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Every gardener is aware of the basic needs of their plants. They need enough sunlight to photosynthesise and produce vital sugars; they require enough water to carry out important physiological process, and their roots need to be able to breathe. Many green-thumbed individuals also recognise that their prized plants have specific nutritional needs. Among these are the macronutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). These macronutrients are often labelled on nutrient formulas as N-P-K. These elements play a critical role, contributing toward healthy root development, reproduction, photosynthesis, and protein synthesis.

Our range of nutrients covers all of these bases and more, offering a complete assortment that satisfies all of your plant's needs. Use these products to enhance plant health and obtain optimal yields.

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Monster Bud Boost Pack

Are your plants in serious need of a pick-me-up? Or are you just looking to give your plants the best start to that crucial flowering stage? We've got you covered. The Monster Bud Boost Pack has the potential to give you some healthy, sweet, and bountiful buds. With so many features of note, let's take a look at what this trio has to offer.

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Monster Bud Mix Fertilizer

Monster Bud Mix contains everything your plants require from germination to harvest time. The natural, vegan mix covers all nutritional needs and enhances soil biodiversity.

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Easy Boost Natural Nutrition

Grow healthy plants easier than ever before with Easy Boost! Easy Boost provides your plants with complete nutrition, smartly released over time. It is the perfect nutrition solution if you want to grow ornamentals, chillies or any type of fruit-bearing plants!

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Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation by Plagron provides you with a powerful 4-in-1 fertiliser solution that is as beneficial for your plants as it can get. This way, Green Sensation manages to give you the best-tasting and highest-yielding end product that not only improves the plant's metabolism, but the soil life itself. After trying this superior product, you will never want anything else for your plants!

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Bat Guano (Royal Queen Seeds)

Looking for the best natural bloom fertiliser for your flowering plants? Look no further; this select Bat Guano from Royal Queen Seeds boasts a 1:10:1 NPK concentration to help your ladies fatten up and produce plenty of aromatic resin.

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Cactus Nutrient

This cactus nutrient is the distilled knowledge of decades of expert cactus growing and breeding. Have the happiest cactus in town with this exclusive product. Custom made for Zamnesia.

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Plagron Starter Set

The Starter Sets by Plagron contain all the nutrients for growing one plant from seed to harvest. These Starter Sets are ideal if you are a first-time grower, since they contain everything you need in one set. They are also great if you want to experiment with Plagron products. Plagron Starter Kits are available in two versions: Starter Kit 100% TERRA and Starter Kit 100% NATURAL.

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Plagron Seedbooster Plus

Plagron Seedbooster Plus supports earlier germination and vigorous growth from young cannabis plants. Get your plants booming right from the start with help from Plagron.

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Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix

Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix provides a natural means of improving soil health and boosting plant vitality and yield.

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Easy Roots Rhizobacter

Giving your plants the best start in life is of the utmost importance. Those who neglect the early stages of growth are sure to lose out in the long-run. Much like people take daily vitamins, plants also thrive when they get some additional help. Easy Roots takes their plants seriously, and has produced a finely tuned packet of nutrients to give your green beauties a great head start.

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Easy Grow Tablets

Royal Queen Seeds Easy has taken care of the science of growing. You take care of growing lush and vibrant plants that grow to fulfil their potential every time.

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Easy Combo Booster Pack 5

Royal Queen Seeds has gone to great lengths to make sure you have an ideal growing experience. You can not get it wrong with these precise slow release nutrients and minerals.

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Easy Combo Booster Pack 3

Vegetation booster. Check. Bloom booster? Check. More luscious growth? Check. Heavier yields? Check. Royal Queen Seeds has you covered with a no fuss pre measured range of organo-boosting tablets.

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Easy Bloom Booster Tablets

Give your flowering plants the nutrient and mineral dense boost they require. A single pink tablet ensures up to twelve weeks of nutrition specifically created for the blooming and thriving growth of flowers.

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PowderFeeding Grow

PowderFeeding Grow from Greenhouse Seeds was composed to meet the needs of mother plants, young plants and rooted cuttings during their vegetative growth stage. The perfectly balanced blend of basic minerals and trace elements allows for your plants to grow at a faster pace, greener, and more vigorous than ever before.

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PowderFeeding Hybrids

Certain plants have certain needs - giving them what they really crave for is crucial if you want to see the best results. PowderFeeding Hybrids is a special blend for the metabolic needs of hybrid strains. It contains a perfect balance of nutrients for strains that consist of 40% to 60% Indica genetics. Be it soil, coco, hydroponics or aeroponics, you'll always yield the same great...

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PowderFeeding Long Flowering

Cannabis strains with a long flowering period have specific metabolic needs and require a well-balanced mix of nutrients in order to yield the best results. This is where PowderFeeding Long Flowering from Greenhouse Seeds comes into play - this fertilizer contains all the required minerals a long-flowering plant needs. Each and every Sativa lover should consider using it!

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PowderFeeding Short Flowering

Strains that contain at least 60% Indica genes, such as Kush strains or many members of the "White" family are blessed with a short flowering period, but nevertheless have certain needs the cultivator has to take into account. This fertilizer from Greenhouse Seeds is a special blend of minerals for this kind of plants, suited for use in soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics.

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Plastic Pasteur Pipette (3ml)

These simple plastic pipettes always come in handy around the home. Whether you need to measure fertilisers for the garden, carefully dose tinctures, or take a home drug test, we always recommend having at least a few plastic pipettes on hand. Remember to dispose of the pipettes after each use for the best results and to avoid contaminating whatever liquids you're measuring.

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pH & NPK Soil Test Kit

Make sure your cannabis plants never miss a meal with Zamnesia Soil Test pH and NPK kits. Each kit contains the materials needed for 10 separate pH and NPK tests.

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Zamnesia Grow Pack

Everyone has their own tips and tricks when it comes to growing great cannabis plants. Save yourself the hassle of home remedies and pick up the Zamnesia Grow Pack. This handy pack is loaded with everything you need to get 3 plants from seed to harvest and beyond! Perfect for beginners and the experienced alike. See, taste, and smell the difference with this pack of potent helpers and...

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Information About Fertiliser For Growing Cannabis

Information About Fertiliser For Growing Cannabis

Like all living things, cannabis plants need food to grow. As such, you can find all sorts of cannabis fertilisers and nutrient blends on the market today. But, selecting the ideal solution for a bountiful harvest isn’t necessarily a straightforward process. Liquid nutrients, solid nutrients, fertilisers for growth and flowering, calculating the optimal doses... it can be enough to make your head spin.

Ultimately, there are several factors that can help you determine the right type of nutes for your plants. Among these are your choice of medium (soil, coco, hydro, etc.), the type of weed that you’re growing, and the stage of growth your plants are in.

To help you wade through all the options, we’ve assembled a guide on cannabis nutrients—what they are, how they’re used, and why.



Just like you, cannabis requires nutrients for healthy growth. Specifically, they require three macronutrients in large quantities—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—alongside smaller quantities of calcium and magnesium. These minerals support the plant in growing leaves, stems, and juicy buds. Without these, plants cannot survive or thrive—they are essential for plant growth.

But a cannabis plant doesn't only need the few compounds listed above. They also require a plethora of micronutrients including iron, zinc, molybdenum, copper, and others. If a plant doesn’t get one or more of these, it will become sick or stunted. Nutrient deficiency can manifest in discoloured, spotted, or wilting leaves, stunted growth, and poor yields. It’s also possible that your plant will stop growing altogether and die.

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What Are The Best Cannabis Fertilisers?

Ready-made cannabis fertilisers act as plant food and normally contain all or most of the sustenance weed needs. You’d typically feed your plants by adding these products to your water. This way, your marijuana plants are provided with anything they need for healthy growth. Of course, they also require light, oxygen, and a caring hand, but you get the idea…


Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just getting any old bottle of fertiliser. There are all kinds available, each with a different purpose and a different way of being administered.


Liquid Vs Solid Nutrients

The most common fertilisers among hobby weed growers are liquid nutrients. These have the advantage of dissolving easily into water for simple and quick dosing. Know that most bottled nutrient solutions are tailored to a specific phase of the growing cycle, as a marijuana plant requires different concentrations of compounds during each growth phase. Some bottled plant food solutions provide bulk macronutrients and micronutrients to be measured out accordingly, while others are already pre-mixed for a specific phase.

Other fertilisers appear as tablets or pellets. You’d typically add these to your soil before you transplant your seedlings. Most of these solid fertilisers administer feed slowly over the duration of your grow. This way, you don’t need to continue feeding your plants with each watering.

Both liquid and solid fertilizers can come as man-made or organic nutrients. Which you prefer will depend on your grow style.


Nutrients For Different Phases Of Growth

Expanding on the above, it’s not uncommon to find a fertiliser series featuring several bottles: one for growth, one for flowering, one for micronutrients, etc. Why is this?

When your plants are vegging—growing “green things” like foliage and stems—they require a nutrient feed particularly high in nitrogen, followed by potassium, then phosphorus. On the other hand, a flowering plant doesn’t need much nitrogen as it starts to develop big and aromatic buds, but instead has a desire for more potassium and phosphorus. This is why marijuana fertilizers often come according to a specific phase.


When To Start Giving Nutrients

A very common mistake among growers is overfeeding, especially with seedlings. This is understandable as it’s coming from the notion that food is beneficial. But in fact, young plants require very low levels, if at all. Indeed, seedlings do best without any nutrients for the first couple of weeks. Give some too early and this might “burn” your plants, make them sick, or even kill them.

It is recommended to only start giving food once your plants have developed 3–4 sets of real leaves (usually when your plant has reached a height of 15cm or so). At that point, your plants’ roots will be developed enough to take in and use the feed.

Then again, if you want to give your seeds and/or seedlings a head start, you can use seed boosters. These can promote germination and strengthen the resistance of young plants. Likewise, you can also include mycorrhizae in your medium. This is a special type of beneficial fungus that promotes root development for healthy plants.

How To Use Cannabis Nutrients

So, what is the best type of feed for your plants? Should you use solid fertilisers or liquid? Well, it all depends. Here’s a breakdown on each type, alongside their pros and cons.

Solid Nutrients (Pellets, Tablets)

Solid Nutrients (Pellets, Tablets)

Solid plant food such as Monster Bud Mix is great if you don’t want to bother with dosing and feeding schedules like you would with a liquid feed. They are also ideal if you’re growing in a location you don’t always have access to, such as a remote field or forest.

To use Monster Bud Mix, just add 100–150g to 18–22l of substrate. Mix thoroughly, and your plants are all set. Your plants will be fed for 10–12 weeks—all you need to do is give water.

These solid nutrients are most suitable for fast-flowering weed, particularly autoflowers. On the other hand, they can be less optimal for strains that flower for a long time, like Hazes.


  • Easy to use
  • No complicated dosing
  • No need to stick to a feeding programme
  • Plants get all they need up until harvest


  • No control over nutrient levels
  • Difficult to correct should plants show signs of overfeeding
  • Nutrient release limited, usually up to 3 months

Liquid Nutrients

Liquid Nutrients

Liquid nutrients give you more control over how you feed your plants. You can always decrease or increase doses should the need arise. In some cases, you can use the same nutrient solutions for all phases of growth, just in different concentrations.

If you spot signs of over- or under-feeding, you can easily adjust your dose. Plus, some marijuana strains may be particularly picky when it comes to nutrient levels, needing much more or significantly less than others. With liquid feed, you can dial-in the optimal amount. What’s more, if you’re growing hydroponically or in coco, you need to use liquid feed.

Solid options may be easier for some, but a lot of home growers prefer the flexibility that liquid provides.


  • You can dial-in optimal nutrient levels
  • Easier to act on nutrient deficiencies or overfeeding
  • Works in coco and hydroponics


  • You need to follow a regular feeding programme
  • You're responsible for mixing them in with each watering
  • Different compounds for growing and flowering
  • May require pH adjustment of water

Which Nutrients To Use For Your Cannabis?

What type of nutrients to use and how much to feed will also depend on the type of weed you’re growing. Aside from individual strains having different nutrient requirements, the biggest difference comes down to whether you’re growing photoperiod or autoflowering varieties.

Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering weed has different nutrient requirements than feminized or regular photoperiod strains. After all, autoflowers grow smaller and deliver their buds in a shorter time.

Make note that most manufacturer-recommended doses found on nutrient bottles apply to (large) photoperiodic plants. Do not use these amounts for your autoflowers as they will be far too “hot”. Instead, start off using ½ or even just ¼ of what the nutrient schedule says. You can always increase the amount if needed.

If you want to be on the safe side with your autos, use an organic fertiliser such as Monster Bud Mix or Easy Boost Organic Nutrition. These solid fertilisers provide the optimal amount of sustenance for your autoflowers with no risk for overfeeding—healthy growth from seed to harvest!

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Do Autoflowers Need Nutrients?

Feminized And Regular Photoperiod Cannabis Plants

Feminized And Regular Photoperiod Cannabis Plants

For a feminized or regular photoperiod marijuana plant, the choice of which type of nutrients to use is a bit more flexible. If you want maximum control over what you’re feeding, and don’t mind following a feeding schedule, we recommend liquid marijuana fertilisers from a reputable brand.

Even though a photoperiod plant can normally handle more feed than autos, it’s still wise to start them off with ½ or ¾ of the recommended fertiliser dose. Once again, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to overstate how much your plant needs. They’re trying to sell more product, after all. It’s always better to slightly underfeed than to overfeed, as underfeeding is more easily rectified.

Alternatively, you can use solids for your photoperiodic strains. Maybe you like the ease and hands-off approach, or perhaps you’re guerrilla growing and don’t have much of a say in the matter.

Lastly, if you’re not sure what nutes to get and/or have questions about dosing, ask for advice on grower forums. Growers are usually more than happy to share their recommendations on good feed and how to use them to achieve great results!