Create A Stoner Room With These 10 Ideas
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Create A Stoner Room With These 10 Ideas

5 min

Creating a stoner room is ultimately a personal journey, but here are 10 tips to help you get inspired. Hint: it's all about striking the perfect balance between comfort and creativity!

There are many places in the world where it’s great to get high, such as the forest, the beach, or at a party. However, sometimes we just want to curl up in a nest where we know we’ll be alone, and in which we can find everything we need.

Therefore, why not create a stoner room?

Why create a stoner room?

Why Create A Stoner Room?

Of course, creating a stoner room is quite the privilege, as it means you have a spare room that you can afford to dedicate to getting high. However, even if you can’t use up a whole room for this purpose, it might be worth taking some of these ideas and working them into an existing space, such as your bedroom.

Creating a very comfortable space in which to get high can go a long way to improve the experience. Primarily, you’ll know you have a safe space in which to indulge. Second, it will be fitted out with everything you could possibly want while you’re high.

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10 stoner room ideas to enhance your space

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it will get you off to a very good start when it comes to crafting a special place to get high in.

Comfortable seats

First and foremost, comfortable seats! When you’re blazed, it’s no secret that it can be pretty enjoyable (if not crucial) to settle down. Given that, ensuring the seats you have available are up to the job is one of the primary ways to create the perfect stoner room. You don’t need to splash out in terms of cash; anything will do, so long as it’s soft and allows you to relax in a number of positions.

It’s worth having at least one sofa so you can get cosy with someone else if the moment comes.



Though hotboxing can be great fun, breathing fresh air is even more important. The stereotypical stoner room is often a hermetically sealed box with smoky air so thick you can barely see. In reality, though, a well-ventilated room makes for a much better space.

That’s not to say you can’t batten down the hatches, but just that it’s good to be able to throw a window open and get some fresh air in when your mind, body, and soul need it. Nothing brings you back from the edge like a breath of cool, fresh air!


Cosy lighting is a must for achieving the ideal ambiance when designing a stoner room. In some cases, a couple of gentle lamps will suffice, depending on your style.

For others, something a little more exciting might be in order. Perhaps a star projector to adorn the walls with gently swirling constellations? Otherwise, why not set up some neon lighting to create a certain atmosphere. Use a range of colours to keep things interesting. Or, get retro. Instal a lava lamp somewhere and spend an evening watching the blob floating up, and floating down.

In all areas of life, but especially when you’re high, an appropriate lighting arrangement can make a huge difference in how you feel. Bright white lights late at night, when you’re stoned and sleepy, don’t make for relaxing time! So whatever you go for, it’s best to make sure it’s relaxing.



If you’re smoking, you’ll want somewhere to dispose of your joint and spliff butts. Anything can do: an empty bottle, a can, a plant pot, or, in some cases, simply the floor. However, when it comes to designing your perfect stoner room, an ashtray or two can really help to define the vibe.

Depending on your personal style, there’s plenty out there to choose from. Go for something classic and simple, adding just a touch of subtlety to your space. Or, if subtlety isn’t your thing, go wild! If you want your stoner room to scream “weed”, then there are plenty of cannabis-specific ashtrays available, which will leave people in no doubt about where they are used for.

Candles and incense

The light emitted by a lighter, and the dank aroma of cannabis that follows, certainly create a particular feeling. But alone, these can be a bit dim, and maybe a little too dank.

Adding candles to your space is probably the softest form of lighting available, and makes a space incredibly cosy. They are the perfect lighting accompaniment to a soft indica strain when all you want to do is unwind at the end of a long day.

Candles aren’t just good for giving off light, though. Scented candles can work to either freshen up a space or just fill it with a pleasant fragrance, depending on what you go for. Alternatively, if you really want to fill your stoner room with a delicious fragrance, then use some incense!

Widely available in the form of sticks, incense can help to combat the sometimes overwhelming smell of cannabis. With a very wide range of scents available, there’s something for everyone. And going through a collection of incense sticks until you find the one that fits your mood can be surprisingly satisfying.

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Good speakers

Good Speakers

Music sounds incredible when you’re high. Any speakers will do, but a good pair can really make a difference. This is especially true for those who like to smoke alone.

Lighting up, putting on a favourite album, and sitting back can be a really fantastic way to spend an evening. A good stereo system, plus the psychoactive effects of cannabis, can be quite an incredible pairing. The depth and breadth of good music on a good system is wonderful!

Wall art

Bare walls can sometimes make a space feel rather cold and empty. So investing in a bit of wall art can really liven a space up. Whether it’s posters of your favourite band/film, an oil painting, or a mediaeval tapestry, the choice is yours!

Plus, if you go for something that’s interesting or trippy, it can be very satisfying to look at when you’re stoned.

Creative activities

Creative Activities

Getting creative sets the mind loose when you're high. The end results might not always be so good, but the joy of creation is in the process, not the end result.

Really, deciding on what to include in your stoner room depends on your interests. Maybe you’re a musician, in which case you should definitely have your instrument close by in case you become inspired.

Otherwise, if you’re less certain about what to have in there, getting some basic art supplies is always a good start! Be it paint, crayons, or something else, having some empty paper and a means to add colour will surely keep you and your friends entertained.

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Mini fridge

Things are getting a little indulgent now. For many, a mini fridge may be a step too far. However, for others, it might be a wonderful addition.

The benefits of a mini fridge are fairly obvious. Your favourite snacks and drinks will be close at hand, and refreshingly cool!

Video games/board games

Video Games/Board Games

Sometimes we need somewhere to lose ourselves when we’re high (or sober for that matter). What better place to do so than in an interactive world? Be it in a video game or board game, it’s possible to spend many hours in these worlds without even feeling the time pass.

Either by yourself or with a group of friends, playing games is not only a good way to relax, but can be uniquely rewarding too. The only problem is that sometimes trying to remember the rules can be pretty tough when you’re high!

Don’t forget the essential accessories

Don’t Forget The Essential Accessories

Now, all of the above makes for a great space, but you can’t get high with any of it!

Having a good stash of all the necessary paraphernalia is one of the crucial aspects of any good stoner room.

Here are some pieces worth always having around:


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Creating the perfect stoner room: a personal journey

Hopefully, these ideas should get you started, but ultimately the best ideas will come from you (possibly while you’re high)!

The more personal the space feels, the more comfortable you’ll feel in there, and the better your experiences will be. Just think comfy and cosy, and make sure you’ve got something to entertain yourself when you feel the need.

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