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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'

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    10% off literally
    All looked good, arrived on time (within the time period) but I didn't know that the 10% off was literal lol. When I received the box, it wasn't dented or damaged in any way. The plastic tub containing the cake was never opened since the plastics on the side were never chipped or pealed (so that the lid can open) BUT the top of the cake had a scrape off the top like a mushroom was grown and it was ripped off with no care to the mycelium. I don't know, the last time I ordered a grow kit everything seemed pretty fine. I got a yield of 28g dried out of 4 flushes and the mycelium was completely exhausted. I saw other people writing down they had 50-70g dried. I guess that's my luck


    Looks amazing!
    Very easy to grow and and fast under the right temperature. At 3 weeks I already have dried my first flush out and it looks delicious, can't wait to try it.


    Great product, packaging could be improved
    Great product. Received swiftly, easy to start, and grows fast (although mushies have grown mostly from the sides and therefore yield will not be outstanding). Would be great though if the packaging was greener, i.e. as recyclable and ecological as possible, which is far from being the case at the moment. Mushrooms are supposed to bring us closer to Nature, not participate in ruining it, right?


    love it
    just like they say!


    Amazing as always
    Customer service is always quick to react and very helpful. McKenna strain is king


    Nice !!!
    Your products are nice as always.


    they are growing up too much


    Great service and product!
    Very pleased with Zamnesia! The first grow kit was contaminated from the beginning. I contacted Zamnesia and the service is wonderful! They organised new grow kit quickly and I am very pleased with the product. Very easy to grow! Have gotten 3 harvests already, will see, if 4th harvest will come or not! First harvest was 185 g wet, second 48 g wet and third harvest was 52 g. So highly recommend Zamnesia, will order more for sure! Thank you!


    A éviter
    Bon, déjà ce kit est le deuxième que je reçois, le premier ayant moisi pendant l'envoi (merci service client tout de même). Le premier flush se passe super bien, je récolte 200g frais qui me donnent 14g sec. La suite par contre, c'est moins appétissant... Pour les 4 flushs qui ont suivis, j'ai eu grosso modo 20-30g frais par flush, ce qui correspond à 3-4 champis arrivés à maturité. Là c'est le dernier, je pense tabler sur du 1 champi et demi, vous l'avez compris c'est pas la folie... J'ai goutté le produit avec un ami, 2g sec chacun, et bien pour une variété censée être forte, j'avoue qu'on a été très déçus (effets très faibles, très peu de changements visuels, sensations de sobriété, très légers engourdissements). On a repris 1g 1h30 après, aucun effet supplémentaire... J'avais l'habitude de prendre des WhiteLightning avant, et je peux vous dire que 1,5g suffisait très largement à me propulser dans un trip beaucoup pus intense... Bref, j'ai peut être pas eu de chance, mais personnellement je ne rachèterai jamais ce kit.


    Very easy to grow, no need to paper it...4g of dried shroom took me to the moon :-)

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