Cannabis Lube: The High That Won't Leave You Dry
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Cannabis Lube: The High That Won't Leave You Dry

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We give you a guided tour of cannabis lube (inside and out) and also tips on how to make your own.

Just when you thought you'd heard and seen it all, cannabis finds a new way to surprise you. Cannabis' latest venture sees it journey into the world of sex, following the sale of the first-ever marijuana-infused sexual enhancement product called Foria.

So... What exactly is Foria?

Designed especially for women, Foria is a lubricant with a higher purpose (so to speak), claiming to get you high but from in between the thigh. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for quite some time and is in fact one of the oldest known to man, due to the active ingredient THC which induces euphoria and can heighten the senses.

At present Foria is only available to medical cannabis patients in the state of California, but you can expect it to spread up and down fairly quickly if you know what I mean. 'The lube contains marijuana that is blended with coconut oil to create a viscous, slippery, toy-safe product' (according to cosmopolitan). According to the product's creators (dubbed the Aphrodite Group) "Coconut oil has been studied for it's topical antimicrobial effects, including fighting off yeast and bacteria and optimising the natural harmony and balance of the body."

How does it work?

Each bottle of Foria contains liquid coconut oil and 360 mg of THC alongside a few other cannabinoids. (Ok here comes the low-down) Women are instructed to apply 4-8 sprays directly onto the clitoris, the inner and outer labia, as well as inside the vagina. It is advised that women experiment slowly to learn which "serving" is best for them - as stated on the company's website. In addition to this women should allow "15-30 minutes to relax and absorb the medicine; a great time for foreplay or self massage" (clearly leaving nothing to the imagination).

Vagina Monologues

A number of 'tester' reviews have cropped up all across the web, each giving their own 'in-depth' account of the lubricant; with some claiming:

"It was an all-over buzzy tingly feeling that spreads the pleasure much further than wherever you're being directly stimulated" - Styleite.

"Foria hit me and it hit me hard, in the absolutely most delicious way. I was super relaxed and also super ready to go due to the fact that I was feeling so damn good! This was a mellow high that felt like a warm and very sexual hug" - Cosmopolitan.

But Foria founder Mathew Gerson claims it gives women "a sense of embodiment, a sense of dropping into a more full relationship to sexual sensations and sensations around the body. As you can imagine, as that builds up to orgasm, if orgasm is a part of your experience, then that can lead to intensification and a more full body experience" - truly poetry in lubricated motion.

As aforementioned Foria is currently only available in California under the guise of medicinal use only. But for those of you who are desperate to get their hands (or rather vagina's) on some marijuana-infused coconut oil of their own then don't worry, Zamnesia has got you covered! We have written a detailed 'how to guide’ on How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil.

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