Types Of Cannabis Highs
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The Best And Worst Types Of Cannabis Highs

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The type of high you experience can make or break your smoking session. Whether you feel giggly and creative or paranoid and lethargic, recognising how you feel is key to making sure you pick the right strains and environments. Read on to find out about the best (and worst) types of cannabis highs.

While many claims about cannabis are purely anecdotal, there’s no denying that users can have unique experiences. You might experience a quiet serenity, an intense euphoria, or something in between.

There are many types of cannabis highs you can encounter, depending on everything from your environment, to your mood, to the strain you selected. Speaking of the latter, strain information like THC content and genetics will help give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

In this article, we take a look at the best and worst types of cannabis highs. Later on, we’ll discuss the steps you can take to ensure every future high is your best one yet.

What Does A Good High Feel Like?


As universal as the idea of a “good” cannabis high seems, this is a subjective question with many possible answers.

People feel high in different ways. The most pleasurable cannabis highs, typically, are ones that inspire feelings of hope, euphoria, enthusiasm, and happiness. In other words, feelings that bring out your inner optimist or social butterfly.

You may feel hyper-focused or laugh uncontrollably at something you usually wouldn't. You’ll probably feel happy, and maybe a bit "amorous”. Or, you might just feel the most intense wave of relaxation wash over you.

Your body—or parts of it—might also feel a bit numb, but still present. You may stop worrying or ruminating. You might also find yourself leaning towards creative solutions to your problems.

Either way, the exact effects are dependent on factors such as set, setting, your physiology, and the specific cannabis strain.

The Best Types Of Cannabis Highs

Focusing on the former is essential, and what better way to start than by talking about the good highs? Let’s take a look at some of the positive feelings you may experience when high.

The Relaxing High


As you might have heard (if you don’t live under a rock), it’s common to feel intensely relaxed when high. Once the THC and other cannabinoids do their work, you may feel a sensation akin to slipping into a nice, warm bubble bath. Others describe a sudden “unplugging” from worry and tension.

This sort of high is, understandably, sought after by those looking to unwind after a long day at work, along with those craving deeper, more structured sleep.

There are many strains to choose from if you want to destress. However, Stress Killer by Royal Queen Seeds is a great place to start. With a pungent, lemony aroma and flavour, Stress Killer is a nice mix of high CBD and 11% THC. This lovely haze strain banishes worrying thoughts and creates a clear and focussed mind.

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The Creative High


We’ve all had those moments where we need some inspiration. Whether you are a budding musician, dedicated computer programmer, or an aspiring artist, everyone could do with a hit of creativity at some point or another. There is some sound reasoning behind why so many musicians and painters smoke cannabis to kick-start their creative process.

You might get inspired to write a poem after a heavy smoking session. However, in the cold light of day, it may not be as profound or coherent as you thought the night before. Even then, there are plenty of positives to take away from the experience.

Whether you’re a poet or not, though, it’s hard to deny there are plenty of moments in life that call for the sort of inspiration a creative high can provide.

The Lazy Couch-Lock High


This goes a little bit further than relaxing. The sensation of a couch-lock high is perfect for when you want to completely switch off from the outside world. Why think about all that when you could spend some quality time on your sofa and experience unparalleled comfort?

This, of course, is primarily a sensation you would encounter with indica-dominant strains such as Gorilla Glue. This is part of what makes indicas so popular, as couch-lock is one of the main highs that many people seek out. The term “lock” may have some negative connotations, but it more so refers to the experience of deep relaxation.

The Active High


Indicas, as we discussed, tend to give rise to a relaxing and chilled-out high. Sativas, in turn, will hit you with a surge of energy and enthusiasm.

You may wonder why you see so many cannabis advocates that are athletes, but it’s no secret that some benefit from the active high. No, we’re not saying professional athletes should get high for their games or competitions. However, casual athletes and other active folk may find that certain strains give them the extra energy or ease they need.

This type of high may help you cut loose on the dance floor, or give you the motivation to finish that long hike or run.

The Funny High


There’s nothing like those smoking sessions with friends that leave you crying with laughter and aching from smiling too much. Whether you are watching a movie and finding it way funnier than you should, or fighting the urge to laugh at something you wouldn’t care about otherwise, it’s all part of the magic.

Our favourite strain for maximum chuckles has an apt name indeed: Laughing Buddha. This cross between Thai and Jamaican genetics delivers not only the goods, but a big smile as well. Laughing Buddha is known for its pleasant, energetic high. It is great during parties and in gatherings with friends.

What Does A Bad High Feel Like?


Across the spectrum, there are a few different ways a bad high can manifest. Moreover, it can be caused by numerous factors, including your metabolism, mindset, or even the strain used.

Ironically, marijuana is known to help with many of the symptoms it can also cause. Paranoia and nervous feelings, for instance, are known side effects for many, especially when smoking sativa strains.

Lethargy is all too common as well. While not necessarily harmful, it can be inconvenient for those who lead productive lifestyles.

There are two main options to consider if your bud makes you feel bad. One, stop using weed altogether. The other? Search for another strain. Luckily, there are lots of options out there that are as unique as you.

The Worst Types Of Cannabis Highs

While using cannabis is enjoyable for most, there are some less-enjoyable sorts of highs people can experience. This varies from person to person, with factors such as tolerance level, mental health, and allergies coming into play. Some may not enjoy any sort of cannabis because of these issues. However, with the sheer amount of strains available, you are likely to find at least one strain you enjoy for every strain you don’t.

The Paranoid High


If you are prone to bouts of paranoia, it is possible for cannabis to exacerbate those feelings. You may find your mind wandering during a smoking session, consumed by every negative possibility. It could be the thought of leaving the oven on, being busted by the police, or being abducted by aliens.

While it may sound a bit ridiculous, the fear can feel genuine in the moment. The best way to deal with these feelings, though, is to confront them head-on. Understanding why your heart is racing or why your palms are suddenly sweating will allow you to recognise what is happening.

You might be able to talk yourself down from feelings of paranoia. However, they can also be dealt with by having a hydrating drink or something to eat. This will not only distract you from those feelings, but will also dull the high and bring you back down.

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The Insomniac High

The Insomniac High

This is a big one, as sleep is essential and allows us to function on a daily basis. While many types of cannabis can potentially promote a good night’s sleep, other types can actually prevent it.

The insomniac high affects a lot of cannabis users. It keeps otherwise healthy people awake all night, and, if one already suffers from insomnia, it can exacerbate pre-existing symptoms. Of course, many factors contribute to this effect.

The main factor, though, is the fact that the endocannabinoid system is linked to the part of our brain that maintains and regulates sleep patterns. So yes, some strains can make you feel relaxed and are attributed to a better night’s sleep. Good examples are CBD Shark Shock and Bubba Kush, try these and you will be counting sheep in no time! Conversely, strains that cause an active or creative high may make it harder for your body to “switch off” and rest, leading to more insomnia-like feelings.

The Lethargic High, Aka Couch Potato Syndrome

The Lethargic High, Aka Couch Potato Syndrome

Lethargic and lazy behaviour is an age-old stoner stereotype. In some cases, the stereotype can turn out to be true. Certain strains, especially indicas, can encourage low motivation and noticeably slower reflexes, resulting in feelings of little to no energy. While your strain and environment are the main causes, your body also spends a decent amount of energy to process the THC in your system. This more so applies if you’ve had a heavy smoking session, though.

While having low energy can be appropriate during certain times, such as the evening after work, it’s unwelcome if your day (or night) has just started and you’re trying to get on with your plans. However, there are steps you can take to counter the effects of a lethargic high. Switching to a more sativa-dominant strain, such as Energy Haze (it's all in the name) or even just having a coffee, could do the trick to perk you up.

How To Make Your High Even More Positive


As you can see, there are plenty more positive experiences to discuss than negative ones. But what else can you do to ensure your high is as positive as possible? Well, we’ve got a few extra pointers that may make the difference between a good smoking session and a great one.


As mentioned earlier, your mindset has a whole lot to do with how much you will enjoy your time. Just maintain a positive attitude and focus on the present social, or solo, situation. The rest will follow.


Your environment will also play a significant role in how your high turns out. Putting some music on, for instance, will help set the scene and reflect the mood you want to embody. Make sure you have a nice space to smoke in, complete with some comfortable chairs and surroundings. When you’re ready, stock up on some good food, drinks, and, most importantly, your favourite strain. Seriously, treat yourself. You won’t regret it.

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Cannabis Prep

Speaking of your favourite strain, make sure you treat it as well as it deserves. Sloppily rolled joints are no fun, and using a dirty vaporizer or bong is a huge party foul. Make sure everything is neat and ready to go for your session!

Know Your Limits!

If you are smoking with friends, don’t be worried about passing a turn and chilling out in between tokes. If they’re real friends, they won’t judge you for it. So don’t feel the pressure; have as much, or as little, as you want.

While these are some good pointers to keep in mind for your next session, recognise that there are no definitive rules or limitations. You, like everyone else, will have your own way of making the most out of your cannabis. Over time, you’ll realise what supports the best possible high, along with what situations or strains aren’t optimal for your experience. Either way, it is essential to keep an open and positive mindset, embracing all of your highs to the best of your ability.


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