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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Cambodian'

 4.5/5 (65)

    Rapide et efficace !
    Livraison en moins d'une semaine et une de plus pour voir apparaître les premiers chapeaux sortir de terre ! Rendement un peu inférieur à ce que j'attendais mais je pense que la chaleur excessive de l'été explique pas mal de choses. Cela dit, premier trip sous Lemon Tek et là, bonjour le voyage en des terres lointaines..


    Quick and easy!
    I am so happy I found this website! Never thought mushroom cultivation could be so simple and fast! Its incredible, i harvested my first flush in 10 days after starting my kit , got around 250 g of fesh mushrooms , and around the same the second 2 times! To be perfectly honest I did not really pay too much attention to begin super sterile! of course i would wash my hands prior to handling the kit and i had sterile wet wipes to to clean the surfaces around them, no masks or stuff like that and really no problem whatsoever! I find it easier to just fill the bag bottom with a cm of water an let i keep humidity that way instead of spraying few times a day, and go for the separate filter bag they offer in the grow supplies section! Much more solid , the bag that comes with the kit tends to collapse on the poor shrooms , doesnt hold shape! i don't think they like it! :D Oh and definitely stick duck tape around the sides of your kit , since the mycelium grows in the direction of light so if the light is coming in from the sides - the shrooms will try to grow that way and end up all squished in between the the container and substrate ... not nice :( it happened during my second flush! The strand itself is very nice , Id say medium strength! But this was just from my testing session with some medium dose of about 25 grams fresh, i have yet to try out bit more serious dosage to get the really the feeling of how far can you go with these! hihi


    Good shrooms, everything ok
    The first flush was really big, the following ones only some single big mushroom. Anyway, the shrooms, were really good (I even liked the taste!) and doubtlessly effective.


    Great product!
    2 weeks after setting up the kit I got a tremendous 1st flush what a fast growing fungus! I got 3 shoe boxes full with medium sized fruits! Way more then expected gotta weight them soon as they are dry. Can't wait to try the flesh of the gods. Thank you Zamnesia!


    Super schnelle Lieferung, das Produkt war schon 2 Tage nach Bestellung da! Es ist super einfach und die Pilze wachsen sehr schnell. Die Wirkung ist Bombe. Habe mich wie ein Gott gefühlt!


    Fast shipping
    Fast shipping . Now i need to grow shrooms on ....)


    déçu ..
    J'ai mis en route le kit il y a 3 semaines il est sorti des petites têtes mais elles ne dépassent pas 3 cm :/ température entre 23 et 28 deux pulvérisations par jours .


    Amazing kit!
    For the first week I have had only one big shroom but then the others started to pin, and after 3 more days harvested more than 250g wet!!!! I am actually at the third flush, all right!!!! Just follow the instructions and you will be awarded with at least 200g of wet lovely mushrooms.


    A gift from the gods and zamnesia
    thank you zamnesia! ! ! for my first ever mycelium kit it was everything you said, first sign's of primordium/pin heads in just 5 days i was so nervous something would go wrong. i got it in just three days after ordering thanks for the fast,(DISCRETE) and free shipping ;~) and the extra free gift's you give everyone, have had six flush's from the kit and could not be more happy. and have tried fresh shrooms for the first time they where a bit to mushy fresh had like 4.5 extra mouth full's, i prefer them dry much more easier to consume. i would give a trip report soon. i can't thank you enough for for selling these kits and giving me the chance to purchase something i have wanted to purchase but could not from anywhere else it has meant a lot to me THANK you so very much ZAMNESIA you are so much more than an online shop to me i honor you


    canada customs is seizing growkits
    customs is seizing something that is 100% legal in this country they are wrong if they wanna start taking them they need to change laws that have huge loopholes and gray areas. Zamnesia did a great job staying on top of it and getting me my money back though so this is a positive review for them.

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