Top 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Better For You Than Alcohol
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Top 10 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Better For You Than Alcohol

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When it comes to bud or booze, bud wins every time; and here are our top reasons why.

When it comes to weed, we are quick to sing its praises. Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, with a lot to offer. Although it is traditionally laden with stigmatism, skepticism and outright prejudice, the growing amount of research into cannabis is slowly changing mainstream public opinion. One discovery that has come to the forefront of media attention is that cannabis is better for you than alcohol.

With this in mind, here are 10 reasons to smoke a joint instead of hit the beer keg:

10. Sex And Cannabis Go Hand In Hand

Alcohol not only dulls the senses to stimuli (including sexual stimulation), it will also have you fumbling around in an unsexy stupor. On the other hand, cannabis increases the senses, making sex a much more intimate and profound experience.

9. Drunks Make Stupid Decisions, Stoners Don’t

We all know how alcohol can cause us to make stupid ‘drunk’ decisions. It makes us take a lot more risk, leaving us with a headache that goes much deeper than a simple hangover. Research has shown that this is not a problem with stoners. Sure, weed makes them take longer to come to a decision, but the choice they reach is often the same as if they had been sober.

8. Alcohol Inhibits Muscle Growth

Trying to pack on a bit of muscle down the gym? Well, alcohol is going to make things much harder for you – disrupting hormones, recovery, and testosterone levels. Not a worry for those who use cannabis.

7. One Damages The Brain, The Other Protects It

It no big secret that going on a regular heavily booze binge can damage the brain. Cannabis on the other hand has recently been shown to protect the brain from alcohol induced damage, and even cause neurogenesis – the creation of new cells!

6. Alcohol = Violence

The use of alcohol is strongly linked to violent behavior. Most of us have seen it first hand - you are sitting in a bar with friends, having a nice chat, and then suddenly someone else in the bar starts getting violent. It is not something you see happening in a coffee shop! In fact, cannabis is associated with reduced likelihood of violence!

5. Marijuana Helps Treat Cancer

There are now numerous research papers, all outlining the anti-cancer effects of cannabis throughout the body, available online. It even helps fight alcohol induced cancer – because yep, that’s right, alcohol is carcinogenic.

4. One Of Them Is A Killer, Guess Which One

The World Health Organisation estimates that 3.3 million people across the globe are killed by alcohol each year. There has not been one conclusive recording of a marijuana caused death since records began.

3. You Can’t Overdose On Cannabis

Technically, too much of anything can kill you. Consuming 8 litres of water in one sitting will kill a human adult, and anti-cannabis campaigners will use this with their twisted logic to tell you that cannabis can kill as well. Whilst technically true, scientists have been unable to actually establish the LD-50 (lethal dosage) of marijuana – no matter how hard they try. It is estimated that the LD-50 is somewhere between 1:20,000 and 1:40,000, meaning you would have to eat around 680KG of normal bud within the space of 15 minutes to pull it off. So whilst there is a real and easily achieved risk of overdosing on alcohol, you can’t with cannabis.

2. Alcohol Is Much More Addictive Than Cannabis

In an Interview with CNN, the US former Surgeon General outlined how cannabis was not physically addictive. Cannabis addiction tends to be in the form of a psychological dependence, but it is EXTREMELY rare, and is much less severe than both alcohol and nicotine addiction. Alcohol on the other hand is extremely addictive, both physically and psychologically, causing a great deal of damage to both the self and those around you – yet for some reason this is legal, where cannabis is not.

1. Cannabis Has Legitimate Medical Application

It’s not all about getting high (although it’s certainly not to be discouraged!). Cannabis is now recognised as a worthwhile and beneficial treatment for a whole array of medical problems including (but not exclusive to) cancer, HIV, glaucoma, pain, epilepsy, and MS.

So as you see, when it comes to debating the finer points of the world’s favorite intoxicants, cannabis wins hands down every time as the safer, more worthwhile choice.

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