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The Origins of Nag Champa Incense

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Nag Champa is a unique blend of herbs used to create that iconic incense smell. Its use is so widespread that its smell became intimately linked to incense - though it is used in many other products.

Incense is often used for meditation, yoga, religious rituals, and other shamanic journey. It can be highly harmonizing, and instill a mood of serenity and devotion. Of all the incense out there, it is Nag Champa incense that is held in the highest regards.

What is Nag Champa?



Essentially, the Nag Champa signature smell is made from a combination of the Frangipani flower and sandalwood, sometimes with the addition of resin of the Alianthus Malabarica tree – which gives the incense its colour and texture.

When burnt, Nag Champa produces a very heavy, earthy aroma, with lighter undertones of sandalwood. However, Nag Champa is also a popular scent for other products such as soaps, perfumes and massage oils.

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Nag Champa Origins

Nag Champa

Although the exact origins of Nag Champa incense is not actually known, it is hypothesised that it was first created in Nepal and/or India – as these are the places that its ingredients are most commonly found, and where Nag Champa is most commonly and traditionally used.   

Although now commercially produced, Nag Champa used to be (and still is) made in the Buddhist and Hindu temples of India and Nepal. Each temple has its own recipe and variation of Nag Champa incense, with each rumoured to be a well-guarded secret.

Nag Champa is thought to have spread to the Western world when Westerners came to India and Nepal seeking enlightenment. Since then, it has become the most popular and widespread incense in the world.

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