How To Rehydrate Your Dried-Out Cannabis Buds
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How To Rehydrate Your Dried-Out Cannabis Buds

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Your local dispensary had a huge sale, and you bought everything in sight. Or, your last grow-op was particularly successful. Either way, you now have too much weed to handle and things are looking drier than the Sahara desert. What can you do to rehydrate those buds?

Whether you buy cannabis in bulk or have plenty of buds from your grow-ops, you’ll probably end up in the same predicament: too much weed (nothing bad in itself) to store, and the second-worst enemy of cured buds—dryness. Though dried-out buds are far from unsmokable, wouldn't you like to have your sticky nugs back? Keep reading to find out how to rehydrate your cannabis buds in the short, medium, and long term.

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If you know a little bit about cannabis storage, you might be familiar with the humidity threat, and how too much of it can lead to mould and eventually ruin your entire stash. Well, we don’t talk about “dried-out" marijuana very often, but it’s almost as disruptive if you don’t take active measures to prevent or counteract it. Let’s dive into this sea of “dryness” (excuse the pun!).

Can You Rehydrate Dried-Out Cannabis Buds?

Can You Rehydrate Dried-Out Cannabis Buds?

Of course! We want to reiterate that dried-out buds are still viable! You could go ahead and grind them up, fill your joint, and experience a mediocre smoke, which is just okay. But why stop there? Based on the time you have at your disposal, there are several methods you can try out to give your buds some of their life back. There are some pros and cons, especially for the “express” route—but nothing that some precaution won’t avoid.

How to Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds

First, you need to assess your timing. How long are you willing to wait before smoking or vaping those buds? Whether you’re prepared to wait weeks, days, or just a few hours, we have an answer for you.

Tip: If you allow your weed to dry out, the terpene profile of your cannabis could be highly impacted. Manufacturers like Cali Terpenes have produced some incredible natural Terps Sprays that will revitalise your weed in an instant and add some new aromas to your stash.

Short-Term (Hours)

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds: Short-Term (Hours)

This first category is for smokers who have no time to waste and need their weed pronto. No fooling around here; you will have some rehydrated buds in a matter of hours. Let’s see what you can do with things you’ll find in your kitchen!

Orange Peels

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds: Orange Peels

This is perhaps the most common method you’ll find on this list. Orange peels are readily available, cheap, and something you probably throw away anyways (you could compost them instead!). The hardware needed is also pretty simple: glass jars or a Tupperware container, and a peeler.

Simply place your buds in the same container as the peels, and leave them to get to know each other for a few hours. The peel will also infuse the cannabis with a subtle yet tasty citrus scent. The downside? If you leave the peels inside the container for too long, they could over-hydrate the cannabis and lead to mould. Keep an eye on them!

Apple, Lettuce, White Bread

Continuing with the “kitchen pantry” method, a slice of white bread is another great way to quickly rehydrate some buds. Simply pop one in the jar with your cannabis, check after some hours, and you should have a fresh-looking stash waiting for you!

A slice of iceberg lettuce is perfect too. This type of lettuce is known for its water content, so it’ll be perfect for your parched cannabis flowers. We suggest wrapping the lettuce in a paper towel to avoid any flower sticking to the leaves.

Speaking of fruit, a slice or two of apple is also the perfect quick “moisture fix” for your cannabis. Compared to the orange, an apple doesn’t have a strong scent (in case you weren’t looking for additional terpenes), and it’s less likely to develop mould in that short amount of time. The yeast in the bread could contribute to mould growth!

Large Pot and Boiling Water

Okay, this is quite controversial. This method is the last resort in the “express” category. You’ll need a pot and water. Bring it to a boil, then place it on a flat, heat-proof surface (a trivet is perfect). Wear oven mitts and place a piece of fabric over the steaming water. Make sure to carefully affix the fabric so your buds don't go for a swim.

Now, lay your cannabis on top of it and leave it to “steam” for 30–60 minutes max. You will need to constantly check, because it’s quite easy to cook your weed or get it too soggy to actually smoke.

Medium-Term (Days)

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds: Medium-Term (Days)

So, it’s Friday night and you’re planning your next smoking session, which will take place on Sunday. You open your jar and see some dried-out buds. Nothing worth serving your friends, right? Let’s see what we can do to fix them.

Cotton Wool Balls

This method is a little slower than the previous ones, but will give you more time to assess your work. Simply wet a cotton ball and wrap it in tin foil or plastic wrap. Then, poke holes to release the moisture. This method is better when repeated over a couple of days.

Paper Towel

Similar to the cotton wool balls, this technique uses objects already lying around the house. Take a paper towel, wet it with some water, and stick it to one side of your container. Now, carefully position your buds so they don’t touch the paper. You can also place the paper towels in a ziplock bag and pierce the side to allow moisture to escape.

Long-Term (Weeks)

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds: Long-Term (Weeks)

This is probably the best way to rehydrate your buds. Slow and steady wins the race! The following methods require more planning, but they’re less likely to rehydrate your cannabis too much, which could lead to potential disaster.

Freshly Picked Cannabis Buds

What’s the best way to give back some moisture to those dried-out flowers if not with freshly picked buds? This method is pretty straightforward. Simply add your fresh stash to the old one and let the moisture of the first rehydrate the rest. Based on the strain you’ve just grown, you might also develop a new taste and aroma. All the better!

Cannabis Humidifiers

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds: Cannabis Humidifiers

Sometimes, prevention is better than cure. Or, in this case, “curing” is prevention. The most effective way to reduce any chance of dehydration is to create the perfect environment for your buds. Instead of using plain old jars, why not take it a step further and invest in containers with built-in humidity control? CVault Containers are the perfect curing storage vessel, and they include Humidipaks. Depending on the size you’re looking for, every container comes with 1–2 Humidipaks of different sizes, perfect for any grow-op.

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Moisture Packs

Last, but not least, you can simply add these handy Humidipaks to any good old container. People often believe Humidipaks are designed to remove moisture, but they can also help with rehydration and moisture control in general. The Boveda Humidipak 62 will keep moisture at exactly 62%—the perfect environment to keep the terpene profile intact. These moisture packs come in three different sizes (8g, 67g, and 320g) to accommodate any need.

What size Humidipak do you need? Well, it depends on how much you are stashing. For small quantities, we recommend 1–2 8g packs. If you’re stashing medium–high quantities, a couple of 67g packs or a single 320g pack are better suited to handle that amount.

Be Careful with Excessive Moisture and Mould

Be Careful with Excessive Moisture and Mould

Lastly, we want to remind you that moisture levels are sometimes tricky to handle, and too much of it can lead to mould, which is harmful and will ruin your stash completely. With each of the aforementioned steps, we want to stress the importance of using your senses to assess the situation. Observe and smell your stash every couple of days (or hours if you’re taking the express approach) to make sure you’re not taking things too far!

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