Kalini Asia (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized
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New Zamnesia Strain: Kalini Asia

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What is it that draws cannabis fans to purple weed? Purple conveys dankness and proper maturity, and hints at power. Kalini Asia is a potent blend of the most refined mountain indicas. It will impress with its purple looks and formidable, Kush-flavoured effects.


Zamnesia is introducing a new strain for your brain—the beautifully purple Kalini Asia. In analytical psychology, purple is associated with power, nobility, and luxury, and it conveys wealth and extravagance. The lush purple foliage and twisted clusters of purple calyxes on Kalini Asia are certainly extravagant. The powerful effects from this luxurious example of perfectly blended mountain Kush is as heavy as an indica can get. If you like your stones monolithic, then Kalini Asia will not disappoint.

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The contemporary grower who enjoys the fast maturation and equally quick weight gain of pure indicas will certainly have great fun growing Kalini Asia. The pleasure of watching Kush-style flowers unfold is completely different to the sativa maturing process. With a seperate vegetation space, it is possible to do six perfectly timed crops per year.


Kalini Asia, Hailing From The Kush Mountains

Kalini Asia began its life as landraces sourced from hidden valleys in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Hindu Kush mountains have been the original home of many dense indica strains used by expert breeders. The provenance of Kalini Asia shares a similarly mysterious heritage. The first screen of the parent landraces still produces hashish worthy of the world stage. Only seeds from the deepest purple strains of locally refined phenotypes were smuggled out of this sadly war-torn region.

Crossing the dense Afghan cultivar with the dense Pakistani cultivar has produced the doubly dense Kalini Asia. Young plants begin green, then gradually take on lavender tints. As the plants mature, the lavender deepens and plush hues from mauve to indigo develop. Orange hairs accentuate the deep violet tones of the mature buds and vice versa. Crowded trichomes are pungent and cover the complete flower structure.


How Will Kalini Asia Grow In Your Garden?

Kalini Asia is a squat and heavily structured plant that grows to a little over a metre. With minimal internodal spacing, a mature plant has the aspect of being one large mutant purple bud. Removal of the large vegetative fan leaves once blooming is well-established helps bud development. It is tolerant of stronger nutrients and will respond with the deepest purple in colder climates.

With genetics shaped by altitude, intense sun, short valley-shaded days, and quickly descending winters, Kalini Asia grows quickly and intensely. It behaves almost like an autoflowering plant with a brief 8-week flowering period once lighting is flipped to 12-12. There is no need for ruderalis genetics to speed the grow cycle up. This plant is classically indica all the way. Outdoors, expect complete maturity by September.

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It could be argued that the Kush strain of indicas is a strain apart—different from other indicas found elsewhere in the world. Sharing the typically squat, robust frame and heavy flowering traits as all indicas, Kush flowers are easily distinguishable from other subspecies and have a unique bouquet and flavour spectrum. That, in fact, they are another subspecies of cannabis altogether (bringing the number to four) is still debated. There is of course no doubt about their power.


Kalini Asia By Zamnesia Seeds: What’s It Like?

These tightly packed, dense buds barely lose volume when they are cured. Trichomes and other resin-bearing glands bulge with lemon and pine-flavoured resins. There are tens of thousands of species of fruit on the planet. Some of them are present in the bouquet and taste of this smoke. The fruitiness is so exotic, you would have to hike into some far off jungle to find these flavours—obviously unavailable at your local supermarket. They are such tantalising nuggets to view and smell, it seems a crime to submit them to the grinder.

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The initial effects make themselves known even before the first delicious exhale is complete. Medical patients and insomniacs will put this weed firmly on their hit list. It completely turns off the anxious mental chatter from extreme pain and has direct anodyne effects on the body. Getting comfortable for the evening will undoubtedly position you at the centre of your own little black hole. That indica insistence turning your blood to lava. You will need the number of a takeaway place that can deliver right to your lap.

The chronic pain sufferer will be completely pleased by the powerful effects of Kalini Asia. When the cannabinoids and terpenes have been put to work therapeutically, there is enough left over to provide a pleasant, anxiety-free state of mind and a sincere sigh of relief. Extracts, moon rocks, and edibles are another level entirely.


Does The Purple In Cannabis Mean Extra Power?

Generally, no. Purple is a pretty pigmentation caused by flavonoids called anthocyanins. The unique mountain valley environment where the Kalini Asia parents evolved simply required these cultivars to be purple. Probably due to high UV radiation at very high altitudes and the plants being cold for much of their lives. These features are retained in the modern grow room, regardless of temperature. Although the colder, the purpler.

Medical research into cannabis is really in its infancy, and the importance of genetics that are purely purple has yet to be uncovered. Recreationally, this range of compounds certainly modifies the marijuana theme to be uniquely Kalini Asia, but they don’t necessarily make her stronger. She is stronger because she is a resin-soaked monster indica loaded with THC.


If You Like Growing Dank Weed, Kalini Asia Is The Ticket

Longtime connoisseurs will find the refreshing potency of this strain a breath of dank air. An uncompromising mental inundation with an undeniably indica body load can make you feel young again. The novice will find functioning on this weed a challenge. This is the reason Afghanistan and Pakistan are whispered with such reverence in cannabis cliques.

When given a customised environment, cannabis will grow perfectly. Well-balanced soil recipes for outdoors and nutrients optimised for weed indoors always means a vigorous response from marijuana. Kalini Asia is a naturally hardy plant that can produce perfect nuggets when left to the vagaries of nature. When she is given contemporary pampering, this indica’s indica is hard to fault. This is great weed.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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