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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'

 4/5 (563)

    Ça fait du bien...
    Frenchement ça fait un bien fou, ne doutez en rien de la puissance de leur trip. Cest pas des psylo ça ne fait pas rire donc dissimulable aupres des autres attention quand meme au personne sous sub, pas de sub 8h min avant la prise, donc un peu de patience et tout ira bien. Risque de wreck paralysie si vous etes encore sous effet de la bupré. Sinon un pur bonheur


    Schnelle Lieferung, gute Beschreibung und easy handling. !!! Viel SpaĂź


    Don't work
    This is the second time I've ordered growkits from Zamnesia, followed the instructions to the letter and got absolutely no yield. I've used growkits from other companies which yielded just fine. don't waste your money!


    I had buy Two Spa grow kits, i followed all the steps in the manual= restult ZERO, nothing happens.... I REnew the experience with normal Kit, that Grow.... Then 80 € spend for nothing .


    29,63gr. (dryed) from the first flush! Followed the manual step by step. When I was unsure the support replied swiftly. Watch out for the 'perfect' time to harvest! It only took 6 hours (!) from the point where the caps seemed fully grown until the velum ruptured and the caps flared out. Now, 10 days after the first harvest, new pins show happy!


    Fantastic grow kit
    This kit sits dormant for approximately 1wk and then explodes into a perfect uniformed display! They are fascinating to watch. Hoping to get a couple more flushes which will keep me in micro doses for a long long time. Thanks Zamie


    Habe mich so auf das Set gefreut, leider war die Box kontaminiert und roch nach 1ner Woche ĂĽbel.. Support wurde bescheid gegeben , leider wurde kein Ersatz geschickt, oder auch keine alternative oder entgegenkommen, was ich sehr traurig finde. ...


    Good First Box and Flush
    I got a nice first flush, second one was small but we take what we get. The last and 3th flush was only 4-5 bigger shrooms.


    Good kit
    Decent kit, good results.


    Erste Ernte nach 2 Wochen
    Es war insgesamt recht einfach. 2x Täglich lüften und befeuchten. Ich hab das ganze grow pack morgens und abends auf den Balkon getragen, da die Pilze dort frische Luft hatten. vermutlich hat das nicht geschadet denn nach 2 Wochen konnte ich schon Ernten. einige Tage später erschien noch ein einsamer Pilz. weitere 5 Tage später konnte ich wieder ernten. Momentan bereitet sich vielleicht ein neuer Schub vor (hoffe ich)... Viel Erfolg bei eurer Zucht und zum Schluss noch ein kleines Mantra das mich eine Weile erfolgreich begleitet hat: Ich atme Hass aus und ich atme liebe ein .


    ¡¡¡ Muy mal !!!
    No salĂ­a nada....


    wow... immer glĂĽck geahbt nur diesmal komplett reingeschissen....
    Also ich ahbe die letzen 5 male immer glück gehabt und dieses mal kam direkt ein kontaminiertes kit an... erkennt amn an den grünen schimmel unten.., ich hoffe da wäcst noch was aber die hoffnung sieht schlecht aus ich hoffe auf eine retour..


    growkit en diensten
    Deze growkit van Supagrow deed het niet bij mij. En ik kweek verschillende kits al 3 jaar. was mijn eerste mislukte. ik heb Zamnesia gemaild daarover. Super snelle reactie. ik moet foto’s sturen en vragenlijst beantwoorden wat betreft ondernomen stappen. Ik kreeg nieuw grow kit naar keuze gratis. super lief van ze! ben blij mee. ik geef hier 5 sterren maar voor de diensten. en het kan natuurlijk wel eens gebeuren dat de kit het niet doet dus ik ga ook de merk supagrow ook niet slecht beoordelen. was de eerste keer dat ik deze merk uitgeprobeerd heb.


    A great strain, very large mushrooms.


    Magic mushrooms disenchantment
    The mushrooms never develooped in the box, money thrown to the garbadge.


    Pas content
    Pour ma part le les fait comme sur le manuel et a côté je faisais des copelandia qui on pouser mais les trous dans le supa gro bag on contaminer le mycelium deja present. Je ne recommde pas j'ai perdu 50,95 euros (je préfère les les pain traditionnel que l'on prépare avec de l'eau et un sac qui laisse pas entrer les moncheron et la contamination ! Pas bon sac le produit peu être sympa mais il faut changer le sac ! 🤮Je ne suis pas satisfait j'ai récupéré 5 champi même pas mure par ce qu'il ne pousser plus.


    Waste of time and money
    I am a customer in Zamnezia for many years. In the beginning the kits were working perfectly and were giving good yields. At some point the kits started to be problematic, with small amount of shrooms or with no shrooms at all. I put a lot of effort and money. Some of the times, Zamnesia sent new Free grow kits for replacement, and that is good, but the result was usually the same. Hopefully Zamnesia will take more seriously customers complains about the grow kits. Would be better for all.


    After a little over a week I got the first flush who was really large even with a lot of mushrooms on the side. This I find a little annoying, because I have to take out the whole cake to get them of. After harvesting the mushrooms they left a lot of blue bruises. For a moment I thought I would get some kind of fungus and nothing would grow out but luckily not! Now a few weeks later new little ones are popping up. Just a little patience works...well a lot of patience!! :D


    Yet another disappointment & Low yield
    This is the 4th batch I buy and its the 4th disappointment. Have optimal growth set up, follows instructions to the dot and yet each time, the yield is so poor. A few SMALL shrooms ONLY on the sides nothing in the middle and ONLY one harvest. Your customer service has been outstanding and you have replaced one of these poorly performing kitts but each time its a time waste and frustrating. Why don't you address what so many are complaining about and solve the issue with side growth. Why wont the substrate perform in the middle? This time i was able to harvest 60g.. thats not ok guys.. Until you come up with steady yield kitts with mush less side growth .. not a happy customer here.


    A great strain, very large mushrooms.


    Estaba contaminado…
    Después de las 3 semanas cuidando con mucha dedicación aun no habían salido las setas, contacté con zamnesia y me ofrecieron una solución muy rapida :)


    The best customer support
    Awesome retailers who try to do the best by their customers and address any concerns immediately which also means shipping for free replacements for faulty items.


    Ca n'a pas marché
    Désolé mais ça n'a pas marché du tout, j'ai lu et suivi mes instructions, je me lave les mains chaques fois que je manipule le kit, j'ai utilisé de l'eau distillée avec un pulvérisateur en visant les bords du sac plastique et pas le substrat directement, la ça fait plus de trois semaines et toujours rien. Un côté est devenu maron et ça sent dégueulasse. Bref, extrêmement déçu. Je vais demander un remboursement


    great Mushroom
    using this kit was my first growing experience, and it was really fun


    Sehr gutes gro kit fĂĽr pilze Sehr schnell gewachsen leicht zu handhaben funktioniert super leicht solche magic mushrooms zu growen top!! Wirkung sehr toll getrocknet auf jedenfalls stark.. empfehlenswert! Habe damit sehr gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht.


    Golden Teacher fail
    Supa Gro failed to produce any pins although I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe the heatwave during transit - who knows. Anyway customer service were sent photos and I've now received a new kit - Zamnesia own brand FOC - so fingers crossed. Customer service can't be faulted though.


    Amazing shop
    Ordered GT Supagro kit. Started to see the first pins after around 2 weeks. They looked fine, and some of them even grew well, but a lot of shrooms just stopped to grow and changed their color to black-brown instead of golden. Every problem that occured during the growing were solved by the amazing customer service. And today, after I sent them a photo of my kit, the shop said that it might be defective (which is highly possible, because it was delievered at around 34-35°C). But the kit looked fine, so no idea what went wrong. BUT the shop just provided me with the FREE new kit, I can choose any of it. So, besides I didn`t get any shrooms yet, but the shop received my respects and I am very thankful to them for help and understanding!


    Supe Grow funktioniert nicht
    Dies ist schon das zweite Kid, das nicht funktioniert. Ich habe selbst mehrmals selbst Mycel produziert und erfolgreich zur Fruchtung gebracht. Aber dieses Growkid ist leider MĂĽll ! Nicht kaufen !


    Great product
    I have started my first mushrooms experience with Zamnesia and, so far the service and the shrooms are wonderful.


    Un peu plus d'une semaine
    Des têtes d'épingle pointent le bout de leur chapeau. Je n'y croyais pas trop à cause de cette chaleur écrasante. Je fais extrêmement attention, je me lave les mains je désinfecte avant de toucher quoi que ce soit, et je leur parle aussi . Et contre toute attente, ça pousse ! Deux fois par jour je les ventilé pendant 1 minute.. J'ai un brumisateur donc je me sers pour humidifier. Les petits champignons sont trop jolis. On verra la suite.


    mauvais produits pour la 3 fois
    n°85228359 Bonjour, pour la troisième fois produit défectueux, je désire cette fois ci être rembourser..... Envoyer moi un lien pour vous faire parvenir photos........


    Great support, instructions to be improved
    I had any sort of troubles with the first kit and, while the customer service was super and replaced it at once with a new supa kit, I am still waiting for an answer to my doubts. I wonder why they don't provide a step-by-step video for the grow kits, instead of giving just a few rough hints. Anyway, the second kit was more successful, so I guess that supa kits are not infallible and this is a learning-by-doing business (yet an interesting one).


    Great service
    I ordered a grow kit which didn't produce as expected, the harvest was low and the shrooms came from the bottom of the cake instead of the top. After contacting Zamnesia I could pick a new grow kit, so selected GT again but this time from Supa. My first flush produced 14gr dried, the 2nd around 4gr. Waiting on the 3rd flush now. Took a small dose of 2gr last weekend which was a really relaxing and funny experience.


    Contaminer à réception
    Très mauvais kit même après explication photo au service après vente, aucune réponse apportée.. je déconseille argent foutu en l’aire!!


    Customer Service Top
    I faced some issues with the first delivery because the third party logistics in charge of deliveries in my country is the absolute worst. Anyway, the support offered by the CS was super. CS is able to provide a very quickly feedback on the issue and offer a prompt solution as well. I don't know much about this kit, but I ordered another kit before (McKennaii Fresh) and comparing the two guides I guess Fresh kits are way more easier and you have less chance of contamination.


    Zu voll
    Hat funktioniert. Aber ist so voll gepresst mit myzel, Dass das erste Wasser nicht ganz durchdringt. Darum ist nicht auf der ganzen Fläche was gewachsen.


    Looking promising
    Just received so it's early days. Received as a replacement for an inert kit which may have become overheated in transit (maybe). Anyway, it was unresponsive and the fantastic Zamnesiacs sent a replacement immediately and without fuss and that seems to be behaving well. Always top-notch service.


    I love these mushies
    My kit has arrived, and growing well, I think this strain is great Thanks Domski


    Pour le coup, 300g frais en 3 flush, des très jolis champignons, très forts très bons. Je ne saurais que les vanter, introspection garantie. Mais je n'achèterai plus de supa gro kit, fresh mushrooms m'ont été bcp plus facile d'accès au début en tant que débutant Par contre très bon très forts et très potents, très rentable, c'est la seule box de supagrokit dont je suis satisfait !


    Non fonctionnel
    C'est la première foi que je teste un kit déjà prêt. Vraiment déçu, cela ne fonctionne pas. Autant faire directement sur grinbavec une seringue, au moins on est sur du résultat


    Vers good
    Je recommande


    Enlightening experience
    Good experience with friends and family, we all had a good time ! Feel comfortable to try these out ! Thank you zamnesia :) always nice !


    Helaas niks
    The kit developed wet rot (mycogone infection) and I disposed of it. I did not take any pictures before disposing, so Zamnesia could not offer a replacement from their supplier (for that, Zamnesia needs to provide pictures as well). However, Zamnesia generously offered to replace it by one of their own brand grow kits. That is performing excellent and I expect to harvest the third flush tomorrow. I will stick to those in the future.


    Leider wieder nix geworden.
    Probiere schon zum 4. mal und nichts auĂźer Schimmel. Sonst wie immer alles super mit der Bestellung.


    Excelente, volveré a comprar.


    Very good customer service
    The kit didn't work, just a couple of little fruits, but very soon I've got a voucher and free shipping. I'll try another kit. Thanks!


    Long story short : first SupaGro kit failed because I haven't took good care of it aaaaand, Zamnesia was above anything words can describe, offering to replace it. On this one however, I've got 5 monster mushrooms, the size of my palm and lots of little ones on the first flush. Looking for the weekend to try them out! Big thanks!


    No Joy :(((
    Myocilin developed nicely at the start of the grow, then stagnation and then literally, two fruits only! Followed the instructions to the letter, first time that a kit dosent perform. This is the first time that I used this brand, always grow the GT strain.


    Rien donné, n'a pas fonctionné.
    Pourri. J'ai tout jeté au bout de 3 semaines. Pourtant les conditions étaient requises. Je suis bien refroidie, argent jeté par la fenêtre.


    Culture golden teacher
    Malheureusement la culture n'a pas fonctionné, et je me questionne sur le fait de recommencer ou non

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