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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'

Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'

Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii soll noch stärker sein, als der beliebte und bekannte (und schwer zu kultivierende) Hawaiian (Copelandia cyanescens). Er ist definitiv für den erfahrenen, optisch interessierten Psychonauten, wegen seines sehr philosophischen Trips mit starker visueller Komponente. Enthält einen 100% kolonisierten 1200ml Kuchen.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii': Angeblich sogar stärker als der Hawaiian

Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii ist angeblich eine noch stärkere Sorte, als der bekannte und beliebte (und schwer zu züchtende) Hawaiian (Copelandia cyanescens). Diese Sorte ist offensichtlich für den erfahrenen Psychonauten, da er eine sehr philosophische Reise liefert, mit einer starken optischen Komponente. Diese Zuchtsets enthalten 1200ml völlig besiedelten Substrats, bereit zum Wachsen und ohne Füllstoff wie Vermiculit oder Perlit - das hier ist die 100% Packung. Alles was Du brauchst, ist ein wenig Geduld. Pate dieser Sorte ist der amerikanische Schriftsteller, Lehrer, Forscher und Psychonaut Terence McKenna.

1200ml Kultivierungsbox

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Das Ernten des Growkit


Timelapse des Supa Gro 100% Kit


    Von R. F. :

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt beurteilt aber bisher keine Bewertung geschrieben oder die Bewertung ist noch nicht freigeschaltet

    Von L. S. An 29/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : PARFAIT !
    Kommentar : Livraison rapide, service client à l'écoute et réactif +++ Box parfaite, récolte rapide ! Plus qu'à gouter maintenant ;)

    Von S. W. An 21/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : génial
    Kommentar : Vraiment super kit. Facile à utiliser, les explications sont claires, ça pousse bien, et en grande quantité. Personnellement j'ai attendu la lune montante pour commencer à m'occuper du kit et les champignons ont tous atteints leur taille idéale pile poil à la pleine lune (c'était exactement ce que je souhaitais). Les premières petites têtes d'épingles sont apparues à à J6, et à J9 au soir (soir de la pleine lune) ils avaient atteints leur taille adulte et j'ai récolté. Je n'ai pas calculé le poids récolté pour ce 1er flush mais j'ai 3 plateaux de cuisine entiers recouverts de champignons qui sèche actuellement.... A l'heure où j'écris j'en ai gouté 3 petits frais (2g) il y a 20 minutes et je sens déjà les effets qui montent.

    Von D. V. An 21/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : Question
    Kommentar : I have been growing for about 11 days now and it going great. They haven't started opening yet but they are huge. Is this strain of shroom known for it's size? I'm curious if i'm not doing something wrong. And 5 stars to Zamnesia ofcourse

    Von M. Z. An 21/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : Sadly didn't work
    Kommentar : This was my first try with a grow box, I used spore syringes before, so I can say that I have some experience. It's been almost three weeks now and the mushrooms still didn't start to pin, now I'll try cold shocking them "prematurely" to maybe induce pinning. But I'm sadisfied with quick and discreet service Zamnesia provided, so I'm giving it 3 stars.

    Von J. A. An 05/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : Mckennaii
    Kommentar : Have been growing for 2 weeks today and got some very good progress! Got some meaty ones and lots of decent sized ones, they will be done very soon! The last ones I did ( golden teachers ) was harvested by 11 days so these ones are taking a little longer, but I think it's to do with I've had to grow them in my cupboard in the dark this time :/ I am a bit of a noob to all this growing as its only my second time! But still looking nice and healthy so it is working okay! But yeah thanks Zamnesia I am very happy with my product once again!

    Von L. P. An 02/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : super site
    Kommentar : J'ai reçu le kit très rapidement après une erreur de zamnesia j'ai contacté le service client qui m'a renvoyé aussi vite un kit Meilleur service clients ! tres professionnel , je recommande !

    Von J. A. An 02/Aug/2016 :

    Betreff : Beautiful
    Kommentar : Good harvest. Had a good experience, not so much visuals but very emotional. Very healing.

    Von A. S. An 18/Jul/2016 :

    Betreff : Very pleased!
    Kommentar : Very good stuff!! Great customer support!! I highly recomend them!

    Von M. S. An 17/Jul/2016 :

    Betreff : Fully satisfied
    Kommentar : There is nothing to add to the remaining reviews- great costumer service, fast & discreet shipping, high quality products and easy to follow instructions. Used heatmat, harvested on the 10th day, second flush on the 7th. About 11g dried, used lemon tek on 3.3g each with 2 other friends. As I am the person who doesnt like mushrooms, it was a hard time downing that s**t (it was my 1st time too), so everything went back 20mins in. Still had crazy vizuals eyes closed with strong philosophical component. Other 2 friends didnt recall anything from the last night, just said that they saw EVERYTHING. Well, I think thats a pretty potent mush, thinking of doing it again. Peace

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Aus Norberto L. | 2013-10-30 12:22:46

When I put the kit in the bag, how much water should I spray every day with "100% Mycelium kit Mckennaii"?


It's best to spray 2 to 3 times a day. Don't spray much. One squeeze of your sprayer should be enough. We have made a great instruction video and put it on Youtube. This could also may well be of help:

Aus simon | 2013-04-06 17:46:44

Hello Do you mean to put the water only in the bag and no water in the box? I have some doubts, because normaly you have to put water in the box. Thanks for an answer


All our 100% Mycelium kits come with a customized manual. To gain the best results, check out our Online Instructions for these kits, here:

Aus Ryan Segal | 2013-03-15 16:19:38

So, no casing? Does it need to be 'birthed' and placed in a homemade habitat, or will it grow in the bag the same as the other growkits?


These kits work in a similar fashion. The kit comes with its own bag, but the contents of the box need not be submerged prior to growing. Complete instructions will be provided of course.

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