Could Smoking Weed Help Treat Ebola?
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Could Smoking Weed Help Treat Ebola?

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If you’re looking for a good excuse to get high, we might have another one for you: According to recent claims, smoking cannabis could spare you from Ebola.

We all know that marijuana has untold medical potential. More and more research is constantly being published as to how this wonder herb can benefit us all. But with the recent Ebola epidemic spreading through Africa, certain claims have arisen suggesting that the cannabinoids within cannabis could help protect against Ebola infection.

What’s The Story?

So what’s going on here? Could cannabis really stop Ebola in its tracks? The notion started circulating when Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, one time presidential candidate, and current CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. openly stated in an interview with Fox News that yes, cannabis can treat Ebola. Watch the interview here:

It’s quite a bold statement, and quite understandably it took the internet by storm, with many major news outlets covering the story. The only problem is, he can’t verify the medical legitimacy of the claim - which is why he is urging the government to make research on the plant easier.

It Looks Good On Paper...

Although quite a surprising outburst, the foundations and facts that it could act as a treatment are there. Current evidence suggests that cannabis is an effective antiretroviral, and is known to be effective at killing, suppressing and inhibiting other viral diseases. It is also a very effective anti-inflammatory, which lessens the severity of cytokine storm, a potentially fatal immune system reaction caused by the Ebola virus – in fact, it’s the main cause of death associated with it. The suppression of cytokine mechanisms by cannabinoids is something that has been researched and proven, making the notion that cannabis could help treat Ebola look good on paper.

...And Yet It’s An Unsubstantiated Claim

But this is just it, it looks good on paper. At the moment, it is nothing more than hypothesis. There is not yet any research available actually linking cannabis and its potential effects on this deadly virus, and until there is, the claim remains unsubstiantiated. This is not to say there is no potential. The fact that it looks good on paper is promising, and yes, it should definitely be investigated further.

At the end of the day though, if you are personally trying to prevent Ebola, then why not give it a try, ey?

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