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How To Make Herbal Incense To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere At Home

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Making incense sticks is an easy process. Simply by following our directions, you can make amazing creations that set the mood with incredible scents.

Incense sticks make any room fill up with a pleasant scent straight away, casting a calming atmosphere over a space. These pungent sticks are often used during religious and ritualistic practices and it's easy to see why considering the effect they have on the mind. It appears that incense sticks do more than simply emit a pleasant aroma.

Reports state that incense can sustain positive effects on the body and mind, encouraging mental clarity, and relaxation. They may work in a similar fashion as aromatherapy, depending upon the herbs in question.

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The essential oils contained in certain herbs all have diverse, beneficial effects once they are released into the air. Some incense sticks are even said to boost creativity, heighten sexual desire and increase confidence.


Make Your Own Herbal Incense Sticks At Home

Not all incense sticks are created equal and some products on the market are notorious for containing noxious substances that do more harm than good. Poor quality incense sticks may trigger respiratory problems.

In order to ensure you are using incense sticks of the finest quality, simply make them yourself. Knowing that your incense is homemade will provide you with personal satisfaction and peace of mind that you are using a safe product. Let’s get started!


First thing’s first, you will have to decide what scent you want to aim for and what herbal ingredients you need to achieve it. Choosing the aroma is a straightforward process. Simply use any herb that you really enjoy the smell of, or use multiple herbs that compliment each other.

Some popular herbs and resins include frankincense, myrrh, lavender, sandalwood, juniper and cinnamon. If you want a clue as to how your stick might smell before you make it, take some dried herbs and place it on the same type of burning coal that is used with a shisha pipe. The fumes released will smell similar to the sticks you are about to make.


Next, you will need to choose a base. A base is a substance that will burn steadily and slowly over time to ensure that your sticks won't go out or burn up within a few seconds. A base can have a nice aroma that compliments the blend or can be selected to have no scent at all.

Most bases are derived from woody plants, such as sandalwood and willow; charcoal is also often used. These powders can easily be made at home by creating sawdust from the chosen base using a blender or processor.


Next up, you will need to choose a liquid. Water can be used, which is certainly the cheapest option. However, you can also take this opportunity to employ herbal oils and tinctures that will add layers of aromatic complexity to your blend.


You will also need to select a colouring agent if you want your sticks to have aesthetic appeal. Simple food colouring can be used, or just choose herbs that are rich in certain bright pigments.


Finally, you will need to select a bonding agent that will bind everything together and will keep sticks intact. Natural herbal resins and gums can be employed to fulfil this role. Gum arabic also does a good job. Tragacanth can similarly be used as a binder to form finely shaped sticks.


Herbal Incense: Directions

Before diving into the crafting process, you will need to get together a few pieces of equipment.

You will need a blender, a couple of bowls, measuring cups and a spoon. A wooden cutting board is also needed. Making incense is quite a creative process and there is no solid set of rules; feel free to experiment and attempt new things.

  1. To begin, ensure that your herbs of choice are dry. Use a blender or pestle and mortar to render them into a fine powder.

  2. Use this powder together with your base of choice to create a ratio of 2 parts herbs to 1 part base. The amount used is entirely contingent upon your desired volume of sticks. Use the spoon and measuring cups to accurately form the preparation.

  3. Now that this mixture is complete, use 3 parts of your chosen liquid to 5 parts of mixture. This liquid will enable the bonding agent to turn from a powder into a binding glue. Use the spoons to add the binding agent bit by bit until a doughy consistency is achieved.

  4. When you have achieved this consistency, it is truly time to get creative. You can now form many different shapes with your mix, such as cones. You can also choose to roll them into sticks.

  5. Place your finished product onto the wooden board to help them dry off.

  6. Once dried, place your product into airtight containers to maintain freshness.


How To Use Herbal Incense

Now that your product is complete and ready to be used, it’s time to ignite! If you chose to make sticks, simply place them into a stick holder and light the end. Doing so during meditation or whilst smoking some cannabis will definitely add to the vibes.

If you chose to make cones, you can place them onto small dishes and light the tips. They will burn in a very similar way to incense sticks. You could even roll the dough into small balls and place these straight onto charcoals to burn away. These forms are especially relaxing when enjoying a candlelit bath or a romantic dinner.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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