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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (322)

    Box came barely colonized
    came barely colonized with few colonization spots. Now after a week one corner is colonized and the rest has a light white colour to it. Nothing like what you would see in the pictures. Obviously, no fruits have came yet, buy I suspect nothing will come of this.


    Happy with the delivery and product


    Powerful but not as productive
    Nice trip, got 15g first flush. Waiting for the second one. Big mushrooms rather than quantity.. good overall


    Excellent growing and tripping experience
    These bad girls were top notch. Flush 1: yielded 21g dry - we had perfect summer conditions at 23 degrees - first caps on day 9, harvest on day 14. Flush 2 yielded 6g dry - first caps days 9, harvest day 13. Flush 3 yielded only two, but big feckers - first caps day 15, harvest day 20 (they grew really big because we played them loads of Pink Floyd one night). Have just put Flush 4 to bed this week and have been playing them Mozart and Chopin on the piano so hopefully will yield something good. The trip itself was unbelievable. Ate 3g dry weight. Had amazing visuals, made dragons in the sky etc. The walls were breathing in and out and the carpet lapped gently at our feet. The food was the best bit - everything tasted amazing - the roast potatoes were especially funny. The trip lasted 6 hours but the positive effects lasted a week afterwards, with all my anxiety gone. Beautiful stuff.


    Took about 2 weeks for the first flush boy was it worth it. Took a pretty big dose, I have bit of experience with shooms, of 6g dry followed by probably the best mushroom high of my life. I have taken larger doses of other shrooms but the kick from these where other worldly without the occasional nausea. Would highly recommend this strain and very easy to grow om


    Super, arrivé dans les temps, première récolte abondante, j'attends la deuxième. Service après-vente excellent, ils m'ont remplacé un autre kit défectueux. Tout ce que je leur ai acheté correspond à la description.


    excellent as ever
    the grow kit arrived on time and with all parts included. during setup i followed the information to a t and all was going well but unfortunately the kit fell off its supports and so it lay on my heat mat for over a day before i realised that the grow kit had reached an extreme temperature. At this point i though the kit had died, however it bounced back and the first flush of around 15g dried was harvested after 3 weeks. i just finished harvesting the second flush of around 10g dried. the mushrooms were resilient and flourished despite me fucking up


    Good potency, low production.
    These mushrooms are good, the potency is just perfect for me (even an 7g fresh tea a week after a big trip was very enjoyable). If you're looking into visuals, check another strain, they are not as visual as other strains can be. The kit however was not as efficient and productive as advertised despite it spent the whole time in perfect conditions, yielded around 10g dry on first flush, and 13g dry on second flush after overnight fridge dunking tek wich would usually end up producing around 30g dry.


    Bon SAV
    Problème de kit qui n'a fais qu'un petit flush. Vu avec le service SAV qui a était très compréhensif. Merci zamnesia (Ne pas mélanger au cannabis si vous être maigre et/ou sensible !!. )


    First flush good!...
    Good strain but lack potency, very easy going and no belly cramps. Good choice for first timers...but great service as always!

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