Stretch Your Weed Stash
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Top 10 Tips On How To Stretch Your Weed Stash To The Max

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We will show you 10 simple tricks that have the effect of prolonging the lifespan of your weed stash. Changing simple habits can go a long way.

Every now and the, the time comes when you run out of weed. There is nothing more annoying than reaching into your stash just to realise you only have enough left for one and a half joints. You can either split it in half and get double the disappointment, or smoke one big fat one, essentially wasting precious produce. And in either case, once that is gone, there is no more. Oh, the nightmare!

Then enters the whole ordeal of scoring some more. Preparations need to be made, funds need to be allocated, suppliers must be contacted, schedules re-ordered to accommodate both parties, and so on. Always a pain when you suddenly realise you have run out of weed.

So here are some tips to help you stretch your weed to the max. You may not be aware of this, but you might be engaging in practices that waste precious bud. Try these simple stash-hacks, and soon you will realise that some simple changes can go a long way.


Ok, admittedly, this is not a simple stash-hack. But it is a stash mega-booster! For the avid cannabis consumer, there is little in this world as pleasurable and rewarding than smoking your own homegrown. It is very easy to get started and simple to achieve great yields - you just need some practice. Come harvest, you will be rewarded with the fruits of your labour, and well as enough weed to last you for months.


Use A Grinder

Grinders are great tools. Every smoker should have one. They’re great because they break up the bud evenly, allowing for a much larger surface area to burn or vape. You will quickly detect the unwanted bud stems, while catching fallen trichomes.

After a while, you can very easily make a kief joint, packed with flavour and a great high. Grinders make your joints last longer, hit harder, and prolong the life of your baggy.


Smart smoking is getting into the habit of analysing how things burn - how fast and how evenly. Take the time to perfect your rolling technique. An uneven burning joint, or worse, a canoeing joint, will severely shorten its lifespan. Same can be said of a bowl or a bong. Try to burn from the outside in. If you just blaze the entire top surface, you will quickly create a black, carbonised insulator, as well as worse-tasting smoke.


Store You Buds Properly

You have probably heard of cured cannabis. It is a process where oxidation and decarboxylation take place, slow and steady. Terpenes and flavonoids mature, producing much better tastes and smells, while also making your weed stronger. More potent marijuana means you will need less quantity to achieve the same effect.

The only requirement is an airtight container. So stop storing your weed in plastic baggies, and invest in a mason jar to start storing like a pro.


One of the marvelous things about cannabis seeds is the enormous amount of strains available. Hundreds, if not thousands of combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes and the like make each flower quite unique. Colour, appearance, taste, smell, and high.

Some strains are very hard-hitting, but fast to wash away. Others give you a nice mild buzz for hours. Some even hit hard and last very long; but the opposite exists too. There is a strain for everyone, for every moment. So chose your strains according to your requirements, and you will undoubtedly prolong your stash.


Avoid Smoking Alone

Think about it. When you roll a joint and take a hit, what happens immediately after? You enjoy the toke while the actual burning joint just keeps going. The advantage of smoking in company is that you get to share. 

If everyone pitches in, not only will joints be used more efficiently, there is a high probability of double the weed. Double the weed means double the smoke. Win-win situation…unless your company is piggy-backing on your stash. In such a case, the effect is quite the opposite!


If you love weed, this is a tough one. Self-control. But you’ve done it before without realising it. Ever gone away on a weekend camping trip with your friend, or to a festival? You guys made plans, and weed was in them. Sometimes you bring just the right amount, other times you run dry; other times you may even bring some back.

Imagine you are going to be dropped on a desert island, and you can take just enough weed for one month. How much would you take? How many joints will you smoke per day? What is your estimated projection? Now imagine this desert island is your monthly weed budget. Stick to it, and you will soon notice you will be smoking less and enjoying yourself more - and your stash will last longer.


This trick seems a bit odd when it comes to smoking Mary Jane. Since cannabis overdose is virtually impossible, why would anyone measure their marijuana intake? The simple answer goes in line with tip #7 and tip #10 - a little knowledge goes a long way. Not only will you better control your consumption rate, but you will also have a clear indication where your tolerance levels are at.


Cannabis Edibles

This is a cheeky trick. Edibles are great because they don’t produce any smoke, hit much stronger, and the high lasts much longer too. Just beware if you are not used to eating THC. Edibles take so much longer to hit (30 minutes to an hour), and the inexperienced tend to eat more, thinking they haven’t had enough - rookie mistake!

In any case, edibles will make you fly like a kite, and you will not feel like reaching for your stash for hours on end.


Why take a break from weed? Tolerance to THC. The biggest hazard of the more serious cannabis consumer. Marijuana has been shown not to be a gateway drug at all, but tolerance does build up.

Depending on how much you smoke, your body will get used to the effects, and the THC high will slowly and steadily decrease in intensity and longevity.

The trick? Take a break! We know this sounds horrible, but it isn’t. After just a few days of abstaining, you will start feeling a difference. Give it a week or two, and you may not be able to finish your typical fatty joint. Now would be the perfect time to start using tip #8 to help find your tolerance sweet-spot between blazing and stash-preservation.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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