The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Autoflowering Strains
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The Top 3 Reasons To Choose Autoflowering Strains

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Autoflowering strains have come a long way and can now compete with their big sisters. Here are the top 3 reasons why every grower can benefit from them.

The development of autoflowering strains revolutionized cannabis cultivation. Autos require minimal effort, finish ultra-fast and don’t need special lighting schedules - and yet produce a high quality smoke with great yields.

The main characteristic of autoflowering strains is that they start flowering automatically within weeks after planting, independent of light cycles. They complete their life-cycle within a pre-determined timeframe hard-coded in their genetics. How is this possible then?

Ruderalis - The Genetic Backbone Of Autos

Cannabis ruderalis is originally found in Russia. This variety has evolved to thrive in short summers and harsh winters by flowering within weeks after finishing its vegetative phase. It stays short in stature, and contains very low THC-levels, which by itself is not very attractive. However, after successfully crossing regular high-THC strains with ruderalis genetics, the first commercially available autoflowering strain was born - the “LowRyder". Although autoflowering strains are still relatively new, they have come a long way since the early days of the “LowRyder”. As modern autos can now compete with their photoperiod counterparts, it would not be long until the they drew the attention of growers around the globe.

How do you know an auto strain is for you then? Here are the top 3 reasons why you can benefits from autoflowering strains:

1. Autos Are Ready For Harvest Within Weeks

Are you tired of waiting until it’s time for the big harvest? If you are in a hurry to get your hands on some delightful Chronic as fast as possible, then an autoflowering strain may very well be your best option!

While regular photoperiod strains require 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to initiate the flowering cycle, the autoflowering strains will begin the flowering cycle on their own, usually within weeks after planting - regardless of the duration of the light period. Even if you have the lights on 24 hours a day! This means you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your efforts within 2-3 months, as opposed to the 3-4 months regular strains demand (depending on strain and growing style).

2. Autos Are Robust In Nordic Climates

Outdoors, photoperiod strains start flowering when they sense winter is coming, which is triggered by a shortening day. This makes it challenging to grow outdoors for those living in locations where the temperatures get too low, or precipitation gets too high before the flowering cycle is completed, potentially ruining your crop by mold.

Since autoflowering strains are very robust and have such a short life cycle, you can grow them practically anywhere. If you expect the weather to be appropriate for the next 2-3 months, you are ready to go and it’s time to put the seed into the soil. This is a great advantage for for those living in Nordic climates!

Moreover, if you happen to live in a place with a more forgiving weather, you can do multiple auto grows over the year, for a constant supply.

3. Autos Are Stealthy

If stealth is of utmost importance to you, then you are better off with an auto strain as well. Most autos will reach a final height between 30 and 120 cm on average, with the exception of "super autos". This means they fit almost anywhere, from your balcony to your small closet!

Also, they can easily blend between other plants due to their short stature, whether you are growing guerrilla or in your backyard. "Beautiful tomatos you are growing there!”

Check out our selection of the top 10 autoflowering strains here!


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