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Royal Moby (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

 4/5 (6)

    Best strain I ever grow
    This strain is really super easy to grow. In addition, you get really compact buds that are full of THC. Keep in mind that the plants grow quite large. The taste is really fantastic. You have a spicy taste during the 1st breath, but then you get a nice lemon aftertaste. I recommend everyone to grow this once.

    F. V.

    Semi forse vecchi
    Su 5 semi acquistati solo 1 è riuscito a terminare. Pessimo.

    R. P.

    Bad germination
    Never seen that 2/3 of RoyalMoby seeds died with no reason (only this breed) very small seed (weak ?) The last seed made a great plant

    F. S.

    Royal Moby
    Gute Pflanze mit hohem Ertrag und das gerauchte hat einen tollen geschmack mit super wirkung ;)

    N. S.

    Royal Moby
    Royal moby is a really nice plant which is very fast in growth (in growth period about 10-20cm/week)! I really like this one. Smells very low and is hardly niticable if you are 1 meter away. I hardly used any fertilizer (only compost and some normal garden-fertilizer). If the summer is warm and long you can grow Royal Moby in middle-europe. I was surprised that there were no positive comments on seedfinder because it is a !really! good plant.

    C. I.

    Best yielder
    Haven't tried it yet as a smoke, but have seen a lot of photos and this one should be quite heavy yielder! Gonna put it into greenhouse and see what happens. Still got 5 of those to put into soil... The sativa in this makes it very special.

    A. V.
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