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CBD oils offer a convenient way to obtain your daily dose of CBD. Derived from top-quality EU hemp plants, CBD extract is refined with carrier oils such as extra virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil to provide a clean and discreet experience.

The dropper makes it easy to keep a close eye on exactly how much CBD you consume—drop by drop. All the CBD oils we carry are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. Simply drop the oil directly under the tongue or add atop foods to enrich your meals.

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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 5%

5% CBD. Cannabis is bred to contain high levels of THC, but its cousin hemp is cultivated for its CBD content and of course the bast fibers. The result is a hemp extract rich in CBD.


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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 10%

Zamnesia CBD oil 10% is a high-quality oil sourced from naturally grown, European hemp. Perfect for the CBD user who prefers a potent blend for daily dosing.


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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 20%

Take a high-strength approach to wellness with CBD Oil 20% from Zamnesia. Perfect for experienced CBD users, our 20% formula comes with the backing of zero additives, chemicals, and negligible levels of THC. Every drop provides a full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and olive oil for maximum influence on mind and body.


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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 30%

When it comes to high-quality, high-strength CBD oil, Zamnesia delivers the goods. Boasting a 30% CBD content, this MCT-based oil harnesses the finest terpene-rich hemp extract. Easy to use and store, make Zamnesia CBD oil your first choice.


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CBN Oil (Zamnesia)

CBN Oil by Zamnesia brings hemp-derived supplements to the next level. Harnessing the elusive non-toxic cannabinoid CBN, and backed by the well-rounded support of CBD, Zamnesia CBN Oil is the end product of carefully honed industry-leading techniques. Easy to take and suitable for daily use, CBN Oil from Zamnesia is available in two concentrations: 2.5% CBN & 2.5% CBD, and 5% CBN &...


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CBG Oil (Zamnesia)

Finding a high-quality CBG oil can be a tricky task. Given the complexity of isolating this compound from hemp, how do you know you're getting the best-quality product? With Zamnesia's CBG oil, that problem is over. Enjoy a synergistic combo of CBG and CBD alongside terpenes and nutritious hemp seed oil.


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CBD Oil 5% (Cibdol)

The CBD oil produced by Cibdol is an all-natural product with a Cannabidiol level of 5%. This is one of the purest and strongest manufactured CBD oils available in Europe. Obtained from industrial hemp.


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CBD Oil 10% (Cibdol)

Cibdol is the reputable European maker of some of the purest CBD products that you can get today. With their range of 10% CBD oils, Cibdol now offers one of the most concentrated CBD products available today. Made from the best...


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CBD Oil 15% (Cibdol)

Derived from naturally grown EU hemp, CBD Oil 15% by Cibdol is the gold standard for the CBD industry. CBD and terpenes are harnessed using CO₂ extraction and infused into a nutritious olive oil carrier.


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Cannolator Cannabis Extractor

The Cannolator Cannabis Extractor contains everything you need to easily extract highly concentrated THC cannabis oil from marijuana. The Cannolator extracts 2g of pure cannabis oil from 20g of weed that you can later dilute with olive oil so you have 10ml of finished cannabis oil. To make Cannabis THC oil with the Cannolator you can use any part of the plant except branches and roots.


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CBD Oil 20% (Cibdol)

Cibdol CBD Oil 20% provides 10mg of cannabidiol in each and every drop. Derived from EU hemp and processed using high-tech extraction and filtration methods, the golden oil features a full-spectrum blend of CBD and terpenes.


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CBD Oil 30% (Cibdol)

CBD Oil 30% by Cibdol is one of the strongest CBD products on the market. Made from natural hemp and processed using CO₂ extraction technology, the proof is in the purity.


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CBD Softgel Capsules 10% (Zamnesia)

CBD Softgel Capsules by Zamnesia are the discreet way to keep up with your CBD regimen, no matter where you are. The softgels are easy to swallow and have a neutral taste. Made from 10% strength CBD oil, each capsule...


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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 15%

Experience the power of full-spectrum CBD in every drop of our CBD Oil 15%. Extracted from naturally grown hemp, our CBD is not only highly effective, but safe too. Outstanding quality control ensures oils are free from GMOs, additives, and adverse levels of THC. Take control of your well-being with high-quality CBD from Zamnesia.


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CBD Oil (Zamnesia) 40%

Zamnesia is bringing high-strength CBD oil to new frontiers of quality. Boasting a 40% CBD content, this MCT-based oil is infused with the finest terpene-rich hemp extract. Simple, discreet, and easy to store, you can enjoy a highly concentrated dose of CBD in each drop.


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Super Sleep (Zamnesia)

Restore balance with Super Sleep from Zamnesia. Featuring an exclusive blend of golden-grade CBD, melatonin and liposomes, Super Sleep is fast-acting and easily absorbed. And, thanks to all-natural ingredients, you can take Super Sleep without worrying about unwanted side effects.


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Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil

Did you know that hemp seed oil is one of the most valuable oils of all? Seriously, not only does it have a flavourful, light nutty taste, it contains essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and even linolenic acid. On top of that, Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil contains 2.75% CBD, the...


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CBD Oil (Relexem) 2.5%

For a great way to consume CBD on the go and at home, choose Relexem 2.5% CBD Oil. With just a few droplets from this handy bottle, it's never been easier to check out the potential benefits that CBD can offer. With a slightly minty flavour, this oil is great tasting and perfect for any time of day. This is a versatile and easy way to consume CBD, wherever you are.


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CBD Oil (Relexem) 5%

Available in a 10ml dropper bottle, this 5% CBD oil offers convenience and versatility for everyday use. A few drops is all it takes to experience the potential benefits of CBD. And with a pleasant minty flavour, it's easy to consume by applying directly under the tongue or into your favourite drink. Relexem 5% CBD Oil is an affordable option for all CBD enthusiasts.


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CBD Oil (Relexem) 10%

Relexem 10% CBD Oil is the ideal choice for all types of CBD users. Made using industry-leading CO₂ extraction methods, Relexem has created an affordable, versatile, and easy-to-use CBD oil that's perfect for any time of day. Available in a handy dropper bottle, it's easy to slip into your pocket or bag to use whenever it suits you. Now is the time to experience CBD.


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Buy CBD oil online at Zamnesia

Buy CBD oil online at Zamnesia

Buying CBD can be overwhelming - there are countless CBD brands out there, and all of them claim to sell the best, purest product. So, how can you ensure the CBD oil you're buying is of the highest standard? Zamnesia was one of the first suppliers of CBD in Europe, and to this day we continue to lead the market with our hand-picked selection of top-shelf CBD oils and capsules.

All the CBD oils/caps on our store are made with the best carrier oils and to stringent European supplement standards/laws. They are also made with European-grown hemp and meet the maximum THC requirements (0.2% or less). Buy CBD in confidence. Buy it from Zamnesia.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 400+ natural compounds found in cannabis. CBD oil is a mixture that combines CBD, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds with a carrier oil (such as MCT, hemp seed oil, or olive oil) and is taken orally. Unlike THC, the main intoxicating compound in cannabis, CBD is non-intoxicating and doesn't produce the notorious "high" associated with cannabis. It is typically sourced from hemp or other cannabis varieties low in THC.

What is the best CBD oil?

In short, the best CBD oil is the one that works for you. People use CBD for many different reasons; as a general health supplement, to support a specific diet, to relieve a particular ailment, and much more. Understanding what results you plan to see from using CBD oil can help you find an oil best tailored to your needs.

When shopping for CBD oil at the Zamnesia CBD Store, take the following into consideration:

☑️ Potency: CBD oils come in many different strengths or potencies (expressed in % or as a mg). Higher-strength oils can be ideal for people looking to take high-strength daily doses of CBD as they naturally contain more CBD per ml of oil. However, stronger oils aren't of a higher quality and won't necessarily be more effective. If you've never used CBD oil, your best bet is to start with a mid-strength oil (5-15%), start with the minimum recommended dose, and work your way up till you experience the effects you're looking for.

☑️ Method of administration: CBD oil can be taken orally in the form of an oil or gel caps. The main benefit of oil mixtures is that they allow you to hold the oil in your mouth before swallowing. This allows some of the CBD and other components to be absorbed via the mucous membranes in your mouth and get to work faster. On the other hand, Gel caps need to be swallowed and digested to start taking effect, which can take 30-60+ minutes and vary depending on your metabolism.

☑️ Different brands: At Zamnesia, we only stock the highest quality CBD oils from respected brands, including Cibdol, Relexem, and Jacob Hooy, as well as our in-house brand of Zamnesia oils and caps. All the brands you find in our store are made from certified European hemp and adhere to the highest quality standards.

How to store CBD oil

CBD oil should preferably be stored in a cool and dark place such as the refrigerator. CBD oil can typically be stored for 1-2 years, though we always recommend respecting the expiry/best before date on the packaging of the oil you bought.

CBD Oil: Frequently Asked Questions

🍶 What CBD oil should I start with?
Start with a low-to-medium strength CBD oil (5-15%) and follow the dosage instructions that come with it. Many CBD brands recommend starting on a low dose and gradually increasing it until you feel the desired effects. If you find you're not getting the desired effects from a low-medium strength oil, consider upgrading to something more potent.
☁️ Does CBD oil get you high?
No. The main intoxicating compound responsible for causing cannabis' iconic "high" is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). All the CBD oils sold on the Zamnesia CBDShop contain either no THC or only trace amounts (less than 0.2%), which isn't enough to cause intoxicating effects.
👄 How to take CBD oil?
CBD oil is best taken orally using a dropper. Hold the oil in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing to allow some of it to be absorbed via the mucous membrane in your mouth. This will promote a faster onset of effects. Alternatively, CBD capsules contain measured doses of CBD oil and can be taken with water like any other supplement.
💰 How much is CBD oil?
The price of CBD oil can vary greatly from one brand to another. Zamnesia CBD oils range from €25-€165 per bottle and are available in various strengths, volumes (10ml and 30ml), and formulas. Meanwhile, Zamnesia soft gel CBD caps sell for €69,95. Other brands on the Zamnesia CBDShop, such as Cibdol, are priced similarly.
💨 Can you vape CBD oil?
No. CBD oil is made using carrier oils that aren't designed for vaping. Vape juice, on the other hand, is made from special components designed to be heated and inhaled as vapor.
⚖️ Is CBD oil legal?
All the products sold on the Zamnesia CBDShop are legal under European laws. They are made from registered CBD brands, according to European supplement laws/standards using European hemp. They also meet the standards for maximum THC concentrations. CBD oil you buy on the street or from another non-certified retailer may not be made to the same standards and therefore may not be deemed legal.

Buying CBD oil made easy

Buying CBD oil doesn't have to be confusing and overwhelming. At Zamnesia, we pride ourselves on stocking the best selection of CBD oils and capsules currently on the market at the best prices and with fast, cheap shipping. Get browsing and find the perfect CBD oil for your needs today!