Magische Trüffel Utopia


Utopia ist eine unserer mächtigsten Sorten. Du solltest es also langsam angehen lassen, es sei denn, Du hast bereits Erfahrung. Fünf Gramm werden gewiss ihre außerweltliche Präsenz spüren lassen. Die ganze 15g-Packung zu nehmen, wird selbst die Erfahrensten in den Orbit schießen. Wenn Du Dir nicht sicher bist, probiere unseren Dosisrechner aus.

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Magische Trüffel Utopia - Besuch die magische Welt von Utopia


Der Psilocybe Utopie kann eine Fahrkarte ins Wunderland sein - Utopia?. Bei der richtigen Dosis kann man eine neue Realität erwarten, ganz anders als die Welt früher war. Es wurde von sich umordnenden Mustern, zerfliessenden Formen, Verlust oder Beschleunigung/Verlangsamung der Zeit, tiefster spiritueller Erleuchtung und plötzlichen, grundlosen Ausbrüchen von Gelächter berichtet. Aber, die Effekte variieren stark von Person zu Person und von Trip zu Trip, also was Deine Erfahrung sein wird ... wissen wir nicht, vielleicht wirst Du eine tiefe Verbindung zur Natur um Dich herum fühlen und Freundschaft mit Bäumen schließen - alles ist möglich - im Wunderland.


Mit einem Blick auf unseren einfach anzuwendenden Dosisrechner kannst Du gute Zeiten mit Freunden oder das Wissen um antike Mysterien erleben.

Verwenden Sie Unseren Zauberpilze Dosisrechner


Magische Trüffel sind keine Party Droge und sind nicht für Minderjährige bestimmt. Nicht trippen und Auto fahren! Fang immer mit einer kleinen Dosis und in einer vertrauten Umgebung an, um Deine Reaktion auf Psilocybin zu testen. Kombiniere magische Trüffel niemals mit Alkohol oder anderen Drogen oder wenn Du unter Depressionen oder anderer psychischer Instabilität leidst. Schwangere Frauen sollten den Trip definitiv auslassen.

*Könnnen für maximal zwei Monate im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt werden. Nachdem die Packung geöffnet wurde, sind sie nur noch für zwei Tage haltbar.

*Sofern nicht anders angefordert, werden diese Trüffel von MushMagic ohne die Original-Dosen ausgeliefert.

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Reviews (692)

    léger mais sympathique
    un voyage léger mais sympathique


    Aucun effet visuel
    Pour une soirée entre amis nous avon pris à peu près 7'5g chacun aucun de nous n'a eu des effets visuel flagrants on a simplement passez une bonne soirée comme n'importe quel autre


    five stars xd
    so i would recomend those for a trip with your friends preferably outside, but not necessarily, i even took those inside. A great feeling and nice experience for me and my friends.

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst


    Utopia at seaside!
    Hello, dear psyhodelic fans, I will give you my insight in experience of veteran psyhonaut as myself. If you are getting ready and feeling warm filling feeling of excitment and genuine happines, then you are starting something what will wider your mind and alter your body senses! Our trip started with getting out of crowded capital city into west of our country, only 120km/68miles and we find ourselfes sorrounded in forest and sea by end of old time fisher camp ground! While getting everything ready and putting all important things for safe and careless trip in order time flies without notice, all equipment is ready, beds in circle around awsome looking fireplace thought for looking in fire and driffting away. 20pm each of trio eats his desired dose of Mushmagic truffles Utopia, I go for 17.5g, (Props to Zamnesia, package contained 15.5g, but since my friends took normal doses I could get some extra. First feeling of trip is fuzzines and mindfullnes, toughts are rushing past with greate speeds and everything feels awsome, even simpliest of tools, things of modern men and even dog barking with excitment of running after stick and barking with neighbour dogs, ( started to feel highnes and mild visual haluciations, comunication with dog felt awsome) Dog was very positive trip sitter and friend with sense of importance. All tree of us went for spiritual walk with dog, walked around 10km/6miles, ran almost half of it, dog just wanted to rush further, Health app with counting steps and distance of run was our only guidance of how much we have walked and how time passed, no real feeling of time, speed of it changes depending on intensity, importance, hype of comunication with friends. ( Take good friends with you, you will feel close and new ideas will cross all your mind, remember to write, picture beautiful views, record amazing sounds. Speaking about sound everything sound just insane, like your ears have never been opened, just godlike senses (that is around 2.5h in trip after initial kick in.) After that run and alot of movement feeling of empty stomach starts too annoy, but we ofcourse were ready before and got amazing wipecream-bannana-chocolate-biscuite cake, just euphoria for toung. Warmnes from fireplace and finally full stomach was so relaxing after our long 2h walk, that we cought ourselfes in infinite verbal and spiritual comunication, after a while like 5h in we started to feel late night, even see rising sun so it was sure good call for deep sleep. For summary, Zamnesia stuff was very good quality and got delivered in 4 full business days, perfect because if I will plan to trip in some weekend only thing I need to do is order in end of week so by Thursday-Friday everything is ready for use. You will ask why only 4 stars! My answer is simple, description of these Utopia truffles says that full pack of them will take even most experienced psyhonauts into orbit, but for me there was a lot more wanting of feeling stronger and intenser. Don’t forget that I still am very experienced in psyhodelics and this feeling ought differ from mine, consume with caution and be ready to feel great, new feelings and open your mid for brand new patherns of ideas. PEACE, have an good one, thanks for reading and I hope this explanation will be of help for new era of mind openess! P.S. Don’t eat before triping, like 5his best in my oppinion, 3h just feels a bit short for complete emptiness. Weed is only other mind/body altering substance which I would suggest, if smoking before consuming of those nutty/salty truffles you want so badly, then nausea will be less stronger or even not there at all + smoking in different stages of trip will fulfill truffle trip even further, so Have fun & Good luck!


    La noche de las croquetas.
    Fuimos a dar un paseo por el campo y a la media hora empecé a notar como si el mundo fuera muy pequeño. Al llegar a una explanada, nos subió a todos de golpe. Alucinaciones visuales potentes. Colores maravillosos, visión aumentada, zoom optico en los ojos. Sensación potente de euforia. Sensación de hermandad y paz. A momentos se sentía como estar en el paraíso, recordaba mucho a la sensación de placer intenso de las Tampanensis. Se sentía una flojera intensa en todo el cuerpo, como de quedarse sin fuerza en pies y brazos. Embelesados con la belleza de la puesta de sol en el campo de trigo y el agua fluyendo por el rio. Clásicos patrones psicodélicos con los ojos cerrados y abiertos, todo se doblaba por momentos como si tiraras una piedrecita a la gigantesca charca de la realidad, provocando una casi imperceptible pero sobrecogedora ondulación del universo. Al llegar a casa tuvimos la necesidad impresiona de hacer y comer croquetas... y así fué. Me resulta muy dificil valorar con una nota las diferentes trufas, porque todas las experiencias son increibles y diferentes, pero vamos a ser generosos: 5 estrellas como 5 sirios.


    Le colis est arrivé vite (une petite semaine) sur ce point rien à dire ! Cependant les effets decrits n'étaient pas au rendez vous... J'ai consommé environ 10 gramme car c'était ma première fois et que je pensais avoir de bons effets avec cette dose mais à part quelques fous rires et de sacrés maux de ventre, rien. Pour le prix je m'attendais à mieux....

    Der Kunde hat das Produkt bewertet, aber keine Rezension verfasst


    Decent trip but definitely not too powerful. took the whole bag in silent darkness and wrote down what the shrooms told me. good for beginners.


    Nice trip
    Good stuff always in good condition!

    Du kannst keine Rezension verfassen, da Du nicht als Kunde erfasst bist.

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Questions (4)
Rich 2014-06-24 15:54:02

How do you store them correctly?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. They are usually just eaten as they are, but you can make tea with them as well. The truffles can be stored 2 - 3 months (when vacuum packed) in a cool and dark place (e.g. refrigerator). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened, the produce can only be kept for a few more days. You can consume them fresh, but you can also dry them to store them for longer. Dried they can be kept for at least one year. Please note though that, the longer you store them, the less potent they will become. To dry the truffles you need to find a dry place and lay them out on kitchen towels and make sure they're not touching each other. Depending on the surroundings, drying may take anywhere from between 3 to 7 days. Make sure to change the kitchen towels every other day. The best way to store dried truffles is in an airtight container in the dark. Dried Magic Truffles have 50%-70% less weight, so therefore the dosage should be halved.

Francesco 2013-07-16 12:25:34

How work the shipping? the truffles need to stay in a dark and COOL place! The truffles will not be damaged during shipment?


All our truffles are fresh and vacuum packed. They are indeed best stored in a dark and cool place, for example the refrigerator. Our truffles and parcels are professionally packed and prepared for transit within Europe. We regularly ship to hot countries such as Spain and Italy, without any damage to the product. Note though that the packaging may appear loose upon arrival. This is the result of CO2 that has been generated within the packet by the truffles after the packing process.

gianfranco 2013-06-20 00:05:24

A quanti gradi devono stare per conservarsi al meglio?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. Unopened, they can be stored 3-4 months in a cool and dark place. A refrigerator is perfect, or anywhere about 2-4 degrees Celsius. Once the packaging has been opened, they can only be kept for a few more days.

muller 2013-04-28 18:53:57

Combien de temps est-il possible de les conserver sans en perdre de puissance?


Toutes nos truffes magiques sont fraîches et emballées sous vide par quantité de 15 grammes. Elles peuvent être conservées (emballées) 3-4 mois dans un endroit frais et á l'abri de la lumière. Lorsque l'emballage est ouvert, ils ne peuvent être conservés (frais et á l'abri de la lumière) pendant quelques jours de plus.

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