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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (321)

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    Tout s'est relativement bien passé pour moi, pas de contamination...etc Cependant en plus d'une récolte pas incroyable en quantité les champignons ont beaucoup trop poussés sur le coté ce qui rendait la récolte vraiment difficile sans abîmer le substrat et le mycélium. Je pense que Zamnesia devrait revoir la manière dont il cultive leur mycélium pour éviter qu'il y ai trop de place sur les cotés. Également j'allais suivre la consigne de la récolte une semaine après les premières pousse. Mais j'avais vu que le voile était déjà bien tombée après 4 jours donc je me suis décidé d'aller acheter ce dont j'avais besoin pour la récolte, je suis revenu trois heures plus tard et ces petits salauds avaient déjà commencé à répandre leur spores, Le fond du sachet était un peu noire. Donc fiez vous plutôt à la position du voile plus qu'à ce délais arbitraire d'une semaine après les premières pousse. Je vais quand même essayer de faire une nouvelle récolte avec un autre sac neuf.


    Great as always
    First flush 210g within 10 days, the second flush started showing only 2 days later and I picked them this evening only 5 days after that at 190g, seems to be growing thick and fast! Great as always


    Mushroom Heaven
    Whether you're a first time grower or novice, you couldn't ask for better with this grow kit. Follow the instructions exactly and you'll get several super happy flushes, worth every penny and some! First flush had 23g, 20g second and a very promising looking 3rd in the making. Zamnesia and SupaGro are the perfect match :) Tip: I talk to my shrooms just as I do with my plants and growing vegetables, the positive energy makes all the difference


    First flush finished with a total of a whopping 260 g fresh. Now onto the second flush. Tried 31 g fresh which somehow had no effect on me just a state of limbo for a couple of hours and in a week or so - 4.2 g dried and it was insane. The trip lasted almost 6 hours and the visuals were magnificent and one of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Wonderful experience.


    Surprised by the low harvest
    I followed strictly the instructions and I got as follows : 1st flush 290g, 2nd 130g, now the 3rd is comming but only 5 small ones are springing up. Kind of disappointing.


    4x flush so far.. Still growing. I'm super satisfied!


    4 x fresh 482.23g, total dry 45.66g. Good mushrooms. Highly recommended.:)


    Good Kit
    I've had 3 good flushes and am waiting to see if i get a fourth


    Great product, WORKED and ofc great customer service.
    Hardship with kits, is sometimes they work, other times they don't. After 1 flush from 5 different types of kits, including one XL! , I went with supa gro for my last kit, mainly cos their kit didn't need dunking and it being 100% mycelium sold me. Both kits produced mushrooms within 10-12 days, saw pinning within a few days. Price wise, yeah you can produce a kit better yourself with the PF tek and others, but if you include the time + material used in this kit; cos it aint BRF and Verm + price of spore syr + print to start of, its a good deadly, esp seeing as you get mushrooms within 2 weeks, instead of having to a month, and put with failure. saying all that Kits can fail, the great thing about this one, was the two i got haven't, and have produced some of the best flushs from any kit from any brand ive got, also been the least hassle by far.


    Had a great first flush and currently waiting for the second

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