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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (302)

    Good beginner strain
    I highly recommend B+ to everyone who is new to the world of Magic Mushrooms. You'll laugh your ass off while experiencing a nice body feeling and some visuals too. While other strains can be too philosophical for some beginners, this train will be real gentle to you ;) The grow kit itself or better the plastic bag is the reason I'll only give 3 stars. The bag has holes in it without any form of filter and it's a pain in the ass to work with it because it's not strong enough to hold it's own weight, which wall cause contact between your shrooms and the bag. My advice, buy an extra filter bag, they have a better filter system and are more robust. Have fun!


    Great kit
    I'm really happy with this kit. First flush gave me 20 gramm dry, and on 4 day after cold shock got another pins:) Had amazing,mind bending experience on 5 gramms. Recomended!


    Very fast discrete delivery in UK. Excellent multiple flushes and very easy to use. The first trip I sensed an animated plant entity around me with purple and green colour essence, the entity felt very unconditionally loving. Also saw a light blue overlapping circle of life pattern in the ceiling. Learning to surrender and not resist was a challenge of mine during the first few trips, especially since the mushroom does have a way of showing you your own hidden shadow, expect confrontation, don't be scared of it, learn from it and allow your personality to be transformed and repaired in the following weeks and months, this is the true purpose of the mushroom, it is not for recreational light shows under the use of irresponsible minds.


    bon kit
    bon kit avec de bons rendements, à conseiller merci!


    La pousse est très rapide, cependant ma box n'a poussé que sur les coté et rien au milieu, dommage je suis un peux déçu par la quantité récoltée. Sinon la rapidité de la livraison est top, le conditionnement est de qualité et la livraison discrète.


    First flush
    Three kits - 260g - 270g - 200g of fresh mushrooms. Last kit was growing slower than the other two. Idk why, it was even in the middle of other two. Got that in 11days. First 6 or 7 days were too cold I think. Later with some modifications in growbox give me stuning results. When temperature were higer (between heatmat and growkit temp about 42 celcius), growing superfast, like 2cm in a day. Btw I was using heatmat. Drying in process. Will give tripintrip report afterwards. Thats is folks. Keep heads up.


    Easy and great !
    I started this kit on a sunday night, 11 days later I had finished the first harvest, it got me 26.5g cracker dry. The 2nd flush is on the way and it started pinning 4 days after the cold shock. Couldn't be happier.


    un'ottimo prodotto, arrivato in pohi giorni, crescita veloce e controllata.


    Supra gro B+
    Prodotto arrivato in tempi brevi, coltivazione non impegnativa (maturi dopo 12gg), perfetto per chi vuole iniziare.


    Perfecte eerste flush
    Voor het eerst een poging gedaan om zelf paddo's te kweken. De eerste flush was perfect, na twee weken al kunnen oogsten, een volle 200 gram. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende flush!

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