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Arizer Solo 2

 4.5/5 (21)

    Beste Alternative zum Rauchen
    Das zerkleinerte Kraut verdampft ab 160°C die relevanten Inhaltsstoffe. Das Glasmundstück nur zur Hälfte füllen. Langsam ziehen! Die Wirkung setzt erst nach 5-10 Minuten ein. Das Glas läßt sich gut reinigen und setzt keine Weichmacher frei, wie man das bei den billigen Konkurrenzprodukten aus Plaste so hat. Ölige Anteile kondensieren bei richtiger Temperaturwahl und passendem Zugtempo im Glasrohr und nicht in der Lunge. Der Dampf ist im Vergleich zu Tabakqualm weniger 'dicht'. Wer seine Kräuter zuvor verbrannt hat, muss sich daran erstmal gewöhnen. Keine Rauchgasvergiftung (ja, das knallt so schön...), kein ekiliger Teergeschmack, keine stinkige Wohnung und Klamotte mehr. Dafür mehr Inhaltsstoffe und mehr Genuss. Und am Ende spart man Material und damit Geld für Kräuter. Vapen statt Qualmen!

    C. S.

    Très contente de mon achat. L’arizer est top !

    D. T.

    I bought this vaper after a gpen dash and the difference is huge, for excellence !! You can see where the extra money went.

    J. F.

    perso. je remplis ma chambre de vaporisation de 0.20g que je chauffe a 180( aprés moultes tests) et aprés avoir fait 5/6 inhalations je mais de coté la beuh que j'ai vaporiser et aprés j'en fais de la nourriture(lLa puissance de la beuh est diminué de 25%)

    T. D.

    Excellent session vape
    The tastiest vape I ever tried. Smoke is clean and taste is pure and smooth. It works best with lower amounts, but even from tiny doses it can produce thick clouds and great high. Of course it is only as good as what you put into it, but if you have good stuff, then this is the vape to enjoy it. It really brings out unique flavours of each strain and works well with other herbs too. It is best for one person. Because smaller chamber size it will not satisfy more than 2 people and overloading the chamber just leads to bad airflow and bad taste. If you have high tolerance and still want to get blasted to outer space, you might need to load it two times, which with vaping it can take 30 minutes. Battery life is excellent and charging is fast. Controlling it is ok and all the important things can be adjusted. Maintenance is simple, only the glass piece needs to be cleaned. If you want to take it easy and enjoy the taste of quality green product in its purest form, you will be very pleased with this vape.

    M. K.

    Super Vape
    Perfect delivery service! Packaging super nice, good presentation. The vape work perfectly with different types of plants and essences. Long life battery. Precise temperature regulation. Rapid rise in temperature. And a nice little giftbox in extra.

    F. P.

    Awesome product fast delivery
    Awesome product fast delivery

    J. D.

    Best method
    This vaporizer is the best one due to the method they used to burn the herbs. For this reason It’s the easiest way to keep it clean.

    V. V.

    Burns your weed
    Great service by Zamnesia as always, but the vaporizer itself is not as perfect as you read in most reviews. Make sure you fill the weedchamber of the tube for less than half it's capacity or your weed will burn! Once you go above 185/195 C. you'll always end up with some black (burnt!) parts in your weed. Higher temp. = burn. That's a bit of a pity when you want hard hitting draws. On the other hand, with a lttle less than half a chamber filled, I usually start vaping at 176 untill nomore vape is left, then put it on 183, same routine, then 190 and then198. Ther's always a little burn. It's very weird nobody ever mentions that... The weed doesn't toch the heathing element, als it's only filled half, it's equally ground and good quality weed. Still there's that little burn. But! The good thing is that you really get a lot out of your weed if you play with the temps. Half a chamber can take a relatively long while to finish which is surely a plus!

    M. C.

    très content de mon achat

    O. P.

    Great Vape!
    Really happy with this vape, from flavour, durability, ease of use, battery life. Everything is just great! The only con are the glass stems, glass is glass, and glass breaks easily :'( however, it's also because of the glass stems that this vape has such a pure flavour, so...

    Â. M.

    Top vape
    Wat een top vape, boterzachte dampen en monster batterij. Met de arizer Air tube is ie nog net wat compacter mee te nemen. Snel warm en snel schoon. Mis eigenlijk nog handige doseercups zoals de Mighty. Verder echt een aanrader.

    J. C.

    My first own vape
    Like 6-7 years ago when e-cigarettes were the big thing I also got my first hits from a Volcano. There was no turning back - this is when I learned the truth: vaping is the future. I promised myself that one day I'll buy a herb vaporizer that's sized like a normal e-liquid vape. This thing is the thing that every weed-lover should be carrying around, in an ideal world at least. I've personally almost completely rehabilitated myself out of tobacco use by getting high with this rather than burning weed-tobacco mix.

    L. T.

    Très bien
    J'ai pas de référence avec d'autres modèles de vapote. J'ai commencé aujourd'hui et je suis satisfait. Commander sur Zamnesia est un plaisir. Bonne communication, cadeau avec le coli.. SEUL bémol j'ai reçu la carte à gratter Zamnesia Airlines avec un code promo pour un produit offers. Ce code était valable jusqu'au jour où j'ai reçu ma commande. Je n'ai pas donc eu l'occasion d'en profiter.

    J. C.

    Beste vaper die ik heb. Goede kwaliteit!

    M. C.

    Meilleur vaporisateur à moins de 200€

    E. J.

    Top Class Vape
    This is a great vape, it's not the smallest but it sits nicely in your hand and the battery life is very long. The vape is very well designed and there is no need for gauze as the glass mouthpiece tubes have a filter area built in, which is also easier to clean. Because the glass tube connects straight to the unit with the herb at the bottom it's a nice cool smoke with no nasty taste as you get with some vapes. I recommend this vape very highly as I only use it at home, if you want something more portable you should check out the size before buying.

    C. A.

    Works as expected
    As my first vape, the Solo II does its job perfectly! Great design, portable, huge battery life and looks slick! Highly recommended!

    P. V.

    Conseillé, nétoyage simple. Zamnesia service parfaite. Merci

    M. S.
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