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The Origin Of Haze Cannabis And The Top 3 Haze Strains

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In this article we explore the origin of Haze in more detail, one of the most iconic cannabis strain and a pillar for the modern breeding industry.

In our The Origin Of series, we take a look at classic strains that forever changed the cannabis game. These groundbreaking genetics have spawned many of today's most popular strains, and continue to inspire old and new school breeders. If you are hungry for even more classic strain knowledge, check out our Origin Of blogs highlighting AK-47Gorilla Glue, and Blueberry.

Today’s cannabis market is inundated with a vast variety of new strains targeted at a world of different customers.

For the cultivator, there’s everything from strains with ultra short flowering cycles to those that produce extra large yields. For the smoker, there’s everything from relaxing indicas and invigorating sativas to mind blowing hybrids that bring together the best of both worlds.

But where did these strains get the genetics that give them their unique properties? Most of today's strains have roots in either Skunk, Kush, or Haze varieties.

These three strains serve as the backbone of most of the varieties available through seed banks, dispensaries, and other retailers around the world. In this article, we’re going to explore the origins of one of these strains in more detail, Haze.



Haze is a powerful sativa strain renowned for producing long-lasting, high-energy highs, making it a treasured variety for smokers across the globe looking to enjoy cannabis without getting glued to the couch. It is known for having a pungent aroma, boasting spicy, sometimes fruity smells, mixed with subtle earthy, almost sweet notes as well. 

The strain has a long flowering cycle, which many growers tend to avoid like the plague. It can take up to 16 weeks to reach harvesting time, and generally requires professional care and attention to flourish. However, anyone with the patience and skills to wait for a Haze plant to develop its flowers will be compensated with arguably some of the best weed in the world.

Today, the strain has become a pillar in the breeding community, giving rise to countless other strains thanks to the work of skilled crossbreeders. However, the exact origin of the “original” Haze is very highly debated. 

Most sources agree that the strain was created by “The Haze Brothers,” two cannabis growers based out of Santa Cruz, California. According to an article in the 14th issue of Treating Yourself Magazine, Sam “The Skunkman”, the world-renowned breeder behind the iconic Skunk #1, said the brothers went by the names of “R. Haze” and “J. Haze”.

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Top 10 Haze Cannabis Strains

According to this article, the brothers created Haze completely out of chance, hybridizing some of the varieties that were available to them in seed form at the time.

In the 60's and 70's, many different varieties of cannabis entered the US, particularly onto the West Coast. The exact genetics that went into the Haze that so many of us love and treasure today are, sadly, unknown. Some claim it was a cross between Colombian Gold and a Thai landrace, while others suggest that some Acapulco Gold and Indian landrace genes may have also gone into the mix.

Due to its long flowering time, some sources claim that the strain almost went extinct by the 80's, as growers looked for easier, faster flowering varieties.

Neville Schoenmakers, a legendary breeder from Australia

Neville Schoenmakers, a legendary breeder from Australia

However, a handful of Haze seeds apparently made their way to Holland, where they were apparently picked up Nevil Schoenmakers, a legendary breeder from Australia, who would go on to preserve the strain, cross it, and sell it through the infamous Seed Bank. How exactly the seeds made their way from California to The Netherlands is also highly debated.

Some sources claim the Haze Brothers brought the seeds in the 1980's. Others claim that Sam “The Skunkman” was a friend of the brothers and brought over a handful of Haze seeds after being released from prison in 1982. The article in Treating Yourself also explores a variety of alternative theories, including one that claims that Nevil Schoenmakers got his seeds directly from the Haze Brothers in 1969.

Once the seeds landed in Holland, many world-famous seedbanks and breeders offering cannabis seeds for sale were quick to jump on the “Haze train”, including Sensi Seeds, Sacred Seeds, Cultivators Choice, The Green House Seed Company, and many others.

Over the years, many of these seed banks stopped operating or changed hands. Consequently, a lot of their stock may have been lost or re-assimilated with the stock of other brands, making it harder and harder to track the exact origins/history of the Haze that was born by accident by the Haze Brothers in the 60's/70's.

Regardless, one thing is certain; Haze would go on to change the world of cannabis breeding forever. In its long, complicated history, it has already given rise to hundreds of new hybrids, all of which claim to offer a new spin on this old classic.

Top 3 Haze Cannabis Strains

Below you’ll find a list of some popular Haze varieties available through our store. Check them out and place your order today to get fast, discreet seed delivery to your door.



Super Silver Haze is one of Mr. Nice’s most iconic creations. A cross between Northern Lights, Original Haze, and Skunk, this is a mind blowing strain enjoyed by smokers everywhere. Created in the 90's, Super Silver Haze has gone on to win multiple awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cups of 1997, 1998, and 1999. It produces good yields of roughly 450 to 550g/m² and can flourish both indoors and outdoors. Flowering time is 60 to 70 days. When smoked, Super Silver Haze provides an uplifting, long lasting high that combines both the cerebral effects of a good sativa and the physical effects of a solid indica.



Another award-winning strain, Amnesia Haze won cannabis cups in both 2004 and 2012. It boasts high yields, a strong concentration of THC, and a powerful sativa high that any lover of Haze will definitely appreciate. While these plants only grow to between 1 to 1.5 metres, they can produce awe-inspiring yields of over 600g/m² in indoor environments. When grown outdoors, one plant can produce a harvest of up to 1500g of the highest quality weed around. Flowering time takes roughly 10 to 11 weeks, which may not make this an ideal strain for novice growers.



Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds is a an extremely popular strain. It has won cannabis cups in 2008 and 2009 and is renowned for producing a long-lasting, uplifting, cerebral high treasured by sativa lovers. A cross between a Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this strain exhibits the best properties of both its parents. Plants can grow quite tall and flourish in outdoor environments. They also produce mammoth yields; indoors, expect harvests of around 800g/m², while in an outdoor grow environment you may be able to reap up to 1.2kg from a single plant. The plant requires very hot climates to flourish outdoors and flowers in roughly 10 weeks.



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