and add a bit of colour to your world.

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Cone Snuffer (RAW)

Whatever the reason to put your smoking session on hold, the RAW Cone Snuffer will safely extinguish your joint or blunt. The round tap points help you remove ash from the end, and the conical centre hole will gently put out your joint and help you save the rest for later. A magnet positioned on the bottom helps to secure this device to metal ashtrays or rolling trays for safe use.

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Metal Round Ashtray

This stainless steel Metal Round Ashtray is classic and timeless, and perfect for neatly collecting ash. Measuring 10cm in diameter and 3cm deep, this ashtray has 3 round grooves that allow you to conveniently set down whatever you're smoking. Easy to clean, and ideal for taking on the move, you can look forward to many smoke sessions with this durable ashtray by your side.

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Goldbar Pocket Ashtray

Give your smoking sessions the Midas touch with this Goldbar Pocket Ashtray. Stylised to look like a gold bar, this compact ashtray is 69 × 29 × 13mm and provides ample room for your finished joints and any wayward herb or ash. Thanks to its portable size, just slide the Goldbar back into your pocket or bag once you've finished. Perfect for an on-the-go smoke or a backup at home.

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Metal Ashtray

These ashtrays are simple, reliable, and subtle—and sometimes that's all you need. They might not be a statement, but they're perfect for keeping around, always within arm's reach.

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Metal Ashtray Peace

The familiar hippie peacenik icon finds its way onto everything eventually, even this tin ashtray.

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Metal Ashtray Cannabis Buds

The most essential accessories of a smoker—lighter and ashtray. This ashtray is made of metal and it will last a lifetime—unless you run a tank over it! It's not only useful, but it also depicts one of the most beautiful crops Mother Nature has to offer! This asthray features famous genetics names written along the edge, next to 4 cigarette rests. Inspiration for your next seeds maybe?

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