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Jamaican Dream (Eva Seeds) feminized

 4.5/5 (12)

    Super Sativa Pflanze!
    Ich habe 3 Jamaican Dream Pflanzen im Garten aufgezogen und war von ihrer Vielfältigkeit sehr überrascht. Gerade in kälteren Gegenden verfärbt sich die Pflanze in wunderschöne lila Töne. Wer eine natürliche und leicht anzubauende Pflanze sucht ist hier richtig. Der Ertrag war bei mir auf jeden Fall geringer so bei 50-100g pro Pflanze. Das High ist super um aktiv zu bleiben.

    N. H.

    Muy Bien!
    Excellent weed! Large, tasty & potent buds, i highly recommend it. Many thanks again to the good people at Zamnesia.

    N. R.

    All seeds popped! JD is super easy to grow and gibe ya very fruity smelling buds.

    M. L.

    Très bien
    Reçu rapidement , conditionnement parfais. Deux graines germés sur deux . Mis en pot de 18 l en extérieur : plantée le 25 mai , 01 aout début floraison : hauteur plante 110 cm , belle envergure ... très prometteur.. à suivre .

    A. R.

    4 graines germées sur 4.

    S. D.

    Love this one
    Germination in 24 h 4 Seeds 100% they are beautifull this is the 5 time i return to this beauty

    F. B.

    fast and furios
    fastest quality strain ever. i grow it since 10 years. sativa effect.psycedelic effect. favourite

    M. S.

    My favorite for now.
    I have been really enjoyed to grow and smoke this one. She is quite impressive. She is Really sativa in the effect, smile, laugh, psychédélique, very potent. She's got a really short time blooming. But if you wait 2 weeks more she will be marvelous. She's got a short size and Christmas tree form shaped, like an indica. So you get a good sativa weed within the time and form of indica. Great advantage. And the weed, man. It smells like soluble coffee, and wood. very nice to smell. It is very uplifting and psychedelic not so clear. If you take to much you trip, cev, and legs cutted. Really my favorite. Juste I have heard of 2 phenotypes with one a little bit better. And a bit different in shape. But in front of some other strains she is quite stable. I recommend that. Twice. I recommend the breeder Eva seeds too, they seem to be great. Not so wellknown. They have a few winners.

    A. M.

    ein Traum
    Alle samen gekeimt... wunderbares wuchsverhalten auf erde... sehr zu empfehlen..!!

    K. D.
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