Over-Dry Marijuana
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How To Save Your Over-Dry Marijuana

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You may have experienced some of your cannabis buds dry up and lose their flavour. Fortunately, there are do-it-yourself hacks that can help bring back freshness and moisture to your stash.

Especially for those who buy cannabis in bulk, it is inevitable to encounter buds that are too dried up. In most cases, this is for one of three reasons: your source supplied you with some over-dried herbs, the herbs came from a place with an especially dry climate, or your stash has been sitting on the shelf for too long.

Some individuals wrongly assume that dry weed is no longer good. However, the high is often still the same; although, it is always preferable that your buds are somewhat fresh and sticky. The good thing is that there are ways to re-moisten your dried-up stash, and these can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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Below are some tips to add moisture to your marijuana, to keep your buds feeling fresh and good as new.


Orange Peels To Save Over-Dry Marijuana

Orange peels are actually the most common method of re-moistening cannabis buds. And this is probably because it is the easiest and most practical method. All you will need is either a Tupperware or glass container, some orange peels, and of course, your dried-up stash.

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Simply add an orange peel into the Tupperware or glass container with your stash in it. The size of the peel will be dependent on the amount of weed you have. Keep the peel in the closed container for a few hours before taking it out.

The main setback for dried-up cannabis stash is that it tends to lose its flavour. Luckily, the orange peel should help remedy this problem. However, leaving the peel inside the container for too long could moisten the buds up too much, causing mould to form. So, it is important to keep a watchful eye on this process and not let it linger too long.


Lettuce/Apple/White Bread To Save Over-Dry Marijuana

There are other items in your fridge or pantry that can be used to moisten up your dry herbs. These include white bread, lettuce, and apples.

For the first item, simply take one slice of white bread and put it in a container along with your herbs that need freshening up. Leave it there overnight. Like the orange peel, the idea is that the bread will help bring back moisture to the buds.

The same rule applies when you use iceberg lettuce, providing your stash with some much-needed moisture. To achieve this, place some paper towels over the lettuce to keep the buds from sticking, then place it all in the container.

When it comes to using fruits as a means of moistening your buds, a slice of apple is more preferred over the orange peel. It does get the job done the same, but the apple does not have the same aromatic oils that a citrus fruit like an orange has. Compared to the bread, it is also the more sought after option, since it doesn't have the same yeast component that can propagate the growth of mould.


Sheets Of Paper Towel To Save Over-Dry Marijuana

If by some chance your pantry or fridge is out of fruits and greens, and you have no white bread lying around, you can make use of damp sheets of paper towel. This could also be the simplest hack on this list, by far.

To do this, take your dried-out herb and place it in a glass jar, then lay it on its side. Then, take a small piece of damp paper towel and place it over the top of the jar. Put the lid on the jar, and leave it for a few hours. Just make sure that the towel is not actually touching the bud. You can also do this by adding plastic bags containing damp paper towels to the jar. Simple poke holes in the bag to allow for optimal moisture retention.

The herbs are expected to regain some life after the procedure since the moisture in the towel is transferred into them. Popularly referred to as “moisture bombs,” this procedure works best for large quantities.

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What better way to freshen-up some dried cannabis by adding freshly picked ones? Taking your fresh herb and mixing it up with your old, dried-up stash will help spread out the moisture content and ultimately create a “new” batch. And depending on what strain your fresh batch is, it can also add to the flavour of your old stash.


Wet Cotton Ball To Save Over-Dry Marijuana

Just like how it works with the damp paper towel, wet cotton balls can also help bring out the freshness from your dried-up weed. And like the aforementioned example, this one is as simple and elementary as it gets.

To begin this procedure, take a wet cotton ball and place it in some tin foil with poked holes. Then, place it in the jar containing your dried up stash and let it sit for a few hours. Upon taking the cotton and foil out, you should see your bud as moist and fresh as if it had just been harvested yesterday.

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These are just some simple tips to moisten-up your cannabis buds. The best thing about these hacks is that they are simple and home-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for dried-up bud anymore. Go ahead and give these time-tested tips a try.

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