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    Très bien
    Très facile d'emploi, très agréable à utiliser, je recommande l'utilisation de ce bel objet.

    M. G.

    I was searching for a vape pipe to smoke my NN-DMT Crystal's through. I discovered that using a vapourgenie was the best way. Knowing this I was straight to zamnensia. Went for the blue one... I live in London and the package arrives well within the specified time and with loads of free goodies. I used the pipe when I held my very first DMT session/night. I have had experience using pipes before(best not to elaborate). There is a technique to using the pipe successfully but well worth it. Pipe comes with instructions and a screen to get you started (15mm). I could not conduct my nights or smoke Gods seamen without it. So if your looking for a DMT pipe, or a pipe for all occasions and either this or the glass sherlock which coincidence is my next purchase.... may the farse not be with you! Look out for the POOKIES BRANDED MUSHROOMS & DMT.......WHEN IN ALL GOOD CAFES LONDON!!

    M. D.

    Beautiful stylish vaporizer , with a learning curve
    I love the Vapor Genie. Me and Vapor Genie go back a long way. It was one of my first tools that got me into vaping and now I am a vape enthusiast owning 11 vapes and still looking for a few more. Along the way, I sold my first ash vapor genie. Now I wanted one back so I was happy Zamnesia still had a few for sale and I went for the Oak variant this time which is a beautiful piece of wood. It feels good in your hands and its nice to sit with and fiddle around with it trying to get nice hits out of the pipe. This is the part where some people will probably be turned off, because it requires a certain technique to get to where you want to go. I'm using a regular lighter with maybe a medium flame, regular lighter. You inhale the heat of the flame through the herb in your vapor genie. It takes time before you understand how it works best. Visualize the airway, the heat, the bowl and play around with the speed at which you draw. I get a nice high which seems stronger than I get with some electrical vapes. I would gently stir the bowl sometime with a toothpick and try not to crush the herb to much to prevent particles coming through. You could use a finer screen. You can put 15 mm screens in but I'm using 20 mm screens which fit as well. The genie comes packed with instructions which are very clear, don't let the flame touch the ceramic and don't overload the bowl to prevent combustion. There's some stickers to mark your territory too. I have read that this pipe is also used to vape DMT, but I have no experience with that. Nice knowing I bought a multifunctional pipe though. And that's about it, that's my review for the Vapor Genie

    J. R.

    All good
    Great product, and had to be resent but arrived eventually!

    R. M.
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