Rick And Morty Is The Best Stoner Series Of All Time
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Top 10 Reasons Why Rick And Morty Is The Best Stoner Series Of All Time

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Travel through dimensions with the series Rick and Morty. Potheads are loving it. If you have not yet heard about this gem of an animation series, read on, and find out why it should be your go-to series after hitting the bong.

When Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland got acquainted through the non-profit short film festival Channel 101, history was written as it marked the beginning of Rick and Morty’s creation. Drawing inspiration from “Back to the Future” and adding a vulgar twist, this series has evolved into an epic masterpiece cherished by plenty of potheads out there.

Intergalactic space travels, a drunk scientist, an anxiety-ridden boy, aliens from all walks of life, lots of purging, and mad adventures are all included in this trippy, weed-friendly series. If the Simpsons and Family Guy keep you entertained during your stoned-mode, you must absolutely elevate your standards and watch Rick and Morty.

Embrace the mind-boggling, interdimensional, supergalactic travels of a crazy genius and his sidekick. So sit back, relax, and Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, let’s smoke some bud.

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Let’s begin with the character of characters. Rick is the protagonist of the show, who among many endeavors builds an amusement park inside a homeless person, and gets drunk as f**k. He just doesn’t give a f**k, he parties with aliens, kills aliens, and traumatises his civilian family members.

The extreme poles of his personality make Rick very entertaining. He’s basically a high-functioning alcoholic, and by “high-functioning” we mean he builds interdimensional portals while getting smashed. There's a sense of apathy in his character, although he finds meaning in the craziness of his adventures.

Brace yourselves for his catchphrases like “Ricky ticky tappy biiieech” and “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.” Rick is a bottomless well of jokes, which pairs perfectly with your kush endeavors.

1 Rick The Drunk Genius1


The plot of every episode is so incredibly far-fetched, it must be true! Giant heads from other galaxies kidnap Earth for humans to perform their best hit-song, which requires Rick and Morty to get “Schwifty.” Super intelligent dogs take over the world. Rick and Morty enter the battery of Rick’s spaceship, which is actually a universe Rick created consisting of beings used as energy to power the battery, although inside of that universe there is another battery which consists of a universe that directly interferes with the former universe to power the battery of Rick’s spaceship… Yep, it’s definitely toke material.

The incredible thing is that these plots are very consistent in terms of the chain of events and logic, which is amazing considering how chaotic they appear.


A giant fly-mantis assassin Krombopulos Michael is ready to kill for 3000 flerbos; mind-reading, inter-galactic farts with the ability to intercept people’s minds while wishing to destroy all carbon-based lifeforms; Unity, a virus entity which takes over the minds of populations and loves to party; Dr. Xenon Bloom, a professor who is a white cell that manages the anatomy park inside of a homeless person; extraterrestrial beings with testicle-shaped chins; Birdperson, a long-standing friend of Rick who is filled with intellect and wisdom. There are plenty of other wacky characters to explore with Rick and Morty! The creative aspect of all these characters will keep you tokers entertained.

3 Wacky Characters1


Since marijuana takes your brain to different dimensions, sit back and get comfortable; Rick and Morty are ready to guide you through the limits of the universe and beyond. This is probably the ultimate aspect that makes this show perfect for marijuana enthusiasts. In one episode, they enter an interdimensional space, which involves an interdimensional fixer whose head is, of course, a testicle.

In “Total Rickall,” parasite aliens infest the memory of the people and take shape into wacky characters who the infested people “remember” from way back. Other mindf**ks are the Meeseeks, creatures who are created for the sole purpose of making a wish come true, after which they can disappear. When they can’t help Jerry (Morty's dad) with taking two strokes off his golf game, they can't disappear, and existence makes them go nuts. As a Meeseek says, “Meeseeks usually don’t have to exist that long, it’s getting weird.” So they plot to kill Jerry. Honestly, only potheads can truly appreciate the mindf**k of it all.


Dan Harmon suggested to his co-creator Justin Roiland, the voice behind the legendary burping Rick, to do some method acting by getting drunk during the recording. It totally makes sense considering the very realistic, slurry drunk talk, which includes loads of burping and talk of dropping bombs to destroy Earth. While baked, you’re probably thinking, mmmhhhhmm… that’s what people do when they’re drunk, dropping bombs n’ shit. At which point you hope for Rick to smoke some high-class sativa just to see what he will come up with.

5 Method Acting1


No, it’s not the weed talking, there are some really profound messages mediated through this wacky series. For example, the saying goes “don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you.” After the family treat their dog Snuffles like a slave and castrate him, the dog gets superior intelligence from one of Rick’s devices. He then does unto others what was done unto him… Of course, since THC delivers great insights into reality, Rick and Morty will boost these realisations in an intergalactic manner.


Obviously, Rick and Morty keep their adventures relevant for stoned onlookers to relate to their environment. When Rick gets “Schwifty,” it clearly refers to the wacky phrases only the 21st century could produce to sell records. A more political reference is presented when divine women from another planet create sex-robots, which are used to carry babies because the women don’t want to involve themselves with the brutal men of the planet.

At the end of season 2, Rick asks Morty to go on a dangerous excursion with Abradolf Lincler (half Hitler, half Abraham Lincoln) to get some Kalaxian crystals for Rick. After a couple of traumatising events and the death of Lincler, Morty delivers the crystals to Rick who snorts them and states “these babies just saved the lame-ass party!” The crystals clearly refer to cocaine, which you should stay away from - just stick to that herb.

7 References To Todays Society1


To keep things interesting for your ganja-filled minds, the subplots are hilarious. When Rick and Morty travel inside of the battery of the spaceship (which is actually a universe), Morty’s sister stays in the spaceship, safeguarding her from any attackers. This subplot goes wild when the entire US military gets involved and the spaceship creates an alien-esque hologram of the deceased children of policemen to debilitate them from attack. Finally, the government signs a peace treaty with alien spiders. Yep, super weird guys.


The idea behind Rick and Morty clearly stems from the movie “Back to the Future,” from which key characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly are a source of inspiration. The name Marty and Morty are obviously similar. If you tokers love Back to the Future, Rick and Morty is a waaaay crazier version of that. Actually, the idea to almost completely rip-off the movie was inspired by Roiland’s attempt to “troll” the big studio to see what lawyers would do.

9 Back To The Future1


Last, but not least, the bond between Rick and Morty makes the show super funny. These characters complement each other since Rick is a confident, old, drunk genius who just doesn’t give a f**k and interacts easily with all space creatures. Morty is an anxious, socially-awkward boy with a conscience, well, until he decided to purge and murder an entire village, but that’s a story for another time. The empathy floating in one’s brain after hitting that bud will appreciate the unique bond between Rick and Morty.

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