Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mazatapec'


Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec, aka Maz, is an easy-to-grow strain with a nebulous history. Rumor has it, that it was first found around Mazatapec in Mexico. Never reaching the fame level of other, more popular strains, Maz is a magic mushroom that deserves the care and love of a dedicated psychonaut. Now, adventurous shroom growers can grow these mushrooms in the comfort of their home.

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Zamnesia - Grow Kit Mazatapec: Also known as Maz

Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec is also known as Maz. It is said it was first found around Mazatapec in Mexico, but this story has yet to be verified. Maz is a rather easy-to-grow variety with average size fruits, but they have a special and unique characteristic - the caps of this magic mushroom will stay partially closed. Although Maz is a classic Cubensis, it was, for some unknown reason, never a particularly popular strain - until today! Now you can grow these Mexican magic mushrooms at home.

These grow-kits contain a perlite layer to retain water, a layer of colonized substrate and a vermiculite layer as casing. They are ready to grow when they arrive at your doorstep. All you need is the correct temperature (22-25°C, steady - if the temperature is lower the mushrooms will still grow, but at a slower rate). These grow-kits produce several flushes when treated correctly. The result is a generous amount of magic mushrooms. Please read our manual!

Zamnesia magic mushroom grow kits are grown by our very own in-house mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium. Each kit provides a minimum of two flushes (maximum of five).

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kit

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  • Grow-kit
  • Grow bag

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mazatapec' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain Mazatapec

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Reviews (63)
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    Beim ersten Mal hatten wir wenig Ertrag und nur einen Schub, der war aber toll. Bei der Zweitbestellung ist, obwohl wir alle hygienischen Vorgaben eingehalten haben leider alles kaputt gegangen. Dafür ist es zu teuer, deshalb können wir leider keine mehr bestellen. Das ist schade.

    K. B.

    smelt like rotten fish
    The box smelt like rotten fish very fast and didn't grow anything, I tried to complain but had no response

    N. N.

    very nice strain
    hits differently than others, sometimes think they are very strong. no problems with anything, good service from zamnesia

    D. E.

    Great beginner shrooms
    Very good and rapid mycelium, they grew very quickly and have a great easy trip. If dosage of dry shroom increased to 5+ grams with lemon tek, you will be in a world of trippiness for a solid of 4-5 hours which felt like an eternity for me xD Over all Zamnesia grow kits are very good and have had no issue! Keep the good work Zamnesia Team!

    P. D.

    Premiére récolte au bout de 2 semaines, avec une belle quantité à la clé... L'effet est super. Si ca continue comme ca, jackpot!

    A. F.

    My first grow and found it quite easy. Although I made some mistakes…., missed the harvesting window, once those first pins arrive gotta be very attentive. However, got 15 grams dry first flush, and even though I made mistakes I got a second flush, not so big but more than happy with this kit,and the learning process. Potency was pretty good, and it’s so satisfying to trip on your own work Plus the customer support is amazing. Thx zamnesia

    J. W.

    Bonne humeur
    Très facile à cultiver, les rendements sont très bon. Pas beaucoup de visuel plutôt euphorisant.

    T. H.

    I grew big mushroom 3 trimestre with it. Perfect.

    L. A.

    Good yield
    First batch grew mould, so Zamnesia were kind enough to send me another pack for free. This batch yielded over 30g over 2 flushes, and we effects were very pleasant, especially for micro-dosing. E. K.

    E. K.

    Einfach nur nice!!
    Die Growbox gab einen massiven ersten Schub an pilzen! Habe sie gerade getrocknet und am wochenende wird getrippt!! Freu mich schon auf den nächsten Pilzschub! Nur war leider der Myzelkuchen ein wenig angebrochen?!

    A. C.

    Little effort to grow
    Got this and after about 2 weeks pins appeared. They then started growing by the hour. No trip report as I am about to harvest but so far happy!

    R. P.

    Kits de culture Zamnesia
    J'ai eu souvent des problèmes avec les kits de culture Zamnesia, je conseille d'utiliser plus les autres types de kits pour les débutants !

    A. A.

    Très satisfait.
    3 flush jusque lĂ  et le 4e est en court. 30g secs pour l'instant. Rien a envier aux kits fresh mushroom et supa gro.

    O. E.

    Grows a little more slowly than others but it grows some huge mushrooms. 28 grams dry in first flush. Haven’t tried them yet so I can’t speak to potentcy.

    J. G.

    100% de réussite
    Les premiers kits commandés n'avaient pas eu les résultats annoncé en terme de rendement. Cette fois c'est BINGO ! Comme sur les photos ! Première récolte de 300gr et deuxième de 100gr. Quand aux effets... Euphories, pensées psychédéliques, bref que du bon.

    S. M.

    Amazing yield!!
    I was shocked by the yield of this Zamnesia box! First time for me, I was used to FreshMushrooms boxes but since I wanted to try Maz shrooms I had to get this one. First flush gave me 20g of dried shrooms, which I barely achieved with all flushes on other boxes! Haven’t tested the fruits yet but they bruised a lot when I harvested them which is good news. Only thing is, the box took a while to colonize until I could see the first pins, arround 2 to 3 weeks. First but not last time with Zamnesia boxes :)

    M. C.

    Healthy mycelium but no action
    Kit looked and smelled great as I waited for pins for weeks. Eventually I dunked and cold shocked 24 hours, waited more weeks, always taking care of providing oxygen. Still nothing so I cold shocked again. When a tiny number of pins finally appeared, they stalled/aborted a few days later and nothing happened since. Very disappointing.

    J. S.

    super fast growing
    the mushrooms were ready less than a week after starting the process, and the amount of the first flush was so great that already worth the investion, now i am growing the third one. E.S.

    E. S.

    Sorprendente, aunque poco fértil
    Pues como dice el título, estuve bastante sorprendido por el efecto a pesar de que el pan de setas no fue muy fértil y pude aprovechar en condiciones un solo flush (no soy principante), entiendo que no es culpa de los de zamnesia y que a veces esto ocurre así por muchos factores. Igualmente, me he quedado contento pues lo pedí junto a un mckennaii y este si era bastante fértil. Las más visuales que he visto nunca, con efectos bastante notables y con bastante similitud a las mexicanas, pero más potentes.

    J. G.

    Effet incroyable
    Peut de champignons récoltés malgré avoir suivis à la lettre les instructions, (10g) néanmoins les effets sont juste IN-CRO-YABLE !!! Un bon gros trip de 4h, autant visuel que physique, juste magnifique

    A. D.

    Excellent Produit
    Il a repondu au pied de la lettre a ce qui est decrit dans son Manuel de Culture. Au niveau gout ils sont tres bons et 'effet juste magnifique

    R. T.

    Great quality

    W. S.

    Alles absolute Spitze! Schnelle Lieferung, sehr guter Informationsfluss und geliefert wie bestellt. So und das beste zum Schluss: dies wahr mein erster Versuch und hab unglaubliche Ergebnisse erreicht durch die gute Qualität und den Beschreibungen zum Produkt. Bin jetzt mit der 2ten Ernte durch und habe schon über 200g erzielt!!! Eine kleine Probe gabs auch schon und was soll ich sagen.....^^ Bin begeistert und kann das Zuchtset besten Gewissens weiterempfehlen!

    A. M.

    Super schnelle lieferung und guter Kundenservice
    Leider war meine box beim ersten msl defekt habe aber eine neue erstattet bekommen. Top zamnesia ! Die neue box sieht einwandfrei und das Myzel sehr gesund aus :)

    D. S.

    Contaminé !!!!!!!
    Kit arrivé mal fermé et contaminé!!!

    J. O.

    Schnelles Mysel
    Ich hatte hier bei leider keine so guten Erfolg. Ich habe mir eine Kontaminationen eingefangen und konnte dieses Kit leider nicht vollenden. Ich kann mir aber gut vorstellen das diese ein guten Ertrag haben kann. Ich wĂĽrde mir aber gerne noch einmal so ein Kit besorgen. Um zu schauen wie sie sich wirklich machen. 4 Sterne

    T. S.

    Manque de sérieux
    box a un aspect inhabituel, et cela fait 2 semaine quel ne donne rien …

    B. S.

    Very productive but growing from the sides
    This was the most productive growkit I got from Zamnesia. Now starting 4th flush with a nice pinning. Unfortunately the kit starts pinning from the sides so I get it out from the container and bag, and transfered it to a medium size plastic box.

    L. A.

    Consegne veloci, prodotti top.

    L. P.

    Arrivés contaminés, remplacés très rapidement après envoi photos et explications. Le nouveau kit est en train de produire un 2e flush, cool ! Super SAV, réactif et de confiance. La prochaine fois je commande de nouveau sur Zamnezsia

    G. L.

    Buy SUPAGRO instead
    I've been buying kits through Zamnesia for years now, have had my bit of trial by error with earlier kits. I've been buying SUPAGRO kits earlier, and have had no problem. But these Zamnesia grow kits are not okay, nowhere in the guide did it say that you should cold shock your kits, so I assumed that these were done differently but they're not you need to cold shock em 12 hours in the fridge for the first flush. The guide tells you to soak em in water and then just put em up, nothing with the fridge. not cool. Then there's the oxygen holes, they come sealed, you can open and wave the bag every day for oxygen intake but it's super unintuitive, after a month, i punched holes through the bag myself and now a few started growing. I would not recommend buying Zamnesia growkits before they fixed their manual.

    I. O.

    0 problèmes
    une fois les premiers apparus la box n'a pas cesser de produire d'excellent champi !!!

    M. G.

    I kept the kit at the wrong temperature (18-20°) for a while and nothing happened, clearly. Then I managed to give it the correct warm and it grew very quickly.

    G. C.

    pas top
    Arrivé contaminé.

    J. K.

    zamnesia Top
    il kit mi è stato consegnato nell'arco di una settimana al 10 gg sono iniziati a spuntare i primordi,e al 17 ho avuto il mio primo raccolto con un kit precedente avevo avuto problemi di contaminazione ed il servizio clienti si è dimostrato super efficente

    C. T.

    0 flushes (contaminado) pero el equipo de Zamnesia me enviĂł uno nuevo
    Vino contaminado y después de enviar fotos a Zamnesia me enviaron un nuevo growkit de mi elección. Contento con el equipo de Zamnesia, no con el growkit.

    D. D.

    No Growth/No Yield :(
    I ordered this GrowKit in Dezember. Shipping worked well, so i started immediatley using it. Did everything according to instructions. Not my first time using Kits like this. But unfortunately the mycelium was poorly visible before starting the cultivation. 30 Days later still no development, so i contacted Zamnesia. It seems I got some sort of already contaminated kit or something, with no fruiut bodies at all. I got a refund at least.. but i was hoping to for a harvest, so i did not throw it away immediately. Day 40 now.. still nothing...

    R. P.

    Très petites récoltes, et uniquement sur les bords de la box..

    V. R.

    sympa mais compliqué
    Etant novices nous avons obtenue a peu près quatre grammes sec mais de bonne qualité. Avec seulement un gramme par personne l'effet n'était pas incroyable mais plutôt concentré pour la dose. au début du premier flush la température n'était pas constante ce qui a eu pour effet d'endommager et de ralentir la fructification. Ayant fait pousser d'autres kits d'espèces différentes ceux ci ont l'air d'être plus compliqué a faire pousser, ils ne sont pas fait pour les novices visiblement.

    M. B.

    Not reliable
    Bought 2 kits of these mushrooms, first one grew, the second was contaminated. Fortunately Zamnesia sent a new kit for free as a commercial gesture.

    T. W.

    Interesting Trip, Difficult cultivation.
    I bought 3 grow kits of Mazatapec and I got a small number of mushrooms. Maybe is very sensitive but I grow mushrooms regularly and I never had this kind of bad experience. On the other hand, the visions are good and generally strong mushrooms with enhanced ability of feeling and zooming in the body.

    K. V.

    Reçu rapidement mes meilleur zamnesia

    R. P.

    Nice kit 5/5
    Work pretty well even with not that much light but with good temp ! Would recommend Thanks zamnesia

    F. P.

    Very small, to no yield at all. Kit predominantly grew aborts.
    I had good hopes when I read all the positive comments about the last batch so I decided to order a Mazatapec kit as well. The mycelium grew and covered the vermiculite layer rapidly after I had soaked the kit. So, I got pretty excited. After about a week, the growth stopped and nothing happened. Then, three days later mushrooms started to grow. It looked like it was going to be a great yield and I was really happy when I saw it, but unfortunately most of the mushrooms did not grow full-sized… This caused the first flush to yield a mere 4 medium-sized mushrooms and a handful aborts. I e-mailed the Zamzam klantenservice to ask why this is happening and as response I was suggested to simply give it another cold shock, and so I did. Now, after the second flush the yield got even smaller with only 2 medium-sized mushrooms and less aborts to harvest than I had before. I don’t know why my kit does this while others customers that bought the same kite around the same time display great results in their review. I am sorry to say that I am a little let down …

    P. S.

    Buen micelio pero...
    El micelio empezó a sacar cabezas de alfiler a la semana. Todo ha salido bastante bien, el único problema que he visto es que las setas eran más pequeñas de lo que esperaba y el sabor de estas (para mi) ha sido bastante más desagradable que el de otras variedades, pero eso no es culpa del producto si no de la variedad. A pesar de sacar setas pequeñas y flushes más escasos de lo habitual (por peso por seta), aún sigue dando y con cada flush parece que salen más así que muy bien. En cuanto a sus efectos, funcionan perfectamente. No sabría decir si más o menos que las PES Amazonian (otra variedad que compré) pero colocan.

    L. G.

    Avec un peu de patience on se régale merci beaucoup zamnesia

    V. B.

    Grow but on the side
    Fast shipping, box in my mail box after few days ! Mushrooms grew only on the side :( (after 8 days ) so I had to remove the box and put my cake on a plate :( . Waiting again few days to pick the mushroom but too bad because they doesn't look nice and because of the size of the plastic bag I had to order plastic for 2100... I hope I will have nice flush and the next ll be okay.

    A. J.

    Worked fine as usual
    As always zam delivers, the kit is fine, mushies growing 1 to 2 week after setting up the box, 5 flushes so far and a few more coming up. Good value for your buck

    B. M.

    Bad box ?
    Last time I ordered this kit, I managed to do 4 or 5 flush, and I got enough shrooms for the whole summer. Totally different this time: all shrooms began to grow up on the sides of the box (even below) but almost nothing on top. Plus there isn't so much mycelium on the brick... Second flush looks very bad... I am kindda disappointed !

    R. D.

    Looks good arrived safe

    D. J.

    Good production
    For now I had the first production, 230g that thurned into 20g when dry. Next ones will come, should be great ;)

    V. T.

    Vraiment tres bon champignon La livraison a ete rapide je les ai recu en moin de 1 semaine la pousse et plutot rapide Vraiment pepite

    D. A.

    Mazatapec Power
    Have tried many varieties but keep coming back to the Mazatapec when I want either a pre-molecular (6g) or molecular (7g) experience. This is for pros. Be careful you really need to know what you are doing. Be with the right people, right place, the right setting, and right intentions. BE Unconditional Love. No desire. Just BE Here and Now. Peace

    M. C.

    Can't say these are my favorite, but my friends are constantly raving on about Maza's so they must be somewhat good!

    J. W.

    Fast Growing and potent shrooms!

    K. K.

    maza :)
    devo dire che la prima ondata e stata la migliore e sono andati a scalare troppo velocemente efetto magnifico nulla da dire ve li consiglio :)

    G. S.

    Works great
    I order alot of boxes from zamnesia and all works great! And the fruits does their thing :)

    J. B.

    Super tolles Zuchtkit!
    Der erste Flush wurde vor 3 Tagen geerntet und jetzt trocknen die Kleinen. Ich hoffe die nächsten werden auch so erfolgreich.

    L. P.

    Bluffant, 280g frais pour la premier ! Un effet psychédélique assurer !

    A. P.
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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mazatapec'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mazatapec'