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Cannabis can't grow without nutrients. And while there are many fertilizers available for cannabis plants, opting for a high-quality product that contains both micro and macronutrients will put you in good stead to achieve a bumper harvest. This is in addition to an array of enhancers that can provide your plants with an extra boost of nutrition. Maximise the health and productivity of your crop by picking up quality fertilizers from Zamnesia below.

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Monster Bud Boost Pack

Are your plants in serious need of a pick-me-up? Or are you just looking to give your plants the best start to that crucial flowering stage? We've got you covered. The Monster Bud Boost Pack has the potential to give you some healthy, sweet, and bountiful buds. With so many features of note, let's take a look at what this trio has to offer.

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Monster Bud Mix Fertilizer

Monster Bud Mix contains everything your plants require from germination to harvest time. The natural, vegan mix covers all nutritional needs and enhances soil biodiversity.

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pH Test Strips (Zamnesia)

This pack of 100 pH test strips makes keeping your plants happy and healthy very easy. Simply test on a regular basis, and adjust the soil or growing medium as necessary. As a result, your final yield will be as big as it can be!

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Easy Pack 100% Natural (Plagron)

Experience ultimate convenience and quality with the Easy Pack 100% NATURAL. This comprehensive kit contains all the organic nutrients you need to grow four plants from start to finish. With premium base nutrients for both the growth and flowering phases, along with its 4-in-1 star product, Green Sensation, this pack ensures a legendary yield and exceptional taste.

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Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation by Plagron provides you with a powerful 4-in-1 fertiliser solution that is as beneficial for your plants as it can get. This way, Green Sensation manages to give you the best-tasting and highest-yielding end product that not only improves the plant's metabolism, but the soil life itself. After trying this superior product, you will never want anything else for your plants!

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Cactus Nutrient

This cactus nutrient is the distilled knowledge of decades of expert cactus growing and breeding. Have the happiest cactus in town with this exclusive product. Custom made for Zamnesia.

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PowderFeeding Grow

PowderFeeding Grow from Greenhouse Seeds was composed to meet the needs of mother plants, young plants and rooted cuttings during their vegetative growth stage. The perfectly balanced blend of basic minerals and trace elements allows for your plants to grow at a faster pace, greener, and more vigorous than ever before.

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PowderFeeding Hybrids

Certain plants have certain needs - giving them what they really crave for is crucial if you want to see the best results. PowderFeeding Hybrids is a special blend for the metabolic needs of hybrid strains. It contains a perfect balance of nutrients for strains that consist of 40% to 60% Indica genetics. Be it soil, coco, hydroponics or aeroponics, you'll always yield the same great...

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PowderFeeding Long Flowering

Cannabis strains with a long flowering period have specific metabolic needs and require a well-balanced mix of nutrients in order to yield the best results. This is where PowderFeeding Long Flowering from Greenhouse Seeds comes into play - this fertilizer contains all the required minerals a long-flowering plant needs. Each and every Sativa lover should consider using it!

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PowderFeeding Short Flowering

Strains that contain at least 60% Indica genes, such as Kush strains or many members of the "White" family are blessed with a short flowering period, but nevertheless have certain needs the cultivator has to take into account. This fertilizer from Greenhouse Seeds is a special blend of minerals for this kind of plants, suited for use in soil, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics.

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pH & NPK Soil Test Kit

Make sure your cannabis plants never miss a meal with Zamnesia Soil Test pH and NPK kits. Each kit contains the materials needed for 10 separate pH and NPK tests.

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Berkana (Druid Nutrients)

Give your plants the care they deserve with Berkana from the team at Druid Nutrients. This power pack contains all you need for both the veg and flowering stages. Ideal for novices and experts alike, Berkana is super easy to use. Just be sure not to overapply, and you'll see fast results.

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Jera Enhancer (Druid Nutrients)

Jera Enhancer is an all-natural bio-stimulant that works with all kinds of fast-flowering plants. Made from humic extracts, algae, and plant extracts, Jera Enhancer can be used as a root or foliar application to stimulate the metabolism of your plants, enhancing the rate at which they uptake, transport, and use nutrients and energy stores.

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Power Buds (Plagron)

When you want to give your plants a little helping hand during the all-important flowering phase, you can trust Plagron to have your back. Their new biostimulant, Power Buds, is a liquid that you can add to water and use as soon as flowering starts. Designed to stimulate the growth of flowers and speed the entire process up, this product is an excellent addition to a grower's arsenal.

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Alga Grow (Plagron)

Alga Grow by Plagron is a well-rounded liquid fertiliser that’s 100% organic and suitable for soil-based cultivation. It not only supports a healthy root system and boosts growth, but also improves the structure of the soil and its ecosystem. The nutrients featured in the product work together to help you grow strong, resistant plants with plenty of fragrant and tasty flowers.

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Alga Bloom (Plagron)

Alga Bloom by Plagron is the perfect choice for the organic soil grower. It contains natural algae extracts that are highly beneficial for plants and stimulate vigorous flowering. It also helps plants absorb nutrients faster and provides a balanced proportion of phosphorus and potassium. If you'd like to improve your chances of securing healthy and abundant yields, this is the solution for...

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Terra Grow (Plagron)

Encourage healthy plant growth, thanks to Terra Grow, Plagron's improved formula for the vegetative phase. This liquid fertiliser contains everything your beloved plants need to exhibit vigorous, healthy growth, including the perfect NPK ratio and chelated trace elements. These essential molecules can be absorbed directly by roots, which accelerates growth.

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Power Roots (Plagron)

Are you looking to give your plants a perk up? Allow us to introduce you to Power Roots by Plagron. This finely-tuned plant enhancer contains plenty of humic acids, vitamins and extracts, all of which are primed to help your plants to perform at the best of their ability. This product is simple to use and ideal for a wide range of plants. Add 1 ml to 1 litre of water and watch them...

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Start Up (Plagron)

Give your plants the best start to their growing cycle with Start Up from Plagron. This product is perfect for supporting those crucial weeks of initial growth. Packed with natural growth hormones, nutrients, and more, Start Up will get your plants on the path to flourishing for the rest of their life cycle.

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Pure Zym (Plagron)

No strangers to providing the very best for your plants, Plagron are here with their Pure Zym. This product improves the quality of your plant's soil by breaking down any dead plant material to release much-needed nutrients into the surrounding substrate. These nutrients, in turn, increase oxygen absorption, meaning that your plants will flourish from start to finish. And it's effortless to...

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Sugar Royal (Plagron)

We all want flowers full of flavour and aroma. Help your plants produce flowers packed with terpenes using Plagron's Sugar Royal. This natural enhancer can be used from the second week of growth till the end of the plant's life cycle, and is designed to intensify the scent of the flowers. Sugar Royal can be added to an existing feeding regime, alongside other products.

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Vita Race (Plagron)

Covering the growth phase and first three weeks of flowering, Vita Race contains a good dose of iron for chlorophyll production. Spray your plants generously after diluting the liquid product in water, and watch them grow more vigorously and produce more and better flowers.

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Vita Start (Plagron)

Give your seedlings and cuttings TLC from the get-go with the help of Vita Start from Plagron. Designed to be used as a foliar spray on a weekly basis, this liquid feed is packed with nutrients. It helps young plants to develop a healthy root system, and it improves their resistance and nutrient absorption. Also ideal for mother plants!

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Grow Pack (Starter)

Everything you need for a successful home growing project, all in one place. The Starter Grow Pack is not just aimed at complete novices, but any cannabis cultivation enthusiast looking to get their plants flourishing in no time. Perfect for any setup, indoors or out. Make this your go-to when planning your next grow-op.

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Buy fertilizer and nutrients to boost cannabis plants

Buy fertilizer and nutrients to boost cannabis plants

If you want to grow weed, you’ll have to provide it with nutrients. There are many different forms of fertilizer available, each with pros and cons. But unless you make your own, you’ll have to buy some at some point. Here we look at the different types of cannabis fertilizers, and give a very brief overview of how each works and what they do. This way, you can determine which one is right for you!

What are cannabis nutrients, and why use them?

Cannabis nutrients are what make up a fertilizer; they are the food that cannabis consumes, and are essential to its growth. Some nutrients are necessary for survival, whereas others are required for abundant growth.

In order to grow a large crop of high-quality weed, using a fertilizer that contains a wide range of nutrients in the correct ratios is key! Broadly speaking, cannabis nutrients can be split into two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients.

The major macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N, P, and K). So-called “secondary” macronutrients include calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. Though these are required in the largest amounts, buying a fertilizer that contains both macronutrients and micronutrients (such as boron, copper, and others) will yield the best results.

Which types of fertilizers are available to buy?

Fertilizers come in several different forms, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we’ll provide an overview of options to help you decide which to buy.

🌱 Granular fertilizer

Granular fertilizer comes dry, in grains, and is mixed directly into the soil. Over time, it breaks down and releases the nutrients stored within slowly, giving the plant’s roots a steady supply of food.

The main advantage of granular fertilizer is that it gradually releases nutrients over time, meaning you'll need to feed a plant less often than if you were to use, say, liquid fertilizer. It’s especially good to add to soil before you begin growing, as it can see a plant through the early stages of its life without you needing to step in and feed it. Furthermore, as it releases slowly over time, the risk of nutrient burn when using granular fertilizer is low.

🌱 Liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is one of the most common methods of administering nutrients to cannabis plants. Once or twice a week, a few millilitres of liquid feed is added to a few litres of water, and this is then poured into the plant's soil. Liquid fertilizer provides a direct hit of easy-to-access nutrients to your plant’s roots.

Though popular and effective, liquid fertilizer also carries some risk. It’s very easy to overdo it, which can lead to nutrient burn and nutrient lockout. Therefore, if you choose this option, follow the instructions carefully and always err on the side of caution. Contrary to what many think, plants do not appreciate overfeeding!

It’s also worth noting that cannabis requires different ratios of nutrients in the veg and bloom stages, meaning you must buy a different fertilizer for each phase.

🌱 Powder fertilizer

With powdered fertilizer, a certain amount of powder is added to so many litres of water, much like a liquid fertilizer. These two forms work in a similar way, and there’s little reason to recommend one over the other. On the whole, liquid fertilizers are probably more popular, as they are ready for immediate use.

🌱 Fertilizer tablets

Fertilizer tablets work a little like powder fertilizer, but are just formed into a tablet to make dosing easier. A tablet is added to a specific amount of water, which is then poured into the soil.

Other products to boost cannabis plant performance

Other products to boost cannabis plant performance

Alongside fertilizers, there are a variety of products available to buy that can help to support a particular aspect of a plant's growth, or to achieve certain results.

🚀 Seedboosters

Seedboosters can help seeds germinate faster, and reinvigorate older seeds that are reluctant to come out of their casings.

🚀 Enhancers

There are different enhancers available that accelerate or boost certain plant functions and processes. Some boost flower and trichome production, while others encourage the growth of good microbes in the soil, which helps plants grow healthily and avoid pests and disease.

Some examples of enhancers are:

🧪 Soil test kits

Soil test kits don’t contain fertilizer, but they do tell you the nutrient content of your soil.

This can be incredibly useful, as it tells you what you need to add to your growing medium. Likewise, if you’re experiencing issues in your grow, testing the soil for nutrients can tell you if there's too much or too little of something. From here, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Fertilizers: essential for growing cannabis

Unless you use super soil, you can’t really grow weed without adding nutrients at some point, so you'll have to go shopping for fertilizers. At Zamnesia, we have a lot of experience when it comes to cannabis cultivation, so you can rely on our shop to provide you with the very best fertilizers available!