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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (302)

    Fast delivery, got 5 flushes out of it, in total 60-70 dried grams. Unfortunately I didn't do the cold shock properly, so that ruined a few flushes. Place the water in the growkit when cold shocking! The trip was mild with 3.5 grams, but I've heard stories that 3.5 grams is quite intense. In some ways I felt more "sober" than I do normally; hypervision, taste, smell, sounds, etc. Definitely recommended to go outside!


    Great flushes
    Ordered a bunch of these and got about 4-5 flushes on each of them. Average 40g dried per box. Easy to maintain and fun to grow with :)


    great results
    So far so good, 2 flushes in and they look great!


    Top mais...
    Super premier flush avec une quantité très raisonnable. En revanche, une semaine après le choc à froid, seul 2 champignons ont poussé lors du second flush qui est encore en cours. Je dois avouer que je suis un peu déçu du coup...


    awsome mushrooms!!


    Muy bien.
    Esta es mi primera experiencia de cultivo de setas, siguiendo las instrucciones de higiene y limpieza de momento han salido 2 cosechas bastante buenas, en la 2ª cosecha apareció un poco de moho blanco que eliminé pulverizando directamente sobre el moho con agua oxigenada diluida al 3% en agua destilada, en la 3ª cosecha están saliendo pocas setas (creo que es debido a que la temperatura ha cambiado, voy a probar con una esterilla a ver) ...


    Great for beginners
    grow very fast and big, very good strain for traveling in nature


    Very visual
    Great flushes, about 30g dried but they smash your ego and face your demons then there would be no psychologists as the mushroom is the answer to all you need to know if you just let it pass by you and show you then the visuals are great. I needed cannabis with this strain I took my usual 6g but the euphoria was very high with these excellent as always


    Great product that I have personally purchased multiple times and have never had a problem. Easy to grow, large flushes and great shrooms!! Highly recommend.


    Great grow kit
    Huge first flush=287g.....later flushes are smaller. 466g after five flushes=40g dry. Very good kit. Excellent delivery and service by Zamnesia. Will buy again :-)

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