Angie Housewife Spliffin' | Music Video
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Angie Housewife Spliffin' | Music Video

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A hot look and a lush hook punctuated with clever cannabis-themed lyrics are what you will find in this new video from Angie. You can find out more, and watch it below.

If you are seduced by slinky bass hooks, and your personal philosophies revolve around weed and the high life, then Haze-loving cannabis linguist Angie is going to get you with this awesome ganja beat. Housewife Spliffin’ is the second single to be released by Angie, and much like her first, it is pretty unforgettable!

Cannabis and music go hand in hand. No matter the genre, cannabis has inspired music to suit all tastes. It is synonymous with all things from rock to rap, with the later end of the spectrum developing into bassy, electronic fuelled pop. Angie is an example of one such artist, quickly growing a following.

With lashings of pop sensibility, this seductive artist is a natural entertainer with her hot looks and lush hooks. Looking great in ten different ways, Angie is a bewitching pastel pop punk princess making it quite clear that a housewife’s new best friends are a fat blunt and a double barrel bong. Her brash, unusual, and blunt approach is turning heads - she says what she wants and is honest to herself in her music, and people are loving it.

Upon the release of her debut single, we had the opportunity to as Angie a few questions. You can check out the interview, and the song “Smoke Weed Eat Pussy” on our blog. In it, she talks about some of her experiences with cannabis, and what inspires her music – if you are a fan, it is well worth checking out.


The handsome staging and elegant presentation of this new music video amplify the lyrical content and lets us take an intimate look inside the mind of a contemporary cannabis toking songstress. While the bass remains heavy, and cannabis and pussy remain core subjects, her new song takes on a slightly different tone to her first, setting a much more melodic and relaxed pace.

A light refracting bud, a cup of java and these hip swaying licks are a great way to ease into a sunny day where the housework takes a backseat to some well-earned head spinning foot tapping hedonism.

If you like her stuff, you can find Angie on both Spotify and iTunes, so be sure to show you support!


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