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Top 10 Fastest Cannabis Strains

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Patience is a virtue, but you don’t need much of it when growing these strains. They all share one key trait: speed. Their fast flowering times are ideal for guerrilla growing operations, stealthy home grows, and generally impatient cultivators.

It’s been said that good things come to those who wait. Thanks to selective breeding, cannabis growers don’t have to wait as long anymore. Breeders created these strains to pump out large and resinous yields within as little time as possible.

Thankfully, their speed isn't a trade-off for low yields or sub-par quality—on the contrary! These rapid cultivars still produce potent flowers, high THC levels, and superb returns. If you’re looking for speedy weed, for whatever reason, grow these varieties!


Photoperiod strains are notorious for taking their time. Compared to autos, they take much longer to reach harvest. Thankfully, these photoperiod strains are a different story. As soon as flowering is induced, they explode into blossoming beauties.


Think Fast (Dutch Passion)

Think Fast by Dutch Passion is a fast-flowering hybrid you really don’t need to think too long about. Just grow it! By crossing the autoflowering Think Different with original Power Plant, a productive photoperiod hybrid that accelerates through the cannabis life cycle was created. This is definitely a fast and furious strain. Think Fast will surprise even veteran auto growers with how fast she can race from seed to harvest. Her vigorous growth rate and short bloom period of 8 weeks ensures a heavy harvest, without the wait.  


White Critical Express (Kalashnikov Seeds)

Kalashnikov Seeds’ White Critical Express is number 1 with a bullet as the most potent and productive photoperiod strain that can be ready for harvest after just 48 days of flowering. Exceeding 20% THC levels, this mysterious, frosty princess from the East is a combination of Critical Mass, White Widow, and other unknown dank genetics. Buds can also be quite tasty with a full-bodied, Skunky hash smoke. The ScrOG method is recommended for maximum yield. This one is white-hot and a must-grow for impatient heavy-indica connoisseurs and homemade hash-makers.


Speedy Chile (Royal Queen Seeds)

Speedy Chile Fast Flowering is Royal Queen Seeds’ speed demon photoperiod strain. By blending the legendary Green Poison with recessive autoflowering genetics, this nuanced fast-flowering hybrid was spawned. Minimal vegetative growth and just 6-7 weeks of standard 12/12 flowering and that’s your lot. Speedy Chile is so fast, it’s a photo-finish between her and most autoflowering varieties. Plants rarely exceed 1m, so this is one to watch for micro-growers. Expect bud production in the region of 500g/m² in optimal conditions.


Delicious Candy Early Version (Delicious Seeds)

Delicious Candy Early Version is perhaps the dankest offering from Delicious Seeds. Created by crossing their own tasty in-house indica Caramelo with the fire UK Cheese from the British Isles, this super potent indica hybrid is also a super fast finisher. The stats for this strain are mouth-wateringly tempting for virtually every kind of grower from beginner to Grand Master.

In just 40 days of flowering, Delicious Candy will be begging for harvest with buds touching up to 22% THC. That’s not a misprint, that’s 22% THC buds in 40 days of bloom. Moreover, this little dank diamond is low-maintenance from start to finish. Even the dense, ripe buds require little trimming on harvest day, which is a real time saver as she can produce as much as 550g/m².


Green Poison F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds)

Green Poison F1 Fast Version by Sweet Seeds is a combination of the original Green Poison and an Auto Green Poison. This edition of Green Poison is still photoperiod, only faster. Best of all, Green Poison F1 Fast Version combines the sweet, Skunky flavour, high flower to leaf ratio, and mould resistance that made her parents famous. If you want reliable, compact, easy-cropping plants that can complete the bloom cycle in as little as 6-7 weeks, this strain is a solid selection for growers of all levels.

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Now it’s time to talk about the autoflowering strains that take speedy sinsemilla into top gear. For the cannabis grower that needs a fat stash right away. No delays and no excuses. Nothing but pure, rapid-flowering firepower. The following 5 autos are dank drag racing hybrids.


Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

Bubblegum, OG Kush, and Auto Critical have been brought together by Zamnesia Seeds to bring you a delicious and dank delight. Sticky Beast Automatic is the next-gen auto hybrid that does it all. If you have limited grow space and patience, but still want a fat stash of tasty top-shelf buds, this strain is probably your best bet. In a total of 8 weeks after sprouting, Sticky Beast Automatic will be ready for harvest. Frosty Skunky-Kush nugs with 16% THC can be yours. Bushy, trich-covered beasts less than 1m tall that finish in a couple of months is pretty sweet. By the way, so is the yield if you treat her right.


S.A.D. Auto (Sweet Seeds)

Sweet Afghani Delicious Automatic by Sweet Seeds is a no-nonsense, beginner-friendly autoflowering hybrid derived from the classic indica S.A.D. and ruderalis genetics. S.A.D. Auto stays true to her photoperiod predecessor, retaining a relaxing physical effect. Rich, earthy aromas and flavours will also be familiar to fans of the indica original. 8 weeks post-germination and S.A.D. is all done. Pint-sized plants tend to develop a thick main cola and really require no special care or attention. If you can attend to the basics, S.A.D. Auto won’t take long to reward your efforts.


Blackberry (FastBuds)

Why not start the new year on a colourful high note with some Blackberry in the grow-op? This autoflowering hybrid by FastBuds is an innovative mix of Pakistani Kush and ruderalis genetics. Around 8 weeks after these beans crack, you could be looking at a garden full of purple miniature Christmas trees. Big, juicy, berry-scented nugs with violet hues and a thick layer of resin will get you delightfully couch-locked. Expect high yields, fruity flavours, and good times with this strain in the cannabis garden.


Caramella Auto (Expert Seeds)

Tasty chill-out stash won’t be hard to come by with a pack of Caramella Auto by Expert Seeds. This pedigree auto hybrid is the product of successfully hybridising Deimos and Cream Caramel Auto. Caramella Auto is a dessert cannabis strain that’s easy enough for beginner growers to manage, while packing enough cannabinoids and sweet flavour to keep connoisseurs interested. In 60 days total crop time with minimal fertilisers and plenty of light, this auto can explode with buds and be ready for harvest.


Auto Skunk (Original Sensible Seeds)

Some strains just scream “party on”. Auto Skunk by Original Sensible Seeds is one of them. This hybrid is a cannabis cocktail of vintage Skunk #1 and the nu-school powerhouse Critical Auto. Skunk lovers and those new to cultivation can crop a tremendous stash of dank old-school Skunk in as few as 8 weeks post-germination. Auto Skunk’s pungent aroma, subtle fruity aftertaste, and combined head-body high makes her one of the finest fast-stashes, in our opinion.

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