Shpongle Live In Brussels - Last Show in Europe!
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Shpongle Live In Brussels - Last Show In Europe!

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If you are into psychedelic music then you may want to check out the upcoming Shpongle concert that is set to be held in Brussels this May – the last European Shpongle show this year!

Shpongle is one of the best known and most highly regarded psychedelic music projects out there. Formed in 1996, Shpongle is an English psychedelic music project founded by Simon Posford and Raja Ram, two progenitors of the psybient music genre – beautifully melding psy-trance, world music and ambient into one trippy soundscape.

Shpongle is set to appear this May (the 2nd of May to be precise), in Brussels, Belgium for their last European appearance this year. The event is due to take place at the Brussels Event Brewery, and also feature performances from Juno Reactor and McCoy’s SUN Project – definitely setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

Juno Reactor is another legendary british music project, best known for their involvement in composing the music score for the Matrix movies. But already before that Juno created wild tunes with energetic beats, high voltage synths and a pinch of tribal trance.

The other live act in Brussels is one of Germany’s best known psy-trance groups. McCoy’s SUN Project is famed for their eclectic mix of heavy metal guitars and psy-trance, performed live on stage.

Concert tickets are limited, with only 500 being sold at 45 euros and an additional 300 late tickets at 50 euros a piece. There is a dedicated and colorful shuttle bus that will be running a return service from Paris to Brussels, although spaces are limited (with only 23 left at the time of writing this) – so very early booking will be required.

Shpongle is known for performing the live shows on the Shpongletron, an eye catching custom design stage that harnesses cleverly designed canvas screens, projections and dancers to display psychedelic imagery in sync with the music. It’s an outstanding experience, even for fancy trance parties.

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