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How And Why To Use Palo Santo Wood?

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This special incense has a lot of spiritual mojo, making hugely popular with trippers across the globe.

The use of Palo Santo, Spanish for “Holy Wood”, as incense goes back centuries. It is being used for everything from an accompaniment to ayahuasca rituals, to a household tool to keep mosquitoes away. Its captivating smell is highly valued to cleanse a space and open the connection to the self during meditation. Commonly, a stick of Palo Santo is set it on fire, consciously guided around the room, and then left it in a fire safe bowl to smoulder.

The Effects Of Palo Santo


As you can probably imagine, with such claims under its belt, various scientists have taken an interest in the actual composition and biochemical content of Palo Santo. 

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Using Palo Santo


Traditionally, dried cuttings of the wood are burnt. The smoke produced carries the magical aroma of the wood, and any potential benefits it may have. However, not everyone wants to breathe smoke. In this situation, the wood can be boiled in hot water for a while to create a Palo Santo tea infusion. Palo Santo can also be obtained as an oil, which is then heated and vaporized for a much friendlier experience for the lungs.

"I found using Palo Santo to be a very pleasurable experience. It produces a very refreshing aroma that offers more longevity than standard incense sticks. The aroma is also unique, offering incense lovers a new fragrance to enjoy. Its use is a little trickier than standard incense, that you can just light and forget about, but the extra effort is worth it." - Josh


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