Cannabis & CBD-Infused Massage Oil
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How To Make Cannabis & CBD-Infused Massage Oil

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The range of cannabis and CBD products is ever growing, and you can add massage oil to the list! The best part is, you don't need to buy it—you can make it easily at home. Perfect for winding down, or heating things up, these oils are worth having in the cupboard.

We all love getting massages, and some of us even love giving them. If you fancy treating someone to something special, why not craft your very own cannabis-infused massage oil to impress, relax, or maybe even stimulate them.

These oils are non-psychoactive, but are not without their wholesome effects. Easy to make and fun to use, why not give it a go?

What are the benefits of cannabis-infused massage oils?

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Massage Oils?

Cannabis-infused massage oils are a great way to stimulate or relax a certain area of the body. Topically applied, they provide local effects, without any psychoactive compounds making their way to your brain. This is great for those who wish to reap the potential benefits of cannabis products, but who don’t want to get high in the process.

Some of the benefits of cannabis-infused massage oils are:

  • Stimulation: CBD and THC increase blood flow to the areas upon which they are applied. Depending on the other ingredients in the oil, this may stimulate such areas and increase sensitivity.

  • Muscle relaxation: Likewise, cannabis-infused massage oil can help to relax sore muscles, again by increasing blood flow. Couple this with the relaxing effects of the massage itself, and you’ll be very comfortable indeed!

  • Soothing effect: Though unproven, there is ongoing research into the anti-inflammatory potential of cannabis, especially CBD.

  • Smells great: For many, the myriad aromas of cannabis are delicious and relaxing. Combined with complementary essential oils, that’s a whole load of terpenes synergising to soothe or stimulate you.

  • Non-psychoactive: Even when using massage oil containing THC, you will not get high. This is because cannabinoids are not able to penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream. Of course, it would also be cool if you could get high using them, but the fact that you can’t makes them more versatile.

  • Good way to use leftover trim: If you’re wondering what to do with all your leftover plant material, turning it into massage oil is a great option. It may not have the same cannabinoid content as oil made using bud, but it will still have a pleasant aroma.

  • Benefits from essential oils: Not only do THC and CBD carry potential benefits, but the essential oils too. Some are stimulating, some are refreshing, and many are deeply relaxing. Interestingly, the compounds that give essential oils their effects are the same ones that give cannabis its aromas—terpenes. It was once thought that the smell of terpenes alone was responsible for their wholesome impact, but it is now known that terpenes have physiological effects, and can even interact with other drugs. However, when applied as a topical lotion or massage oil, it is unlikely that these effects take hold.



Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you can create a cannabis-infused massage oil with THC, CBD, both, or a range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant—you could describe the latter as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil.

The phytochemical composition of the formula could influence the effects of the massage oil. Whereas cannabinoid isolate formulas focus on one cannabinoid, full-spectrum oils harness a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the name given to the holistic, synergistic effect of many different compounds working in unison. However, it is not proven even with smoked cannabis, and so we simply do not know whether it works with massage oils.

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So, how do you decide between a THC or CBD infused massage oil? Why not use both! You can choose a starting strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD to benefit from both major cannabinoids. This way, you don’t have to decide between them, and you open up the opportunity to benefit from the entourage effect. If, however, you want to avoid dealing with THC altogether, you can simply make a CBD massage oil. Ultimately, just get your hands on something and try it out. You can experiment from there!

Below, we’ve included a massage oil recipe for both THC-rich cannabis and CBD, so you can create the ideal formula for you.

How to make cannabis massage oil (THC)

How To Make Cannabis Massage Oil (THC)

Making cannabis-infused massage oil is a fairly straightforward procedure, with a highly worthwhile end result. When choosing a carrier oil, make sure it is something that won’t irritate the skin or stain bedding and clothes.

Ingredients and equipment for cannabis massage oil


  • 7g cannabis bud, finely ground (you can also use trim if you like)
  • ¼ cup carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil)
  • Around 21 drops of essential oil (frankincense, lavender, peppermint, etc.)


  • Saucepan
  • Heatproof glass bowl
  • Cheesecloth
  • Sieve
  • Funnel
  • Sterile, dark-coloured glass bottle

Instructions for making cannabis massage oil

  1. Decarboxylate your weed. This process turns THCA into THC, which is more readily available to your body. Do this by grinding up the plant material and putting it in the oven at 110°C for around 45 minutes. After this, the level of THC will begin to decline, so don't leave it in for too long.

  2. Fill your saucepan with water to ¼ capacity.

  3. Bring the water to a simmer over medium heat, and place your bowl on top of the pan to create a DIY double boiler.

  4. Pour your oil into the bowl, then add in your ground, decarboxylated cannabis. Stir it all up. Allow the mix to cook for 1–2 hours, stirring occasionally.

  5. Once the time has passed, allow the oil to cool for a while, then strain it through the cheesecloth and sieve into your bottle. This will remove all plant matter from the mix. Use a funnel to help direct the liquid if you find this tricky.

  6. Gently squeeze out the remaining oil from the cheesecloth into the bottle. Keep in mind that you want to minimise the amount of plant material that makes its way into the end product.

  7. You should now have a bottle of cannabis-infused carrier oil. Allow the oil to cool completely. Now, add in the drops of your chosen essential oil(s), and swirl it all together until it's adequately mixed.

  8. Seal the bottle and allow it to sit for 24 hours. This will help to meld all of the aromas of the oils together.

Your cannabis-infused massage oil is ready to use! Reach for this bottle to help someone unwind after a hard day, or to set the mood with your partner.

How to make CBD massage oil

How To Make CBD Massage Oil

Making CBD-infused massage oil is incredibly easy, taking less than half an hour and requiring very few ingredients and pieces of equipment. It’s worth noting that, if you want to, you can get some raw CBD flower and follow the recipe above. Below, however, we’ll be using CBD oil.

Ingredients for CBD massage oil


  • Desired amount of CBD oil (concentration of CBD will determine how much you use)
  • 2 cups olive oil
  • Around 21 drops of essential oil

Depending on how much you want to make, adjust these amounts accordingly. The ratios are all that matter.


  • Mixing bowl
  • Sterile, dark-coloured glass bottle

Instructions for making CBD massage oil

It really is very simple. Just mix all the ingredients together! This is best done in a bowl or mixing jug, but it could also be done in the final container if it’s large enough. Good CBD oil should already be fully decarboxylated, so you don't need to worry about heating it up.

What essential oils can you use with cannabis or CBD?

What Essential Oils Can You Use With Cannabis or CBD?

Choosing essential oils comes down to preference. Primarily, consider which smells you find most pleasant. Then, once you’ve shortlisted some potential oils, consider what you want to get out of the massage. Do you want it to be relaxing or invigorating? The terpenes in different essential oils more readily lend themselves to different moods, allowing you to tailor cannabis massage oils to your desires.

When choosing essential oils, be aware that some can irritate certain people’s skin (especially if used on genitalia), so it’s worth patch testing somewhere less sensitive first.

Some of the most popular essential oils to use in cannabis or CBD-infused massage oils are:

  • Lavender (relaxing)
  • Rosemary (relaxing)
  • Bergamot (relaxing)
  • Chamomile (relaxing
  • Frankincense (relaxing)
  • Peppermint (stimulating)
  • Eucalyptus (refreshing/cleansing)
  • Jasmine (aphrodisiac)

As mentioned, each oil contains a different mix of terpenes, and therefore has unique effects. There are many ways to go about choosing appropriate oils, from in-depth research to simply following your nose (if in doubt, this is a fail-safe method). Alternatively, just try different mixtures out and see what they do!

If you really fancy yourself an olfactory artist, try to identify which terpenes are present in your cannabis or CBD oil, then consider which essential oils would best complement those scents and flavours. If you’re using an upbeat, stimulating sativa, for example, maybe try something a little more invigorating, such as eucalyptus or jasmine. If you’re using a skunky, sleepy indica, opt for something relaxing, like lavender or rosemary.

Really though, don’t overthink the essential oil choice. If it smells good, it is good!

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How to store cannabis-infused massage oil

How To Store Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil

Much like many oil-based products, storing cannabis-infused massage oil in a cool, dark, dry place will give it the longest shelf life. Under these conditions, it should last indefinitely. However, if it hasn’t been touched for a long time, it’s worth giving it a good shake or stir before using it, else you might find the constituent parts separated.

How well it was strained will determine its shelf life too. If vegetable matter made it through, you might find it goes off. Therefore, take care when making it, and you’ll find it lasts much longer.

Happy massaging!

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