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Difference Between High And Stoned

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Have you always wondered the difference between "high" and "stoned" but never wanted to ask? Luckily, we have compiled everything you need to know about the distinctions between the two terms and which strains will encourage one outcome over the other.

For as many strains that exist, there is an equally large lexicon of the lingo used by the cannabis community to describe the effects of smoking, vaporizing and ingesting the plant. Since cannabis is most often cited for its psychoactive properties, the words “high” and “stoned” are frequently used interchangeably to describe the outcomes of ingesting abundant cannabinoid THC.

Believe it or not, there are notable differences between feeling high and stoned when it comes to the physical and psychological manifestations of effects. In fact, the two terms are inverses of each other and represent distinct experiences for the consumer.

In contrast to feeling “buzzed,” being high and stoned come with amplified effects. Below, we examine what comprises being high versus being stoned and which strains are optimal to achieve the sensations you desire as a cannabis cultivator and consumer.

What Does It Mean To Be High?

In order to understand the nuances of feeling “high” and “stoned,” it’s important to first and foremost understand the two main strains of the cannabis species: indica and sativa. Both originated as “landrace” strains in different geographic regions of the world and sustain unique effects when ingested. In the case of feeling high, sativas are the main instigators. Indica strains also contribute to highs, but to a different end.

Essentially, being high encourages an uptick in physical energy and emotional euphoria. Many consumers note an elevated mood and desire to be physically active. This is due in part to the administration of adrenaline, which allows individuals to feel energised without the same level of pain and soreness as working out sober.

Being high is quite regularly accompanied by a burst of creative confidence and inspiration, Throughout history, many artists and writers have consumed cannabis to help them create their best works. For some demographics of cannabis consumers, getting high is the end goal for the experience as it can lower inhibitions and boost self-esteem. Intellectually, boundaries are opened wide alongside a newly unfettered imagination.

The Best Strains To Get High

Regarding which strains are likely to incite classic “highs,” the following list is comprised of sativa strains, although some sativa-dominant hybrids will offer similar outcomes.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Royal Queen Seeds

Amnesia Haze is an award winning sativa-dom strain that is known for its psychedelic effects with energetic, intensive highs that last longer than many other strains. Originating as a cross between American and Dutch genetics, this Cannabis Cup winning strain is optimised to be an unforgettable smoking experience. As the name suggests, Amnesia Haze is most notable for its cerebral stimulation.

After smoking, Amnesia Haze allows individuals to concentrate on creative projects and other uncomplicated endeavours. Amnesia Haze is one of the top strains to get high off of since it temporarily severs the tie between perceived reality and augmented reality. Especially for those experiencing high levels of stress, Amnesia Haze will shoot you straight to the Moon, then bring you safely back down to Earth better off than when you started! With THC levels reaching 20% and above, you simply can’t go wrong with this time-tested tribute to psychedelia.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Medical Seeds

If you haven’t yet tried Sour Diesel, you are really missing out! As one of the go-to sativa strains for mental and physical therapy, Sour D is a favourite among users looking to experiment with new artistic forms, or who simply need an extra boost of energy to go for a long run! 

Sour D’s effects arrive within just minutes to emit a sprightly high that is perfectly suited for cleaning the house, starting a new project or stretching out those sore muscles. Despite being a high-energy sativa, Sour Diesel dissolves depression and anxiety to reveal a pleasant contentment and uplifted sense of self and others. With a classic Diesel aroma and impressive THC content to boot, it’s no surprise that Sour D always comes through with time-tested results.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick Dinafem

Another top sativa-dom strain originating in part from a Haze cross, Moby Dick is a vigorously growing hybrid that produces some of the most desirable buds and even more incredible highs. Once named the “most psychoactive species” by Dinafem, Moby Dick emits unapologetically invigorating effects, which make it easy to socialise with friends and family.

Moby Dick is one of the strongest strains readily available and therefore should be smoked with caution! It only takes an extra toke or two to go from a pleasant head high to feeling anxious or paranoid. Luckily, ingesting too much THC is never fatal and rarely lasts longer than an hour. In keeping with some of the strains listed above, Moby Dick’s effects are hallmarked by euphoria and increased energy. Boasting a complex terpene profile with aromatic notes of sweet citrus and earth, this incredibly resistant strain provides the perfect high for consumers ready to spend their day in seventh heaven.

What Does It Mean To Be Stoned?

In contrast to feeling “high,” being “stoned” is an experience highlighted by physical lethargy and sometimes even mental disconnect. While the exact differences between the two outcomes are based more on anecdotal experience than a strict scientific dichotomy, being high is considered the peak before the come down of feeling stoned.

Also referred to as “burn-out,” being stoned can be summed up with the ever-popular image of a pothead in couch-lock. Basically, after consuming high levels of THC and experiencing the euphoric crux of its effects, there is usually a pleasant sense of physical sedation and mental deceleration that comes afterwards.

Generally, indicas are more likely to cause a heavy stone than sativas, as they naturally emit body highs accompanied by sensations of physical relaxation and relief. However, being stoned often pairs with a cloudier mindset than being high. For individuals suffering from intractable pain, or even an acute injury, indicas are often recommended as a way to give your body a break from physical and emotional stress.

Best Strains To Get Stoned

Now that the differences between high and stoned are more clear, you can check out the options below for the best strains to choose for an enjoyable stoned affair.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush Dinafem

Behold Critical Kush! This amalgamation of European and American genetics is one of the most exciting crosses blowing up the cannabis community. Resulting from a cross between Critical + and OG Kush, Critical Kush is a forceful indica containing both THC and CBD for maximum stoned effects.

Noted primarily for supporting intense relaxation and sedation, the unique cannabinoid profile of Critical Kush is perfectly suited for giving your body a break from physical pain. Furthermore, the strain bolsters a restful sleep thanks to anti-insomnia THC and sleep cycle regulating CBD.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Zamnesia Seeds

One of the most versatile and beloved indica strains found anywhere is Northern Lights. Similar to the environmental phenomenon, this strain’s effects are unbelievably encouraging to the body and soul. With a high that transmits into a monumental stone in its own right, Northern Lights diffuses tension in the body and also calms the mind down from anxiety and latent emotional struggling.

Northern Lights is one of the most renowned strains in the entire world and for good reason. With a well-rounded course of kinesiological therapy, this strain comes with heavy aromas of earth and pine with a hint of sweetness to culminate in a delicious, albeit unique flavour profile. Northern Lights is known as one of the most alleged medical strains and that is thanks to its stoned effects, which completely melt the body in the best of ways.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush Kannabia

Purple Kush is an ideal strain for consumers who want to enjoy the relieving sensations typically associated with cerebral sativas as well as the holistic physical care of this indica-dom variety. With THC concentrations reaching upwards of 22%, Purple Kush is the staple of every stoner’s repertoire. With final colour profiles ranging between light green to gorgeous hues of purple, the strain features a sweet, fruity profile with a strong dose of earth.

Purple Kush is a Shangri-la for smokers seeking long-lasting effects that will intensify before descending into one of the best relaxation sessions you could possibly imagine.

While there is certainly some crossover between the sensations of feeling high vs. stoned (especially with indica varieties), knowing the general differences between the two is important in order to be a well-informed consumer.

The Difference Is (Somewhat) Clear

Knowing how each strain will affect you is a great way to enhance your smoking regime to fit the kind of experience you desire. Although any strain can be used at any time of day, many individuals choose to avoid heavy stoned feelings during daylight hours and intensive highs during the dead of night. To find out for yourself, visit Zamnesia to learn more about the many available strains to suit your individual needs!


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