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Zamnesia Zuchtset 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (300)

    Tip top!
    Kit completo e facilissimo da far partire, ho raccolto 113gr la prima volta e 120gr la seconda, sono alla terza gettata. Proverò anche tutti gli altri kit. I golden teacher mi hanno aiutata molto in un periodo difficile. Li uso per connettermi profondamente alle mie emozioni, per ridere o piangere! Arrivano momenti di grande che chiarezza e calma mentale… mi portano in un flusso fisico in cui inizio a fare yoga secondo le necessità del mio corpo. Adoro!! Felicissima


    Après 2 semaines a brumisé tous les jours. Des monstre sont apparus et ont littéralement éclaté le pain ! J'ai jamais eu un kit comme ça sachant que c'est mon 3eme ! La 1er flush s'annonce fructueuse ;) je pense plus de 100g easy avec ces monstres (on dirait des morceaux de gingembre/ pouce/ zgeg mutant)


    Mold despite being extra careful
    It has been quite some time since I tried this kit. To my unfortune, my kit got infected with mold, despite me disinfecting my hands up to my elbow twice. I tried everything to save the cake, yet none of my attempts were of any success. I am not blaming anyone, as this could have happened to anybody. I tried Zamnesia seeds, were almost all of them germinated and did well (the potential yield is highly optimistic). Unlike growing legal CBD products from hemp, this requires less skill and is mostly just a gamble. Despite me mostly mentioning bad things I also got to express my satisfaction with the magic truffles. I tried Vallahala and Utopia, while not ignoring the recommended dose. So those are ideal, if you want to abstain from having the joy of growing yourself, yet want a good and solid experience. Have a good trip!


    In osservazione
    Il kit è arrivato nei tempi previsti e con imballo perfetto. Metto quattro stelle per quello, mi riservo di aggiornare la recensione non appena i risultati arrivano : sto aspettando di vederli spuntare!!


    total gut
    beste Qualität. Schölnes Wachstum. Glanzende Verpackung, hohe Ansprüche! Sehr schön, ich freu mich sehr auf's durchprobieren


    Great first yield
    Worked perfectly, first flush 18,6grams dried. Only microdosing so far, 0,1 - 0,15 seems perfect for a good start in the day.


    Kit golden teacher
    Comme toujours, 1 récolte hallucinante, suivie de 6-7-8,c'est incroyable que les chapeau s'ouvrent et pourtant les spores ne tombent quasi pas sur le pain,puisque il y'en a d'autres en dessous avec 1 grosse épaisseur de mycé du top en "cubensis"les MC KENNAÏ sont 1 peu plus dur à faire, mais j'ai sorti un champi de 46g sec!...entre le gros psylo et l'amante panthère,énorme...les golden teacher font entre 5 et 15-20g sec/champi...Greg


    Perfectas para un viaje
    4 veces la dosis normal y te fundirás, recomendada para psiconautas


    Premier essai de culture réussi.
    Première culture réussie. Le kit 'GOLDEN TEACHER' pardonne les erreurs de débutants. Petit bémol, Pour moi, le guide de culture devrait être un peu plus étoffé (passage à la deuxième vague, ...).


    Amazing service helped me every step of the way with the payment process and couldn’t be happier with the final product I bought a heat mat, a hydrometer and Golden Teacher, nearly 2 weeks in and everyday they are doubling in size. Will definitely be using Zamnesai for all my future purchases.


    Nothing to complain great quield.


    I followed the instructions and got my first flush (18 days after the package arrived), here's hoping for the future flushes!


    A great trip inducer, happy and euohoric followed by contemplative.


    First time growing and an already on the 3rd flush from the kit. Kept things totally sanitary and had 2 solid harvests thus far, and a rather strong product!


    Muy recomendado
    Acabo de recibir mi kit de golden teacher, pero este, no es cualquier kit, sino un kit de reemplazo que Zamnesia con toda la confianza me envió... yo compre un kit anteriormente, que venia ya en mal estado ( son suposiciones mias), y al ver tremenda contaminación de moho, tire el pan directamente a la basura con miedo a que me la liara..... al siguiente día, contacte con zamnesia, ellos necesitan aparte de testear como ha tratado uno el pan, unas fotos para ver directamente lo que esta pasando.... pues claro, yo con el rollo de la contaminación, ya no tenía el pan conmigo... les conté a Zamnesia, y con toda la confianza me han enviado tremendo reemplazo!! Gracias por el gran servicio que dan... recomiendo 100% este lugar


    First time purchasing grow kit from Zamnesia & I must say it didn’t go to plan. However Zamnesia were quick to respond & sort out my problem. They sent me a replacement within a day of bringing up the issue to the customer service team. I am a customer for life & recommend Zamnesia to anyone & everyone. Thanks Zamnesia, Keep it up, Abu


    Gutes Zuchtset
    es war mein erstes Zuchtset und ich bin begeistert. Mein erster flush war schon Zwei Wochen nach erhalt des Sets fertig und betrug 15.15g getrockneter Pilze,der zweite flush war nach einer weiteren Woche erntereif und hatte ein Trockengewicht von 13g Pilzen.


    Super easy
    This is an amazing kit, perfect for first-timers like myself. Also, shrooms are so pretty.


    very good strain and product!
    on the 2nd flush now. looking great. first flush, 20g dried mushrooms. they are not that strong though; I had good fun with the kit, more success than with the supa gro. keep up the good work!


    zamnesia golden teacher
    all perfect, abundant harvesting, great product!


    Looking great so far both tubs pinning after a few weeks. Really high quality kits , think I'm gonna switch from supagro to zamnesias own by the looks of things


    My kitt was contaminated
    I bought a golden teacher mushroom kit and after a week they started to mold, guess they were contaminated from the start. because I have followed all the steps of washing my hands.


    Tolles zuchtset
    Schnelle Lieferung,innerhalb von zwei Wochen wuchsen die Pilze heran Unkomplizierte Anzucht


    Nice and Easy
    Well, 1st time I bought a kit, it didn't produce anything so I decided to buy a 2nd one. Man, this 2nd kit, it's just growing and growing. Healthy mushrooms and lots of pins. I'm not done with the 1st flush and I already harvested 65g. No complaints at all.


    Très satisfait
    Très bon produit, Un peu long à démarrer, mais mycélium de bonne qualité, rendements (3 bonnes récoltes minimum, 55 Gr sec ) Je recommande pour les amateurs de Golden Teacher Merci Zami ;)


    Great customer service and awesome quality!
    Zamnesia really has the best support from all the internet shops i know. Always discret packaging and fast delivery. Every problem is solved within 2 days. Big thumbs up!!!


    Gute Erfahrung
    Schon die Pilze zu züchten war eine neue Erfahrung hat Spaß gemacht. Mit dem Set war es sehr einfach und man kann fast nichts falsch machen, wenn man die Anleitung(en) auf der Zamnesia Website befolgt. Kleiner Hinweis: Was einigen wenigen Tage auf der Oberfläche des Substrats aussieht wie weißer Schimmel, ist gar keiner und völlig normal. Also keine Panik und etwas Geduld haben… Interessant ist natürlich auch die Wirkung der Pilze. Mein erster Versuch war eine eher "düstere" Erfahrung, aber durchaus erkenntnisreich. Eingestellt war ich eher auf ein euphorisches Gefühl – also offen sein für alles was kommt! Ich werde auf jeden Fall weiter experimentieren…


    This strain is fairly easy to use, with robust cultivation and low contamination issues. Especially with this Zamnesia substrate, sturdy with regular flushes until the cake is like a soap bar. The high is a potent onset of physical euphoria turning into a more psychological experience. With similar vivid colours to the Terrance McKennai strain. A go to mushroom for self awareness or philosophy.


    MĂ­stica y reveladora
    Desvelando bellos mundos tras sus enseñanzas, al principio un tanto duras, pero eso es porque yo había sido travieso... Jejeje


    Top Produkt
    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Growkit! Super schnelle Lieferung und guter Ertrag beim ersten flush. Der zweite ist bereits in den Startlöchern.


    great kit with the heat mat together
    I had a kit that didnt do great and did some troubleshooting with support. They were so kind to help me and I got another one which is doing great. Thanks for the great customer support, it means a lot!


    First pins have appeared
    As the title suggests, the first pins have appeared for me, so I know that the kit is growing as intended. Unfortunately however, the included grow bag had a tiny puncture which made it leak. I therefore had to take out the grow kit out and locate and repair the puncture, which was more trouble than neccesary. Afterwards I could then refill it, and mist the sides again. otherwise solid product


    Amazing teacher
    Zamnesia did it again! In a week i get my order, GT growkit and with a nice price. Im so happy. Now I read one More time growkit guide and start to grow a medicine and therapy things for me! :) Later when first flush is ready and can harvest, i will write here how much dry shrooms i get. ;) lets growing begin! For all Zamnesia People, have a great week!


    arrived quickly, nice harvest, 5/5


    Golden teacher shroom kit
    Excellent service! Was worried it was a scam, absolutely not. Comms excellent reassurance right until the parcel arrived. Very very pleased! Have yet to see anything due to time scales but am excited to see the end result. Will defo order again. Thank you!


    prompt exchange
    GT Zamnesia grow kit seemed to be 'asleep'. After 21 days of not pinning, we contacted Zamnesia and after answering the questions and providing photos,they promptly sent us a new kit which worked perfectly. Satisfied with the customer service.


    Excellent customer service
    I ordered one of these, it didn't grow. I sent a few photos and answered a few questions. It was promptly resolved with a replacement or voucher. I took the replacement offer and it is starting to take off after 3 weeks. Will order again.


    Nice Golden Teacher first flush
    Haven't tried them yet, but the first flush gave 15 gr. dried. Just followed the manual. This was my first flush ever. Good customer support when I had questions.


    Beetje teleurstellend
    Na ongeveer 1,5 maanden de eerste flush maar geoogst omdat ze niet groter werden dan een paar centimeter. Hierna geen nieuwe groei meer gehad. Ik zou ook niet weten waar het aan kan liggen, ik heb alle gebruiksaanwijzingen gevolgd en ten allen tijde zo steriel mogelijk gewerkt.


    Die Lieferung lief problemlos ab und auch das gelieferte Produkte ist qualitativ sehr gut. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen und werde sicher wieder bestellen !


    made 3x100g medium flushes and it's not finished


    Facile si on suit les instructions
    J'ai suivi à la lettre les instructions jointes dans un pdf téléchargé sur le site, en respectant particulièrement les conditions d'hygiène et en une poignée de jours j'ai vu apparaître les premières têtes. Croissance plutôt tranquille pour la première récolte, et malheureusement comme j'ai de longues journées loin de la maison, je n'ai pas pu être là au moment crucial qui m'aurait permis de récolter quand les champignons virent de couleur et deviennent plus clairs et juste avant que les premiers déchirent leur voile. Du coup j'ai tout cueilli et procédé à la préparation d'une deuxième levée. C'est beaucoup plus rapide ce coup-ci, et ils poussent, ben... comme des champignons! Là je veille au grain et comme je suis plus dispo, je les cueille un à un au degré de maturité optimum. Je dois avouer que comme je suis une newbie et que je n'ai jamais fait beaucoup d'expériences psyché (je me contente de manger un peu de weed quand j'ai vraiment besoin de dormir) je veux attendre de bonnes conditions de sécurité - un gardien de confiance pour veiller sur moi et rien d'important à faire dans les jours qui suivent- pour tester leur effet, donc rien à dire là-dessus, sorry about that. Je veux que ce soit une expérience à part, un peu mystique pour moi qui suis radicalement athée et pas un cauchemar. Je vais lire un peu sur le sujet aussi, Huxley et Michael Pollan et puis me lancer ensuite. Histoire que les étoiles soient alignées. Du coup je les fais pousser, je les cueille et je les fais sécher pour que tout sois prêt quand je le serai aussi. à l'odeur, ils sentent un peu le roquefort (blue cheese for the English speakers) ce qui est sans doute en lien avec leur couleur bleu outremer quand on les ouvre et qu'ils s'oxydent. Have a safe trip. Bon voyage :)


    ...super Top! Ich habe die erst Ernte eingefahren und ich bin sehr zufrieden! Was ich noch positiv bewerten muss ist das das einfĂĽllen von Wasser direkt in die TĂĽte ...ich weiĂź nicht ob es daran liegt aber ich hatte zum ersten mal keinen seitlichen wuchs.


    Amazing first flush!
    Amazes and very pleased, discreet sent , easy steps to follow. My grow partner did a lot to make a good growing area,and he made a yeld bin that we used instead of the bag, and our first flush was absolutely good, fresh 200 grams, dried 21 g. And we're excited for the second flush as it has started right away when set to grow. We are Soo happy 🥰


    Wächst super laut Aussage vom Kollegen. War sein erster Versuch und hat direkt mit den mitgelieferten Anleitungen geklappt.


    Very fun to see the whole process, I found a new passion & hobbie. Got 198g fresh in the 1st flush. I fan them for 24h, then bought a food dehydrator and it took 4hrs for the small ones, 6/7hrs in total for the bigger ones


    Simple, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. Don't worry the magic will happen just takes time. Looks like it's doing nothing and the next day it's alive. Amazing to watch them develop.


    Happy Happy 🧙‍
    Eerste flush was bijna 140gr en is aan het drogen, nu wachten op de volgende verse oogst Het wordt een vrolijke kerst 🧙‍🥳


    So good
    Super easy to grow and incredibly exciting to see them bloom. I’m on my second flush and they are growing just as strong. I’ve had a nibble and they are lovely shrooms.


    Beginner's mushrooms
    This was my first experience with magic mushrooms. Very easy to grow, quite resilient. I had a really good time taking them with friends, good vibes, good laughs. I recommend this kit for beginners as the effects of the mushrooms are mild and growing them is easy.

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